3.7.1 Patch Notes

Well i guess the league was fun while it lasted, i assume after these nerfs you can just zoom with eyes closed and ignore every mechanic
Glad to see these fixes, especially the Crash on changing area. Thanks!
please increase the visability of signs in Legion encounters and add a map icon for generals :<

Please see our post from earlier this week.
Fixed various issues where skills could be queued twice from a single skill use if you had very high attack speed.

Glad you guys fixed this one.
Can we please get some indication of when a general spawns? Or maybe move them closer to the center?
Sweep %chance to knockback lab enchant fix please ?
pastooleo1 wrote:
No making the Gladiator bleedsplosions affect Legion mob unfreezing? :(

This needs to come soon.

the other things im most concerned about seem to be in the works right now. hopefully theyll come soon.
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Itz_Beastyy wrote:
Good patch, im still wondering if its a bug or not but my character seems to stop after using cyclone or a movement skill if im holding done left click (walk) idk if its just me, can u confirm this?

I've been experiencing this as well, with Cyclone and Leap Slam.
Nerfed all the dangerous mobs? I knew it. So I can stop playing the league now since it s gonna be yet another walking simulator league? How much was it nerfed? Time to play all mods I guess. sad
Thanks for the hard work. Appreciate the fixes.

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