Path of Exile: Blight - What We're Working On

Elder/Uber ELder don't count for challenges ... again.
Something else that needs to be addressed is steam launching 32bit client causing crashing!
I’m very hopeful for blight maps once performance issues are resolved. So much potential for fun and multiplayer.
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dostov wrote:
what a joke. I regret ever supporting this company

You use a period, but then you didn't use one. Whats going on with that?...
My stuff:
Blighted map issues that I've noticed

1. enemy spawn points spawning right on top or beside he pump, causing an instant loss once it spawns enemies.

2. Enemies spawned from their spawn points target you no matter where you are.
go off screen, they'll still shoot you.
You stated in the introduction to the league, "The monsters mindlessly follow the Blight's tendrils, only attacking foes directly in their path"
They are not.

3. Ranged enemies spawn in very large quantities, and all fire the same attack, the same time at you, regardless of where you are. It's unavoidable death in most cases. 50-100+ fire beams, projectiles etc coming at you from every direction....

Regular blight encounters are great, fun, a little too easy.
Blighted maps, seem to be a lot more rewarding, but due to the above 3 issues, it's almost impossible to stomach the investment to run them, especially 1 and 2.

Sooooooo still don't run any of my Blighted maps, is what I'm hearing.

I'm at 100% instance crashes so far. Saving them for after a fix.

Being able to do the league mechanic would be cool.
i'll definitely not do 100 blight maps for the endgame grind.

also, i wonder how ggg tested this. they must have gaming pcs from the year 2500. i mean, yea, it's a meme that ggg has no testers, but how blighted maps were deemed playable is anyone's guess.
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I really hope for a fix for the blighted-mechanic.

Some spawns are far too close to the pump. This goes especially for spawns with unique enemies, those shouldn't need 2 steps to reach the pump!

I crashed several times upon completing a Blight-Encounter, it seems to occur at random.

Blighted maps are really 'messy'. Not only from the amount of mobs but also the very very weird spawn-mechanic of the paths. Merging several of the lanes would surely help with performance a bit.

Performance is the worst out of any league. Not direct bugs but actual performance-issues. Especially in blighted maps which tend to actually crash out completely.

Group-play in blighted maps is nearly impossible, since the mobs increase in HP so vastly the towers don't seem to be able to handle them in a group. I don't think this is intended, was the scaling-mechanic for the towers forgotten to make up for player-count?
GGG balance is like getting a pizza which is burnt on the sides, raw in the middle and misses the most of the toppings.
Then upon sending it back you get a raw side, burnt middle and enough toppings to drench everything in grease.
Everything fixed but still broken.
Frigid Recess also not working for me...

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