New Hideout Preview

More more more !!!
Pff...nothing special ;/
Okay, this is awesome.


NOW WHERE IS MY PRIMORDIAL BLOCKS HIDEOUT?! Best tileset in the game currently.
I hope that when the world comes to an end, I can breathe a sigh of relief, because there will be so much to look forward to.
Great, but more RNG in cosmetics... meh.

We need some prohpecies connected with unlocking hideouts or smth.
Just what the game needs, another hideout. GGG really know what the players want.

[Removed by Support]

Really great work. [Removed by Support].
[Removed by Support] - don't mention the chinese ownership of this game!
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I need a hideout based on Fungal Hallow map. I really like the look of that map.

ps: GGG add a lot of new things in each league. So stop crying when they communicate about some cosmetics. Cosmetics are mainly what makes the game is still alive.

the only thing I can blame them for is they are often bugs with those new features (may be slowing down a little: less features for less bugs).
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i would like a wood/forest hideout that would be nice
oh, I like it!
dark and cozy)
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Seems too generic and boring. I think the most lacking HO right now is organic theme, like Malahai area. I would also remove all decorations on default HO, because the new ones seems unbalanced compering to previous one. Some of new HO are too narrow and some are too big (and don't have small, medium, large versions?).

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