3.7.1 Patch Notes

"Fixed a bug where Area Damage modifiers did not apply to Perforate."

But Nothing for Chain Hook ? Area damage modifiers did not apply to this skill too, like blood and sand, concentrated effect or passif

Are you fixing shaper being bugged af in uber elder yet?
Dominating Blow still not fixed
Thanks. Red wave nerf is much needed.
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Please fix Leap Slam targetting, it doesn't jump where my mouse cursor is if I'm in combat and chooses to jump to the closest mob instead. This is very annoying.
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Very cool, very fast, keep it up! greatest dev team ever !
Still no fix for wand/shield to get fortify working?
Thank you Bex and rest of GGG, i just really really hope that infused channeling with cyclone is on the to-do-in-near-future list :) thanks again, for all these thousands of hours of fun
Just waiting for this patch myself as I'm crashing WAY TOO OFTEN to bother to play lol.
Fixed a bug where The Eradicator's skill visuals could become muddled, and it would appear as if he were summoning hundreds of Lightning Orbs.

Fixed a bug where The Cavern of Wrath and The Cavern of Anger would sometimes fail to generate.

These are awesome! A bit sad I didn't experience them.
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