Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Hey everyone (first time poster on any POE forums dun..dun..dun.. - lemme know if any formatting is wrong please).

This is my submission for the competition.

My theme is 'Hubris'

The link to the screenshot narrative is below:


Despite the fact the hideout may be a little cluttered in some areas (like my house I guess), I hope even if I don't win that you gleam some real-world truth from it.

We each do our best according to what we are given, and thus make the world a little more beautiful each day.

I hope you enjoy my creation!
The Siren Cavern

The cave has been taken over by a family of sirens, a safe hiding spot away from the world. The oceanic cave has old coral that's grown on the walls of the cave, as well as other plant life and human remains. The area is full of benevolent enchanted creatures. The sirens have decorated the cave with wonderful trinkets collected from the ships of their victims. Helena writes a journal of her discoveries:

The Skeletal Pool
How curious, the sirens seem to have died here in the pool with their treasure. Or perhaps these are the remains of their victims? The other skulls lying around the area seem to indicate that the sirens regularly dined off humans or other humanoids. Perhaps the sirens would relax in the pool under the enchanted tree that grows without light, potentially with any leftovers as fertilizer. Some strange, mystical light lingers over the pool.

Niko likes the tree, he talks to himself under it regularly, maybe it helps him think? Einhar sits near Niko, because they're best friends! He seems to have chosen a highground position, he's a bit paranoid isn't he?


A Resting Site
The sirens seemed to have valued someone in particular, perhaps one of their own? There are flowers laid next to candles alongside the coffin. At the bottom is an engraved stone, I will have to study it further to see whom this may have been. I've instructed Navali to stand near it, lest she have some sort of connection or vision.

The Waypoint
A crystalline structure grows from this magical area, likely providing light to the trees and other plant life. Under the tree is a tombstone, a lot less ornate than the other resting site but imbued with wonderful abilities! I've managed to modify items to my will by placing them over the stone. Were the sirens witches practicing thaumaturgey?



The Shipwreck
The likely point of entry for the victims of the sirens. Parts of the ground have been stabilized with old parts from a shipwreck. They may be brutal, but I guess they are resourceful. The area is ornately decorated with a mosaic of intricate tilework, as well as candelabra and relics of past times. It all looks so inviting, you don't even see the skulls and skeletons that blend into the coral beds. Zana has found the mosaic to be the perfect place for her map device.



fuck me i still got time left, i give my best to pimp my hideout even more for u guys..
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My superboring forest hideout "Elysium". Started playing again recently. Love this game!!!

just a hideout theme for a bit wealthy one

Acc: Pwno
Names: Thieves Den.
Theme is bandit den. Feel free to download

Enlightened Hideout


Sneak peek of a generic Royal Theme , non MTX , budget hideout , affordable by everyone.
Devilbane's Fairytale Hideout

The Dragon Hideout
The Aesthetics of Evil
The Garden of the Ancients
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made in the Robber's Trench Hideout.

Good luck to everybody
Hello fellow exiles!
Posting my hideout for your consideration.

As my character for this league is an Energy shield based Marauder, I thought a good idea for a hideout would be to relinquish my characters past as a Karui warrior and put an emphasis on the new life as a mage he has created for himself in Wraeclast. I tried to keep the hideout classy, giving dedicated spaces to each of the new masters that embody their individual character while keeping the theme through the hideout. Hope you enjoy it!

I used the "Courthouse" hideout as a base.

Main square: Shrine to a goddess

Hideout "entrance", an enchanted flourishing garden in the midst of winter.

Main chamber:

Alva's Quarters:

Niko's Quarters:

Zana's Quarters and mapping room:

View of hideout entrance with teleport:

Imgur Link:

Hope you like it <3
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