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1 or 2 patches ago you guys said that there is going to be new ways to earn Favour points and that HO decorations will cost less.. but I didn't see any of that yet.. it's still coming?
While these are all very nice, I do have to ask why there isn't a Hideout based on the A8 Lunaris Temple.... That entryway is beautiful!! Stuns me every time. I would love to see it in hideout form; please let that be a thing...
Still waiting for word if Xbox will ever be able to import / export our hideouts or if its even being looked into...
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Synopsis wrote:
_BuNgLe_ wrote:
Synopsis wrote:

Agreed. I'm currently trying to make a hideout from the Unearthed tileset and many of the things they've put are preventing me from doing what i'd want ideally.

You should be able to hit the reclaim all button while in the hideout. You may have to select edit or deselect edit in order for it to work but it's worked for me by accident a few times while browsing the different hideouts.

Yes, but i was more talking about the ruins and the walls from the hideout, things that you can't remove by any way. Ideally it would be nice to be able to get the plain terrain that you could choose to organize as well as you'd wish to, with nothing pre-built upon it.

Don't expected to be understood. In my experience here in the forums - the peoples believe that by defending whatever GGG made so far - they will gain some sort of intimidations and better drops or something.
I am exhausted to post in this forum to be honest.
It is always the shame s**t.
You are looking at one of the peoples which changed the game,
gave a ton of new ideas about number of expansions,
spread the word, and blast an advertisement campaign.
And for which I finally get threatened with a ban.
I am not playing anymore, just waiting for a nice excuse.
cool hope you add news content than map :/
nice...still need iceberg hideout Q_Q
Hynova wrote:
Can we get more hideouts with island theme?

I second this. It would be nice to have some lighter/sunnier themed hideouts.
Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun.
Holly hell that looks sweet. I will hunt it and find it. really hope it has the crypt/church dungeon bgm
Yeah, I'm going to need this right away! Looks great!

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