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How do u cap ur resistances? Mine are so shit
I've started doing your build, but i don't know how do i do the passive tree, could you help me there ?
az1el wrote:
How do u cap ur resistances? Mine are so shit

the flask gives u 50%
Online now, streaming, ask me anything :)
Gotta go fast
Hey! What gear do i use for lvling? And if i wanna do a HC variant which tree should i go for in 3.8? /Gabbi
What about Iceshot now that it got buffed?
Any recommended anointment to add to amulet?
Regarding anointment I went for Throatseeker.

4. Fast and Deadly
This one is a ball of really good stats with Accuracy Rating is Doubled being a massive DPS boost. According to the PoB DPS calculator, removing this node would cost me almost 20% of my DPS.
It only provides 50% (not double) and chance to hit is 100% anyway. Isn't "Extra Ammunition's" better if you don't have the helm enchant?

My current gear:

Aside from getting 6L & enchant, what can I improve?
Also I need a 2nd bow in off-hand I think for single-target for Legion bosses and such, is there a setup for this?
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How is magic finder builds doing in this league?

I recently killed shaper trying to learn delve with my molten strike build. Have 150 atlas bonus but I don't feel like I have a steady income. I don't like crafting either... I want to get some currency pool.

That's why im asking if MF builds are worth to run now.

PS I have 5 6 ex budget to start with
This is the shittiest magic find character you could ever play.

The damage are so poorly low you can't even kill blue monster without spending an entire week.
The tankyness is just garbage (expect to die 3/4 times per map, for absolutely no reason).

Don't. Play. That. Shit.

This build was so awful, I wasted 50ex to try it to make it viable and quit the league.
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