Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Early Beginnings - Stately Hideout

The idea and theme behind this hideout was to create some form of home that shaper would have perhaps lived in at some point in his life before the corruption took a hold of his mind.

Some rooms are a little sparse but unfortunately I hit the 762 object limit fairly early :( Was attempting to go for a really clean hideout, something that could possibly fit into the game.

P.s I had to put my room of links to the test at the end of the youtube video haha

Youtube video -
Imgur album -


Atlas room

Room of links

The gardens

The relic room

The town square

the hallway

the map room

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Necromancer's Crypt featuring the bony boy!
"Last standing jungle encampment for exiles" is the theme i went for. A place where all the exiles came with whatever belonging they had and they will die defending it.

A bit on the gore 300'ish side, could even say Dark Souls and diablo 2 act 3 jungle act, as for inspiration, even a bit of Last of Us

Sewer Hideout
UPDATED! I think I'm done now :P

My theme is *Make Yourself at Home*

Since the new Masters have moved in, I decided to bring some of their things to my H.O. so they don't get homesick.

Zana She's kinda messy and it's literally raining blood 24/7; don't get me started on the corruption..


Nico Tracks everywhere, and he keeps laughing. I think he's still paranoid here-- check out the blades around his feet.


Alva She's still pretty elusive to me. I didn't want her to get too lost, so I only brought a few trees.


Einhar We are hoping one day to have a Rhoa Dinner-- never did win a Royale :(


Jun and Me. and <3Haku<3


Lastly, I wanted the Syndicate close (blah blah enemies closer), so I have them in staring match, which will likely turn into a PVP match. I know the rug is driving Leo crazy.


Thanks for visiting :)

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Hey guys, I normally do not create hideouts, but thought I would do so with my limited decorations (All decorations are obtained through masters). Thus no MTX are needed for this hideout.

The theme is "Apprentice of the Depths"

Here are the images of the hideout

While I love how creative people are with their hideouts, I wanted to create something that not only looked "cool" but was convenient to use as well, and this was the outcome. I'd love to hear some feedback on what was basically the first hideout I have made in this game.
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I Like Skulls-(Hideout)
(right-click & View Image for 4K Resolution ;) )





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This is just a regular pub,
Well, at least to naked eyes...
Wraeclast folks love to hangout here.
A Pub-in-a-tunnel connected to Delve.
Litte did they know about the secret.
Behind the pub.

Customers often teleport here right in the middle of the Lion altar.
The solemn remind them to uphold the spirit of a drunkard - Classy.

Jun has mastered the art of standing so still that she is the best receptionist of the pub.

We just came in at the late hour when Wraeclast folks just done with their daily feasts.

We always serve roasted Rhoa, our signature food. Too bad we could not take the secret recipe of BBQ Rhoa from Krillson in the Battle Royale event.

Niko is in charge of the crane, he takes you to delve for a piss in the fungal cavern whenever you need.

Just jump behind the bar, Einhar will check you secret membership card.

Then over the rocks.[These rocks are well positioned so that people in the pub could never see the secret club even if they are equipped with an aerial drone with camera]

The secret club revealed to naked eyes.

We love sculptures and runes.

It is actually the Atlas exploring club hosted by Zana.

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Hi i would like to submite my hideout for the competition.


Hideout Tileset: Desert Hideout


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3.4 Path Of Exile Hideout Competition Entry - Masters Hideout

This hideout is built around the theme of the revamped POE masters of Betrayal. Each master has a room revolved around them containing decorations that pertain to the specific master. For example, Alva has spoils from the Temple of Atzoatl and is researching the location of the next incursion. Niko has built a mine cart for practice as we delve into the mysterious depths of the Azurite Mine.

Einhar has a particularly gruesome blood altar drenched in the blood of all those who defied him (It looked cool, Einhar doesn't seem like a guy who's into torture and bone stacking). And finally we have Zana tirelessly studying the Atlas in search for her father in order to save him from the Elder's corruption. As well as Helena jovially informing the masters and the lucky exile upon her discovery of new hideouts scattered around the Atlas!

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