Path of Exile: Blight - What We're Working On

Yah. Betrayal stuff went back to lagging to know end again as well.
Wait about 10-20x's the length of time to open the map compared to normal. And then take two steps, lagolarama. Ohhhh betrayal...what a surprise. Oh I am instagibbed...shocking.
Last edited by kramuti on Sep 10, 2019, 1:21:50 PM
is only Sg realm laggy?
Great THX!¡!
G.G.G. is Awesome!!!
Massive lag and nearly 100% chance of a Blighted map crashing on Summoner has been lit!
Blight league and blighted maps are nearly impossible to finish.

Enemies spawn right next to the core.

Enemies shooting gallery spawns all around you at the same time.

immune enemies run through the fire to kill you.

Lag spikes from numbers on field even with a mega rig.

Nearly impossible to manage towers alone.

Exploding corpses on a map with hundreds kill whole team and lag kills whole team.

With the above problems i would mark a t5 blight map harder than a t15.

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