[3.8] FrozenSentinel's Lightning Fast Budget Magic Finder - 500% Movespeed & 110% Item Quantity

Updated with new 3.8 PoB - Build will still be viable in 3.8.
Gotta go fast
What do you think about Lightning arrow or Ice shot? Both of these skills got decent buffs and Lightning shot doesn't really need Rigwald's, so wouldn't it be better to use them?
Same question. Cant choose build for MFing (and map), and idk what starter-middle build.

Starter (ToxicRain//Something else) - Middle(Atlas setup and farm currency for MF) TR+HoAg PF/Deadeye; LA/IS/Scourge - MF (Default option - TS w/w.o Rigwald/any other bow build with/w.o Winripper&Rigwald)

Just waiting feedback about TS from std testers
Hey guys, Ice Shot will be good TS alternative for budget MF build? Changes looks promising for Ice Shot.
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Hi, nice guide. i will try it out for Blight as leaguestarter. is it possibile to add a sort of leveling section? just like where u prefere to set the first points and when u swap over to mf. maybe leveling skills/items recommended items before mf

would be great. thanks so far, hope could enjoy your livestream once
Wouldn't dropping one of your flasks for a laviangas free up alot of gem slots?
yo if i do this build as a starter, what should be my gear like? i know u said focus on clearspeed then change to mf as budget would allow but before reaching that, i need to like clear the atlas right? thank you!
Hi, so i'm currently doing this as my league starter for blight. Love it so far, I just have some questions about the onslaught gem in the herald of ice 6-link. I feel like I can easily get an abyss jewel with onslaught/blind on hit/move speed/ add cold dmg on it so what other options can i replace that gem with?

Also I'm currently using holy dominion as my annointed passive from amulet, but is there a better option do you think? Should we revise the passive tree to maybe get that option so that we can have more DPS?

That's everything I can think of currently. I still don't have 6-links but I have everything else and I struggle damaging bosses. I don't want to use regrets and change my build, so if there are other ways to optomize this build to take on t15 maps (just clearing, don't need to kill the bosses) that would be great. Currently farming low tier maps. Thanks again, very fun playstyle!

Edit: Just remembed, I took endless munitions over fast and deadly. I barely use blink arrow and with the +2 enchant gone to projectiles, I assumed maybe the one added from endless munitions would fill in that damage we lost, idk how 50% global accuracy compares. Let me know if I'm wrong please OP.
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is the shaper amulet better than biscos amulet?
i was using ice bite in my tornado shot6 link for a while...worked great...in earlier version of this build he had it in HoI setup as well.

me personally prefere disciple of the slaughter as annointed passive.

u could drop some mf items for higher maps, as he had written in the start of the guide. but i think a lot of thinks will be better with levelups.

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