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We have run several Developer Q&A posts in the past and they have been very successful. We've decided to hold another! We'll answer your questions about Path of Exile, game development and life at the GGG office. Please post questions in this forum thread. We'll post the answers in the news next week!

Here are some guidelines for questions:
  • We'd prefer not to answer specific questions about how game mechanics work in this Q&A.
  • Please check that no one has previously posted a substantially similar question.
  • We recommend phrasing your questions in a constructive way.
  • If you're looking for ideas for non-standard questions, consider questions about day-to-day life at GGG, what it takes to get into the games industry, what games we've been playing, and so on. We'd love some variety so that there are questions that interest many different types of players.

Thanks for all the questions. We will select questions to answer from all the communities. Answers will be posted next week!
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Grinding Gear Games
Why do you refuse to budge on improving Trade, despite the fact that the Trade Manifesto is entirely based on false assumptions and bad guesses?

Edit: Due to negative feedback on reddit due to the wording, I'll put it another way.

Have you considered listening to your players about the trade experience, just like you finally did with the desync issue (which lead to the discovery and fixing of several bugs in predictive mode that made the game actually unplayable, due to desync [This one's for you Oos]), or are you going to ignore the feedback of the general population of the game that trade is not a good experience, and not worth the risk (as we've seen in the rates of more than 90% of the playerbase not engaging with the system at all, rampant posts about scammers who go unpunished, the system seemingly built to enable underhanded behaviors like pricefixing, etc.)
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What games are popular among GGG staff besides PoE?
As the game becomes bigger and more people with varying views on the game joins us, how to you cluster feedback and do you still have a primary target audience?
I noticed that when leagues go bad you guys don't seem to be as active in social media, is there a reason that there were barely any staff posts lately? (I'm talking about thread replied more so than news or posts)
If you cut a sandwich in half do you have 2 sandwiches or 2 halves of a sandwich?
What are your thoughts about the current state of dropped rare items, particularly "normal" ones (i.e. not Shaped/Elder/Fractured/whatever)? Much of the higher-level playerbase will filter out rares entirely, except for high-level crafting bases, because the odds of finding one with any value are so astronomically small. I feel that the current meta leans too heavily towards crafted items, leaving found items practically worthless.
What are your thoughts on the rampant power creep introduced by the master revamp, fossil crafting and synthesis?
The new ways to craft and obtain powerful items give players little to no incentive to pick up and identify non-unique items if they are not incredibly high ilvl(allowing for t1 mods to be present) and shaped/elder/fractured
Will you adress these issues in the future or do you believe that crafting and loot works fine right now ?
I had so many questions, but of course I didn't note them and forgot them all. :(

When is Krillson's birthday? :D
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Would you be willing to temporarily try out a trading post only for currency and commodities? As in orbs, maps, fragments, essences - that kind of stuff.

Lots of people would like to see something like this and it would be a compromise between going full AH and the current situation, which I think we can agree is less than ideal.

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