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Instead of changing the way all trading works (with a market), what about just changing it for maps? Or adding all maps to Zana like GGG did with gems?

I progressed more on the atlas this league than I ever did in other leagues, but it was at the expense of many many hours of trading my currency for maps. I have no interest in doing this again to progress through the atlas.
Spectre's haven't gotten any love in recent leagues. Not sure if this is intended or just a side effect of the way you wanted mobs to act, but nobodies leaving bodies to copy... We haven't gotten a new cool mob to play with since Incursion league.

So, could y'all either let us desecrate normal mobs (Whether or not they leave a body) or give us another way to spectre mobs?
Chris - do you and the team play the league after launch? Or are you mostly busy with the upcoming developments?

Have you actually used trade in a league? Or do you mainly use console commands to spawn needed items?

Even if you don't want to add an AH - are there any changes to trade coming to PC? For example allow trading while in a map/lab by giving a trade pop-up and automating trade in that way - making it possible for people with less time than streamers and developers to engage in trade?

So not a fully automated AH, but automated so that the 'goods' part is automated (no way to cheat - no reason for a Scam message on anymore), but still requiring an active confirmation from the seller.
No more money from me to GGG until they improve trade!
I was wondering, are there currently still uniques in the game that are "undiscovered", as in haven't been found ingame yet? If so, are any of them locked behind vendor recipes?

And what about "Farsight", a helmet that looks identical Gale-, Thunder- and Flamesight on the 2d art, but has a different flavour text? Is it possible to obtain it?
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.
This was prompted from a answer in the first Q&A about infinite delving.

Q> You do not have plans to allow players to infinitely Delve or other content. Have you thought of something similar like allowing users to specialize in a specific form of content?

Idea> I see this almost as professions in other games. Maybe something where players can choose to align themselves with one of the masters to get an increase of the content they desire either for game play or for economic reasons. This would be no more than how much delve we saw during delve league probably less. You would see the other masters less but Sulphite ever 3 maps or so.

Reasoning> I feel with small balance changes and slightly more diversified rewards the economy would be fine, because if something is "strong" then everyone will do that and then it will go down in price because supply and demand. It would be cool if the idea to specialize or play what we want to a bit more would be good and you could change your alignment weekly and maybe it would add new strategy to league starts which who you align yourself with for league start.
There are several reasons player retention has been less than stellar this league. Have you considered (and can you even tell) the impact no longer supporting dx9 has had on player retention?

I, for one, play far less than I normally would because of the dx9 dump. By literally hundereds of hours.
Are you satisfied with the current state of trading on consoles? Do you plan to provide a better user interface more akin to the current 3rd party trading sites for PC?
many of the long time supporters have microtransactions, and many of those people have doubles and triples of them would you ever consider being able to sell them back to the store for a much lower point cost.
Playing with 80 sometimes 95 ping is too high.(from Turkey) Any chance to open an Istanbul server?
Have you guys think about an offline version of PoE?

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