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Ya es martes 10 y no pasa nada con el server de play
Very often trying to interact with the blight towers gets messed up. I'll be highlighting over an option go to click it and I start running at the tower and it closes the options. Don't know what causes it but makes interacting with the league very painful. Done a few blighted maps and this almost always is the reason I fail it. I'll get down to a min or two left and every time I try and upgrade or make something it is non stop getting interrupted causing me to fall behind.
Oh no, what? Restless Rubble? You guys fucked up, this better hit console quick.

Edit: Unless you still get to mow down all the golem dudes, then it's fine.
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Hopefully you're also working on fixing blights that get stuck because monsters go into stasis and can't be targeted or killed. Very annoying to miss out on loot because of this.
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But what about making shatter satisfying again? Please revert sound effect...
Kobalstromo wrote:
But what about making shatter satisfying again? Please revert sound effect...

Seriously, change it back or give us audio mtx.
thx ggg

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how about.... dominating blow not getting the +2 from necromancer
Thank you for the fixes but :
The Blight bosses must be nerfed as well as the proximity shield blight mobs
omg the blight bosses one shotting a t15 boss just to do 2% to a blight boss barely
Edit: Also I suggest you add "upgrade nearest turret" shortkey using the delve flare and dynamite keys
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Thank you for Blight. Haven't had any relevant bugs here and I think it's my favorite league mechanic so far. I'm really impressed. You're awesome.

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