We're continuing to showcase the highlights of our ongoing Hideout Competition. If you've missed the highlights from Week One of this competition, you can check them out here. For today's news post we've compiled several hideouts submitted by our participants into a video.

Here are the hideouts featured in this video:

We're absolutely astonished by the creativity of our community. Thank you for all your entries so far!
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Grinding Gear Games
Holy crab! Outstanding works!
Really liked Glacial and Fairytale ones.
Imperial Terraces hideout: thread/2257515
Oriath Gardens hideout: thread/2325653

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wow the quality of creation is up to 200%
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Good stuff
Please buff favor grinding =/ so I can also make cool hideouts

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very nice work guys! still would've made the list myself if creators of hideouts BEFORE THIS LEAGUE were not excluded (even if not having participated with the ho already). really shitty. not a clever decision punishing especially us ppl ggg.
Wow.. CoffeePowered's one is my fav.. all so good though! Well done
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these are amazing!
cold brand????? :3

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