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Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Pirate found the source of water of life and water of death

fun fact: black squares done with 480 burned books and a limit for details 762

source of life

and death

and Pirate treasure!

after i make my chessboard ive played some checkers with people) that alot of fun to see how you thinking and running aroud figures and pretend to tell me wich move next)

but also here comes a issue by accidently pullin a chestboard pices over figure on chestboard.

so i come to idea of layers in hidout like:
layer all: all opjects
layer 1: background
layer 2: trees
layer 3: chess figures

Thats will make chess party's in my ho more comfy) anyway thanks for attention! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!))
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But of course my video quality is complete ass so I have taken the following clearer images.
Entrance (Nikos Room):

Main Room (Navalis Room + Map Device):

Trophy/Strategy Room(Alva,Jun,Helena+A spot for me):

Einhar's Beastcrafting Room:

Crafting Room (Aviary):
Temple of Hunger - A temple of worship for Kitava.

Uploaded here:

Edit: I've made some tweaks to some sections, adding detail and making them more interesting.

Album of Final version of hideout (editted):

Album of entire hideout (original submission:

A preview:

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Hideout/Theme - The Wave

One of my favorite places, cant get bored with the interaction between the wave mosaic and the rest.
At the start of this HO i was worried that it will be difficult for me to walk that far from wp to the stash, I am somewhat efficent player, but some time later I found out that I enjoy to waste these two seconds ^_^

Want to ask me about that Rhoa? Fine, fine I l tell you Exile, some people Belive in Kuduku, the False God, others praise Le Toucan, I am the Rhoa follower. Not many of us are left, we belive that when it is needed we can be the same as Rhoa, when the time comes we feel the rage, we can be stronger and go straight to our goal and no one will stop us.
At the right is my working place, I check the most profitable ratios of currency to flip them all. To be honest one of the reasons why it is called The Wave is because it is relaxing and most of the time I enjoy trading so I can share some sort of happiness and relax with my customers on HC league.
The Wave of life, death and adventures
Passage to the village with hidden lights.
Niko told me that he wont go outside untill I get rid of red carpet. I bet he wont go outside anyway this delve maniac...
researching horizont.
Little garden next to the gates that lead to my lonely dining room. The shadow follows the moon while the light is close to the sun.
Still have some party tho ^_^


Thanks for the new hideout system I had a lot of different free decorations to play with. It is my first hideout that i worked on and it helps me to relax, the wave ^_^. I'm not sure, I think I spend around 500k points outside of the free stuff given. there are 3 mtx decorations from my "very lucky boxes" that can be easily replaced. I still need to grind Alva and Niko, mb in the future there will be a town instead of a village, who knows.
For your consideration:
The Exile is a Monster
I start with this, "this is my first time entering one of these, and ive always prided myself with the amount of work put into my hideouts(They are something i REALLY enjoy creating), but i am working with paupers tools to create what i make, and lack the roucources neccecry to create what i can envision. Even still, as ive been browsing these entires, Theyve just Been blowing my mind away with attention to detail and creative artique.

But to the Hideout, The Theme of this Hideout is more of just "is Justicar building" and so ive created what I feel to be a down to earth hideout thats looks like it belongs in the World of PoE. Thats you For your time, i hope my work is pleasing to Look at.
Been working on this one for quite some time, I'm sure I could add more for the rest of my life because I'll never be completely happy with my own work but my friends convinced me to post it;

I call it The Temple of Forgotten Riches,
It has been thought to be one of many of Atziri's temples, sealed off by a curse placed "by the blood of those deranged enough to question her vision", much like her altars on her quest of immortality and eternal youth. Pages can be found on the desk and bookshelves located in the temple with detailed blueprints and other fascinating discoveries like what most of you would call a map device.

After finding the temple with the likes of Zana and the gang, the group has set up a base camp near a small body of water filled with a plentiful supply of fish.


Would much rather use Cadiro portal but I don't have it, temple portal looks good too, but I chose this one for the gold spewing out.

Youtube video;
(Forgive the poor quality my PC doesn't like rendering)

Imgur Album;
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(Mini) Pads of Exiles

Imgur hates me, so the video will have to be it for now.
IGN: @Azuriyl or @Bephany
About my Hideout:
It´s a Stately Hideout hiding all new Masters with much Verdant Stuff outside (including a Verdant Barricade to block off that weak Fence) and a little bit here and there inside. I didn´t want to overload it with Stuff, so it´s a nice, decent Place to rest when the Adventure is paused for a while. I tried to install a toilet, yet Einhar clogged it! Too much heavy Food for fragile Oriathan Pipes! So well, it´s a Tent Toilet which he has to care about for clogging the original One, yet there is a Toilet! Yay!

Screenshots are to be found here:
< Navalis Room
< Mama Exiles Room
< Waypoint etc.
< Hallway to Zana
< Zanas Room
< Einhars Spot
< Alvas Corner
< Food Watch
< Door to Foodwatch
< Verdant Barricade
< Doors to Mama Exile and Zana
< Juns Edge

Edit Note:
Had to edit a few Times because uploading Images is a mortal Enemy of mine.

I also had a Leo Hideout, yet the Vegetation there went out of Control and there was more Wood and Grass and Plants than People. I might upload this one, too.
Die Erdkrümmung ist schuld!

7 Years to Level 90! *Joy*
02.02.2013 ~ 24.05.2020
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Overgrown Stately Manor.

Video 1:

Video 2:

All walls are hidden behind Ruins, Sky Shrine Walls, Skyshrine Doors, Slum Houses, and Sarn Arcs. All floors are covered in "Path" in a 1-6-2-6 repeating pattern. It creates a random looking tile pattern, and no conflicts.

All of the old masters are in jail in the rear of the manor.

The Map Machine is curved mossy walls, and a Bloody Pool (13).

Bestiary reward portal.

Couple other hideouts I made can be found here:

Hideout File here:


Screen Shots

Screenshot Library


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