[PS4] 3.7.3d Patch Notes

krich1981 wrote:
Are you kidding me? Desynced again on he same map, same spot... Fuck GGG and fuck this trash game.

P.S. My gear is BiS 7.5khp starforge amazing gear pyshical cycloner. I slice through the game like butter. Uber elder is a joke, 330 depth delve is a joke... Yet I've been the same level for 4 days because of desync and blue screen deaths approximately every hour... How is this game such a monumental piece of shit after being around so long?

be nice lol.but yah its pretty ridiculous they punish death hard and game causes all of them.
This game should be considered a lemon and we should all be refunded for microtransactions.
DougHoffmann wrote:
Looking forward to see if the game is playable now after this patch, getting crashes every 15 minutes even when doing absolutely nothing was beyond frustrating. I'm even going to do a clean install just to make sure...
i know i ketp loseing portals and mine time because of this
Crashed twice while using crafting bench, am i the only?
Never happened before tho
Thank you for the updates and fixes - great work!

One request: PLEASE remove the xp penalty on console until you are able to fix the severe de-sync/crash issues. These issues cause FREQUENT deaths, even on PS4 pro with high speed wired connection. I cannot level up past 95 because I die due to de-sync or crash every 15-20 minutes and I lose 2 hours worth of xp. It is extremely frustrating as you can imagine. Please GGG I really want to keep playing this amazing game but since I am unable to make any progress I am losing motivation fast.

Thank you
i see a lot more post than other patches and it's being an issue that must be fixed, really it is unnaceptable that as a player of your game i'm currently unable to play it on reasonable terms.
desync,lags,blue screens,disconnections,screen freeze

man should i sent a ticket to you GGG or something because i really want,at least finish my 1st serious character on this league i've been playing this game since june and i have to say that i love it. but duuuuude put some effort into it as I say before I'd rather preffer that you guys keep me 1 entire day without grinding or gaming and get all the freaking problems fixed or at least the most important ones that keep us writing you a full bible here in the forums.

Think About it and get more in touch with us your players and customers!

Have a nice day Ps4 PoE players or at least try to.
I had only one crash today. The character I use has Herald of Thunder equipped and used, but I do not know if that was related.
I've given up on this game... will try again in a year or two.

That should give GGG a chance to figure shit out by then... Tho I have my doubts.
I am changing my post about frustration from crashes and being unable to level past 90, to try to be more helpful. We are all frustrated because we want the game to work and be better, so i am gonna give it a shot :)

I keep crashing in delve or dying from lag that suddenly places me elsewhere - but i think i have found a common scenario - its the monsters that freeze you - basically i think i get frozen but i am still moving but suddenly i cant move, and then i find myself transported to a dark area where i am mobbed by monsters and then dead, or just blue screen before i am dead. But even then i think my character just got hit by freezing. I am usually cycloning through and often with haste or pride.

While this seems like it was a problem during the last patch for sure, it seems a lot worse. Putting on a potion to protecty from freezing seems to have eliminated the crashes so far. I am running delve mostner level 77.

FYI :)
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This game gets less and less fun with each desync death...

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