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when are going to sell the shaper/ elder t-shirt.?
Do you expect the entire 3.X series of releases to be purely league expansions? What are your thoughts about going back to having every alternating league being smaller but coupled with a core game expansion?
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Any thoughts on making Betrayal optional content? Jun spawning at the start of a map, then talking to her to enable the encounters. The unpredictability of the damage and combat of Betrayal makes some maps in HC very sketchy. Many players locked Betrayal in Research during the league, but we no longer have this option and it is turning many players away from HC.

Also just want to express disappointment in the users reposting that loaded trade question. An AH would undoubtedly lead to automation and a race to the bottom. Some trade changes are welcome, but the lack of AH is one of the reasons PoE has been so successful over the years.
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Regarding getting into the game industry as a programmer do you guys recommend learning all kinds of different languages or would you go for mastering a single language?

Obviously there is some overlap between all of them and alot of stuff is applicable for multiple languages.

If you read this you owe me an exalt.
If your friends aren't playing Path of Exile, are they really your friends?
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Clear speed seems to becoming more and more of a neccesity with each league mechanic you add. This hurts build diversity, are you happy with this trend?
Are there any plans to change the six second disconnect timer duration?

Or what about plans to add new slots for the harbinger currencies that are now part of the core game to the currency tab and/or rearrange it to make crafting easier on the item slot in the middle of the tab?
It seems to be a widely held desire to have a death log showing the last few damage sources prior to death. Is this something you have plans to add to the game? If so, are there any software/hardware limitations getting in the way that you could describe at a higher level?

As always thank you in advance for being transparent with the community.
Hello PoE team,
my question is towards a specific topic, aka spell poison.
Why do you think that it isnt a thing anymore, and do you think that it can be brought back at some point?
Attack poison builds work perfectly fine atm, even when kinda limited in gear choices, but spell poison seems to be in a dumpster and there arent really any changes that look good towards them.
Anyway, still really enjoy the game and cant wait for the 4.0 announcement
Are there any plans to release Path of Exile on Google Stadia when it's released?

The instant-on jump straight into the game without downloading it aspect of it would probably bring a lot of new players to the game and I for one would love to be able to jump between devices seamlessly while retaining my progress (lean back to play on TV or on the go on my phone.)
I have 2 questions :

1) Have you or would you consider doing a small void event(1 or 2 week maybe?) around a single mechanic or aspect of the game?

For example an event where all items drop corrupted and you have to deal with it, or all items drop white but currency drop is highly boosted so you have to craft all items?

Or events based around previous league content only (even if currently, only delving offers that kind of progression)

2) I'm a QA/Project Manager, and I wonder how do you handle QA and development processes. Do you work with different teams on different part of the game or do you work feature by feature with everyone involved? Do you use AGILE methods?

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