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Will you ever allow supporter packs to be bought by points as an option to cash? I personally would buy the bigger more expensive packs if this was the case.
do we gonna have event race again? like 2years ago i think meybe more where ea 2/3 hours we have some event? like 15min to kill brutus...
I have a question / suggestion.

Would it be possible to add a training mode for races? (this is a question)

Because a exclusive mode for race, because every race in new leagues, the craftings are released, the trials is not finished, the map is clean and mainly you run with the items you get, without the worry of consuming something which is stored in your chest.

In this exclusive mode for runners, with each new char, everything is restarted.

Some will mention the private league, yes, the private league is perfect, but not everyone can afford and yet for every training. The suggestion is a private solo league per character, with no modifiers.

I like and practice races, and I feel these difficulties.

(sorry for my english, i used Google Translate) :P


After I posted the question / suggestion above, new ideas and benefits that this training mode can bring to the community and to GGG.

Today the known runners are streamers, the training mode can be stored and saved by GGG as a way to get to know their community runners, there could be a league leaderboard or not, the time of player performed in-game on the main goals of a race, could be stored.

I believe that every character created in training mode has a time to expire - for example, 1 day (24 hours), or until it is deleted. But your log remains on the account or community leaderboard.

I know it seems like a lot of ideas out of reality, but as for me the races in PoE have become quite motivating in the game, I would like changes and evolution in this direction.

Once again, thank you!
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Running Shaped/Elder version of a map doesn't carry over elder/shaper influence if the map is not shaped/elder on the atlas. There's been some criticism in the past and this behavior has been declared as intended. Are there any plans to change this behavior and allow influence carry-over for shaped/elder maps?
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Will there ever be a Claw Micro Transaction that actually looks like a claw?
a simple one without too many effects so when we put a weapon effect it can take on that effect.
Between the new master missions and league content added to the game, I feel like Incursion is very underwhelming. The rewards from this system, more specifically double vaal of gems and corruption chamber, are gated behind rng to even get access to this content.

The other systems allow you to navigate around the mechanic until the desired effect is reached but you can't really do that with incursion outside of spamming the content. Are we going to see a rework so we can target farm specific rooms in the temple?

As for the boss, it seems the loot is mediocre for the time invested. Does GGG agree and will we see the mediocre made remarkable?
Have you guys thought of starting up a server realm in NZ at all? There are a few datacentres that could potentially host them.
Will it be possible to zoom out camera a little (much) further?
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Why have you guys not implemented proper in game grouping on console? Xbox one you have to add friends first .
Can you make "item drops on death if Equipped by an Animated Guardian"
bench craft affects all of its equipment to drop not only to Body Armor?

The first max depth in delve was 1500 or 3000 hence there was no minion
based Necromancer Solo delve even up to 1000, can you make adjustments to
minions so that summoners can delve further?

Do you have plans to develop minions, like increase in base HP, Mana pool,
AI Targeting, life leech, movement speed, attack speed, base damage,
increased chance of inflicting status ailments, generation of endurance charge?

What happened to the jewel that makes minion gain the keystone/nodes bonus
around it instead of the player during beta?

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