[PS4] 3.7.3d Patch Notes

good call.

The best way I've found to avoid desync is to just go slow and let off of your cyclone when going through doors and around objects. That being said... I don't have 35% movement speed and 10% speed enchants on my boots because I like to be slow...
Malthaeth wrote:
PS4 pro lags a lot, I hope one day it will get fixed 😑, or put an option to lower game effects xd


I can literally bring my PS4 Pro down to 2-3 frames a second, or literally (I am mean this) so much can be going on action skips 2-3 seconds between screen updates!

LOVE the game, it's SO MUCH BETTER than diablo, but lack of playability (app getting in it's own way) is killing the user-experience.

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