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Path of Exile Hideout Competition


[This is not for competition because it is not entirely my work but just a complication and improvements of some awesome hideout decorations]

Credit to Eastern Temple from Sie_Sayoka
and Hideout Decorations University from Path_of_DerroK

Thanks to you two inspiration, I was able to create a hideout I love so much.

Step one: Hideout Competition.
Step Two: Put hideout decorations on sale.
Step Three: Profits
I see what you did there GGG, well played.
You don't learn the secret of immortality over night, and there's always a price to pay:

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import link available here
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Located on am isolated island south of the Twilight Strand.
An untouched natural paradise, the perfect runaway spot for the luxury class Of Oriath.

You could teleport here, right between a tropical forest and a fresh river.

At the edge of the forest is a Wraeclast folks' camp site. Here they do hunting, fishing, collecting fruits and prepare the ingredients for luxury Oriath feasts.

Crossing a narrow log bridge, here we come, the elegant outdoor restaurant.

A peep into the kitchen, Master Einhar always serve the most exquisite sushi fresh from the river. The hostess of the club, Navali, watches all over the activities of the kitchen, shipping dock, and food storage.

Oriath folks often come here by ship, here is the welcoming dock.
You could also see our comfortable and classy bar counter.

Zana is our beautiful receptionist, got flirted all day by blokes. The number of seats is limited, but the the food is always top quality.

Crossing the bridge if you want a more natural and romantic experience.

The small walkway lead to private seats for families and lover.

Or join a heart warming and relaxing bonfire with steak, tea and books.

Over the stream is the for-staffs-only area. The map device are used to hunt super rare food in the Atlas.

The hunters' stash is located inside a secret cave right below the stream.

Now taste our signature sushi: the octopus tentacle harvested right from the infamous Elder.

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Theme : Ancient Temple

Hideout used : Unearthed Hideout

Here is My Hideout

Name: Corrupting Lush Hideout

Stay in the safety of the camp or brave the Necromancers Forest and the Evil that Dwells behind the Waterfall cave.

Since I only started playing PoE October last year, I thought I'd share my newbish hideout :D
Theme: Luxurios Camping and Study Side

Starting in the camping area

the study area

The second study area...

...with lot of plants...

...and papers/books

And my underwater plant pool
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