[3.8] Ultra tanky Ball Lightning Guardian | CI 11-15k ES | 3-5m Shaper DPS

Grizzly40, where is skill tree for this build?
Grizzly40, where is skill tree for this build?

You have to use PoB
Started this build in the morning on 1/14 killed awakener 5 Sirus by 2am that day at level 81. I only opted to do awakener 5 as a kind of pulse check, I plan on grinding through the levels to do +8 this time around.

Gearing is pretty inexpensive overall, every so often I find myself getting oneshot, but I think that was mainly Vinktar's above all else causing that. Great build happy this was thread was bumped as I was getting a bit tiresome of most builds this league.
Thanks @grizzly40 :) you know I was playing your immortal howa before, now this build... Both seriously osm builds :)
just an update: Killed Sirus A8 with minimal issues, only times I died were due to poor flask management on my end, otherwise though incoming damage was manageable, the last phase of the fights sort of dragged, but all things considered - it was solid.

PSA you can use catalysts on your jewelry, examples:

The Flow Untethered - imbued (cast speed) or tempering (ES recovery)
Presence of Chayula - tempering for max life to ES
Mark of the Shaper - imbued for lightning damage to spells and spell damage.

Overall this build got buffed this league, too bad some of the items are a lot more expensive (looking at you watcher's eye).

As an off topic, it's crazy how my other char kills awakener AND clears maps faster than this guardian, that's the GGG meta for you.
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I'm kinda face tanking a8 sirus with es on hit watcher eye now and have really good DPS. This build is really good thank you for sharing.
Started this char 2nd league in a row and still having lots of fun!
Today got a Watcher's eye with es on hit and it is a great purchase and also cheaper then mana to es Clarity so i would recommend.
At this point im thinking about helm enchants and what would be the best one if anyone can answer?

started playing this build a week ago and enjoy it a lot. This will be my main this season. Since I want to carry this as far as I can with my personal touch. So I considered awakened increased AOE for more Zaps shooting at the whole screen. May be even add multiple projectiles for more zaps. Has anyone calculated, if this would be a good idea? Thoughts?


Multiple zaps from greater projectiles doesnt work for one target: u dont get more single target dmg but more coverage.
i think the skill gem setup from grizzly is best.. maybe considering penetration instead of added lightning dmg due to higher resistance this league.

But instead of the dmg increase enchant on the helmet u could go for the aoe increase.. which is more dmg and more coverage. im using this and im pretty satisfied with it.

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