[PS4] 3.7.3d Patch Notes

MallwayTweep wrote:
Thanks for the updates =) you guys have been updating this game once or twice a week since its ps4 release. Ive personally played several characters on the hardcore leagues to top 100 for the past 3 leagues. The game has been getting progressively better. In this league i have blue screened 1 time compared to flashback league where i would blue screen 1-2 times per map. Mostly because of monster density plus the graphics being too much for a POS console to handle. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. The amount of effort that you all put into getting this game to where it is does not go unnoticed.

Thank you. It's really refreshing to see someone actually appreciating the work they're doing.
Level 9999 Majin
I've taken my flicker duelist off for a spin since patch just to get a feel of this afternoon's patch.

While I'm getting completely random bluescreens (standing still in hideout), desynch is at an all time low, still present but nowhere near what it used to be and so far 1 bluescreen crash during a temple run.

I felt the ps4 seize for a fraction of a second during a large pack dive, and bluescreen a few packs later (PS4 pro).

Edit:. Desynch is still an issue in particle heavy moments unfortunately but an improvement regardless

Edit 2: 5 BS in a clutter of desynch in the last map run....... one of those cases where you get excited way too quick...
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It's not just Cyclone that causes a desync problem. I'm currently maining a Flicker Strike build and it's incredibly bad for desyncing. The worst is delving or lab runs. Am I where I think I am or am I in the darkness quickly dying. Maybe I'm just standing on a trap like an idiot.

Please, if you aren't going to fix desync anytime soon, disable xp loss. It takes so long to level when you die 5 to 10 times a level.
Still crashing like crazy. I don't think they were ready for Ps4.

Making all kinds of gains.
Unfortunately I'm not hopeful that these changes will allow me to play any endgame content (or even above t8-10 maps) because mob density is the destroys of frames and the creator of blue screens.

Died 9 times today due to blue screens/frames dropping to 0 (yep it just becomes a picture for 3-4 seconds) and movement skills rubber banding me back into a pack of mobs.

Decided to start a new character. Got to lvl 12 blue screened and died. If there was a way to get a refund on my mtx I would, if I knew the state of the game and that a large part of it would be unplayable I wouldn't have given GGG my money.
Yet another desync death.

Shaped Arsenal with 42% pack size and beyond mod.

At level 94. Thanks for yet another 30 minutes of time wasted. It's a shame the hardest part about this game is the battle the against shit code. It could be fun otherwise.
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Sooo did they do something with Kalandra's craft when using it on an Jun boss? just killed 2 investigation enemies and had my Kalandra's equipped when i chose to interrogate / bargain and they didn't trigger it... Not happy.
Are you kidding me? Desynced again on he same map, same spot... Fuck GGG and fuck this trash game.

P.S. My gear is BiS 7.5khp starforge amazing gear pyshical cycloner. I slice through the game like butter. Uber elder is a joke, 330 depth delve is a joke... Yet I've been the same level for 4 days because of desync and blue screen deaths approximately every hour... How is this game such a monumental piece of shit after being around so long?
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Definitely need to address the lag issues, I'm playing a Cyclone Gladiator and I can't seem to get a break from lagging in general. It doesn't just happen occasionally it's a LOT of the time to be honest. Playing on my witch/elementist isn't even close to as bad unless it's on the legion encounter and I use Vaal Arc to wipe out a ton of enemies.
The lag isn't due to my internet (I have 1 GB speeds with comcast) and I play on a PS4 Pro.

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