Path of Exile Hideout Competition

hahaha, had I known I probably wouldn't have posted my hideout to the showcase forum yesterday, not that I thinkit would have had a chance, some people are just inhumanely creative!
This is the unearthed Exile Outpost.
An outpost created to act like a safe haven for exiles who do not desire to fight. Make it your home, set up a shop, help improve the camp.


It's a very simple design, not too much going on, but thats how I like it. :)
Here is my Underground City.


Download link:
IGN : CptDouchebag
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Hideout/Theme: Overgrown bathhouse

Fighting with getting Imgur to work, so this video will have to do for now:

Really enjoying the new hideouts, however as others have said a layering system would be a fantastic addition. Also, the ability to take out all foliage that comes with a hideout would be nice.
Theme: The worship of gods and how much they can differ from one and another.

Video: (PS: surprise at the end of the video)


Excited to join in! I have a hideout I'm pretty proud of here! Something that isn't ultra lavish, but is still ended up looking very nice and I've been wanting to share it!

Market Square



Using the Overgrown Hideout, I completely covered up the grassy areas with Cathedral tiles and various foliage to give is a fit to the outside walls of the hideout. The entrance of the hideout starts with Navali and her fortune telling tent, and the area splits off into a small park complete with a stage. Go up into the Market, and see all of the vendors available! Niko is in one corner equip with his cart and crates full of azerite and other dug up materials. Einhar is selling some roa he had caught, and showing off some stupid beast he had captured.

Move a bit higher and you can enter a small, overgrown temple, where the map device is located.

I hope you enjoy!
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Theme: What if the Night's watch from game of thrones were in path of exile? Surely successful with loads of loot. Placed the masters around a fireplace as a tribute to diablo 2's character selection screen.
Name: Mystical Oriathic Confrontation Research Center
Refuge Base: Luxurious Hideout The Bath House

Room theme: 1) regular workshop 2) trophy hall, relics, and workbenches from the defeated masters (according to the plot) there is also a mini library with stands
3) preparation for the battle hall - mini forge, weapons, ammunition boxes, mini drawing in the center. 4) The Oriat confrontation hall, light and gold, sun and moon :) good and evil :) and the victorious trophy / skull - the creator’s grave on the left, next to it is the treasure cave.

Additional info: there are only 10 donate / mtx decorations in the hideout, they were bought by chance from the boxes, that is, they were not bought specially for the creation of the hideout.

Time: Work took a week, many games with light and the location of light sources - to create shadows.
I didn’t finish it a bit, since the master’s reputation for the purchase of building materials had ended and the place was a little flooded.
Objects in the shelter 750+ the maximum amount of space is not)

Additional programs: Color correction from reshadows, and bandicam for video recording.

Purpose: Originally built solely for the purpose, as the old hideout was medium in size, but after the patch the decorations were glitched and I had to build a new one, because with the patch they increased the size of the creeps to the maximum, but then the competition began and therefore decided to post :)

Link to watch the video:
Link to download video:!Bhh0TQzL!Ptk6u8z8-FZ0IbYQoJhM5e4E4qo19JMO_3O5RujkjgQ
Link to download hideout file!Aw4jQaSA!zYSZ6gz89sYDNJ7N8lkgc48J-HqHdDWO6_6ytXGXS1o

my game nickname: отсосу_за_казинаку, thank you for your attention.
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Each master has his/her own theme. Einhar has his pit full of monsters. Nico has his own delve station. Alva has her temple throne and we have a little church for Navali where I've put my map device in.

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