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What unique item do each of you want to see a fate upgrade for?
What do you take away from the very vocal community feedback on Synthesis League; specifically what is the dev interpretation of the feedback?
Why is Scourge Arrow as skill being neglected since it's release? I am sure you heard it many times, but it can be sometimes very frustrating. Engine limitations maybe when distributing the pods alongside the wall? (what would be ideal solution). Or maybe worry about players abusing it for better Point Blank interaction?
My builds:
[3.11] Scourge Arrow Poison Prolif Pathfinder - /view-thread/2551841
[3.11] Power Siphon/Kinetic Blast Poison Assassin - /view-thread/2687562
[3.10] Elemental Hit Wandslinger Assassin - /view-thread/2784902
It's completely unreasonable and intolerable that there is still no trade system in this game.

You have probably lost millions of players because of this. I don't have a question for you. I'm just disappointed.
What kinds of changes or innovations that originally came from the community have become your favorite aspects of the game?
So I work as a Server Admin/Engineer and am always curious how games structure their backend servers.

So, what can you tell us of how the server infrastructure is structured / designed? I'm particularly interested in virtualization, load balancing, and clustering.
IGN: Noshei or Silvannn
In retrospection, do you think it was good idea to tie new crafting to leagues? In a way it locks you in place where you can't ditch league from standard (like harbringer) because you would have to either overhaul given craft (veiled, fractured/synthesis) or ditch the craft.
Do you think there is room to make higher end crafting more accessible to the average player ? I notice that this has indeed been the case and i feel like the gap between the top end and the middle ground was closed a lot with betrayal. But now with synthesis i feel like the gap blew wide open again.

Is it your intention to have the crafting gap this wide and unavailble to the average player given how impossible it is to make the new wanted bases for anyone other then top tier trading groups ?
No#1 Legacy Righteous Fire Elder Helm with Spider aspect and white sockets.
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with the melee "rework" around the corner ,am i going to be happy with a flicker strike build for the next league ?
Syndicate Unveiling has been controversial at least within the reddit community. What is your data on Syndicate Unveiling and do you have any plans on changing how syndicate crafts are unlocked? Thank you for your continuous updates. Keep up the good work.

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