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Dual Wield 2h weapons when?
How big is Bex's meme folder?
In Chris's recent GDC talk, he mentioned that the team is in favor of letting players who want to specialize, do so.

I am a player who just wants to Delve. I don't want to map, I don't want to betrayal, I don't want to Uber Lab, I don't want to Incursion. I just want to Delve.

Currently, that is completely impossible. As it stands, I have to spend about 2 hours in maps to spend MAYBE 15 minutes Delving. If I want to buy Scarabs, well, that costs me 50c, and I STILL have to run a map, just to play my preferred content for... 15 minutes tops.

Are there any plans to address this? Can you please allow players who want to play one type of content do so without forcing them to slog through hours of content they don't want to play? Personally, I don't care how much you have to nerf rewards, if it at least means I get to Delve. I just want to Delve!
What is your take on a shop-system, where you can browse the stock of a player?

An ingame shop-system for currency and maps would improve the player experience by a lot.

I understand that making trading for items too easy, but trading for these consumable items should be easier. (Since a lot of the time people don't even bother answering unless you buy in bulk)

Can we get Guild windows in the game for news? The leader and officers can update that window(like small page)
Can we get ignore window for players which we ignore with ''note'' for reason + more people to ignore
1: Do you feel your loot boxes are predatory on people with gambling addiction?

2: Cats or dogs?

3: Have you thought about doing another Twitch drop event, like you had with the helmet mtx a couple years ago?

4: Now that Method has a PoE team are you gonna support/sponsor more community race events?
Anything that´s unrelated to elephants is irrelephant
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Given the infamous "Naming and shaming" policy and the fact that "Wraeclast is a harsh and unforgiving place" and assuming that the "GGG protects scammers" rumor is a side effect of those two instances, don't you think it's time to give legit players a way to defend themselves from this scum and reduce the freedom of action that these people, from single individuals to entire guilds (alone or even in groups) enjoy?

Make Wraeclast a "harsh and unforgiving place" for scammers, too.
The Narra-Tor
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What are some of the big challenges you all have on your list of things to tackle that you haven't gotten to yet?

Tech debt, etc.
i7 6700k
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Why do weapon effect mtx's that you buy directly from the cash shop apply to a single weapon when dual wielding compared to a supporter pack's weapon effect mtx which do apply to both weapons.
Are there any planned changes to how league challenges will work? Right now they are in a good spot with the MTX rewards and give players good incentives to work towards, but sometimes challenges may be too RNG based. I was wondering if they were going to get some kind of change in terms of challenges themselves as well as possible rewards (I miss alt-art uniques and item bases)?

It would be awesome to incorporate league challenges with the actual league itself in a way that would encourage players to play more and unlock more than a totem and MTX. :)

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