3.7.1 Patch Notes

No word on Flicker Strike eh?
only thing i notice now is one aura turns off everytime i join an instance everytime always the same one always problem with every patch read so many fixes i never had issues with and then now issues that never existed now exist good job good to see so many people say hype this hype that without even reading a thing lol keep trying
https://www.twitch.tv/xboneshockx (offline)
Coaskbr wrote:
MY ascendancy from champion isnt work :(

my herald of purity isnt work :(

I agree, they aren't work. Work is 9-5 and a pay check. I think you mean they don't work?
WHY this patch... please revert game was playable... but not since this patch crashes everytime i start a legion fight... tagging with vaal arc.
я не могу играть... у меня после патча в убежище фпс стал до 42 а был 100+.... на картах фпс стал до 25 а было 60-70..... я в шоке с разработчиков кривых.... пришлось удалить пое
I can not play ... after the patch in my shelter, FPS became up to 42 and it was 100 + .... on the maps, FPS was up to 25 and it was 60-70 ..... I'm shocked with the developers of the curves ... . had to delete TY CRISS WILSON
After this patch my leap slam is bugged when I hold S to leap to a location. I end up leap slamming twice. It works when i don't hold S to stop character.
R.I.P. Scourge arrow. Lets wait for a Bow skill revamp in the next league.
Fixed a bug where Movement skills could queue their usage multiple times, resulting in, for example, the unintentional consumption of multiple Flame Dash charges.

I still have double flame dash, my build have very low mana, i can't waste mana anymore that's boring ! Double dash into pack, no more mana to use main damage spell, no more dash to escape FIX IT please, you had 1 week !
why are u reducing the damage of those Legions? Isn't the core mechanic nowadays is to promote more OP monsters, more one-shot, weaken the characters' defense which ultimately make the players stay longer in the league? More one-shot = more experience lost = make the fanboys waste more of their otherwise useless meaningless time, right?

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