3.7.1 Patch Notes

where is the fix for all these problems?

i have crashed more in the last week than in the last few years.

also fortify and wands...cmon.... :(
Not sure if this is where to put bug reports but I have encountered a bug with leap slam after this update. Whenever I press x on something to open a waypoint or similar I leap...and I just got frozen and couldn't move at all in oriath and I just got back from delving and my leap slam made me jump around every where until I unequipped the gem and when I put it back in I can no longer move my character at all I just rotate on an axis. Not sure what you guys did to movement skills but it screwed leap slam up at least for me.
Also it appears to be affecting any skill placed in the x button. I have moved ancestral warchief to my x button and now whenever I press x it places my ancestral warchief.

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