Path of Exile Hideout Competition

This is my entry for the competition. I have been building hideouts for a very long time, and found great pleasure designing them in connection with the theme of the league I was playing at the time.

For betrayal I thought of the concept of a hidden hideout and came up with a small story for the creation of it.

Because of the betrayal of our most trusted friends, the former masters, older hideouts become dangerous. So the exile and our new masters began searching for a safer, hidden place to set up camp, and start investigation. Navali predicted that, they would find a suitable abandoned cellar in the outskirts of the city of Sarn. After clearing the place, and setting up a waypoint, all entrances were collapsed by Niko and his explosives, in order to seal the base, so nobody would find it, only through the waypoint. Einhar quickly set up his shrine to make offerings. With Niko's help Navali broke through the walls of the cellar to find a small ancient cave, filled with vibrations of old magic, which helped her to concentrate on her visions, so she decided to stay there separate from the others. Zana set up her map divice, Jun and Alva started investigating the Syndicate and treasure. They were safe for now.

Map Divice and central area

Einhar's Shrine

Collapsed northern entrance, and small storage rooms

Crafting area, and masters

Navali's cave

Yes, it took a long time to create this...

I hope you all like it, here is a link to the imgur album.
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The Last Settlement Immaculate hideout
I've made a Sunken Hideout loosely based off classic fantasy JRPG towns (I love JRPGs and actually played Octopath Traveler before Betrayal league started):

Hideout Description
Starting at the waypoint, getting into the town actually requires people to climb down the ladder from the upper level (which you unfortunately interact with) to find a path surrounded by trees leading to the entrance.

At the entrance of the town, you find yourself in a courtyard-like area meeting Jun along the path. In this courtyard there is a small building which houses the map device with Navali standing beside it. Next to this small building is a statue you can interact with to craft master mods onto gear! At the exit of the courtyard, you'll find Niko and enter the town square.

In the town square you'll find Einhar's armory (with Helena standing to the side) and paths left and right of it.

To the left of the armory you'll find Zana and an entrance to a temple-like building. The hideout temple is somewhat vaal themed and inside this temple you'll find Alva who's ready to show you the entrance to the Temple of Atzotl.

Back to the town square and to the right of the armory, walking past Helena, there is actually a secret path in the corner obscured by the large trees. This hidden path leads to a hideout where exiles hide their treasure and a large treasure chest (that you can't interact with sadly).
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Hideout theme: The Cozy Poor Man's Hideout
Images of the hideout

Hideout file:
"The Beach house"
A place where exiles try to survive.
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Welcome to my mystic woods :)
Sacrifice for Hinekora


After dealing with Kitava and the Immortal Syndicate, the Exile has sailed with the new masters to lands unknown. However a strange force has struck their vessel down and they have crash landed on a decrepit island with nothing but an abandoned church. After days of dehydration and starvation, they started to hear voices. But Navali found sense among these whispers... Hinekora, the mother of the dead, was calling to them.

Maddened, corrupted by these images in their heads, they have pledged to find a way to their new goddess. Zana recreated the Reverie device and the Exile transverses dream lands once again, bringing back sacrifice.



Hideout File:
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My "Mining-Corp" Hideout

Started with a clean coastel HO i wanted to create some fancy HO around my Mining portals from Delve.

A few Pics:

A short Video:

GL to everybody!

Hello !

Here is my Night Survivor Encampment

Theme : Night Survivor Encampment
Hideout used : Unearthed Hideout

Video tour:

Good luck and have fun everyone !

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