3.7.1 Patch Notes

No fix for wands using shield charge + fortify? Confirmed bug btw.
please increase the visability of signs in Legion encounters and add a map icon for generals :<
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Not bad, it would be even better if the chests and other legion monsters that have something above their head would be easier to see. If there is nothing that can be done on this matter,than any legion point of interest(chests and oher monsters with special drops) should be seen on the minimap.
Very good fixes and updates for league, also speedy
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ok whos doing 40 mil dmg?!
Hopefully you can slip in a fix for wands not giving fortify.
No making the Gladiator bleedsplosions affect Legion mob unfreezing? :(
Spectre users noticed a few days ago that Cannibal Fire-Eaters had a 20% damage nerf that wasn't included in the patch notes. They were previously only available in maps, but are now available via Desecrate in Act 1. Did they just get caught in the crossfire of the Act 1 rebalance, or was the damage nerf intended?
no infused channeling fix for cyclone? RIP

edit: thanks for fixing so much so swiftly, just personally impacted by infused channeling so being a little selfish.
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Good patch, im still wondering if its a bug or not but my character seems to stop after using cyclone or a movement skill if im holding done left click (walk) idk if its just me, can u confirm this?

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