Path of Exile Hideout Competition

My humble hideout is based on Restricted Section of Hogwarts Library. It's the best place to study dark arts of leveling and brew fearsome witchcraft gear...

Here are pictures
and here video

Hope you enjoyed it and wish luck to all of you, muggles.
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Temporary hideout after shipwreck
The Great Museum of Oriath

No MTX required.
760/762 decorations used, around 25 mil favor.

The main decoration of hideout is the organ. This is not one decoration, but a set of carefully selected decorations. It took about 300 pieces to bring it to life. Approximate cost: ~12 ml of master favor.

The second main decoration is old maasters room.
Approximate cost: ~3 ml of master favor.

The third main decoration is Altar room.
Approximate cost: ~3 ml of master favor.

Full hideout album can be found here:

Video showcase can be found here:

Exile's Safehouse - totally not ripped from Syndicate.
Place where Exile and Well Remembered Masters has place to rest and conduct their own experiments. Including Steam-thaumaturgy powered map device, storage area and little altar to Innocence.

Imgur album
my hd
Azurite Campsite - created by Doki7518

"After long, long hours in the deep of mines all of us need a place for rest and regeneration." - Zana on federal negotiation

My concept was that we need a warm and friendly place in the cold and dark Azurite mines. Azurite Campsite is a well guarded place somewhere in the darkness where the masters built this small township to support us on our adventures.

I tried to build it as small as possible to be practical during map farming and trading too.




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Hello! Here is my Necrotic Spores Hideout:

You can also check out the video here:
this is my little something i've been working on for a few hours. its actually almost default lush hideout, but i added a few things to feel more like home.
i think there are no microtransactions included, if i'm wrong i have to get them through free mystery boxes long time ago, iv never bought hideout decoration intensionally, but maybe i will in the future since our hideouts are finally shared in leagues.

so this is a view of someone who enter my HO for the first time. it is designed for trading because stash is right next to you, so it can be reached in a second

this is what i like to call main area. map device, stash and zana for everything trading is as close as possible to feel comfortable to use and being efficient enough. alva and jun are close for occasional temple or hideout raid

this is ''usable'' side area, navali is here for trading divination cards, again as close as possible to stash and map device. niko and einhar are also here...preparing dinner

here is a friendly village of exiles and helena if one wants to change hideout. i would call this lore are, it's practically unusable. the lore goes that this are exiles wich were saved from the ship wrecking and are taken care of here by helena.

and last is totally unusable but very important lore area. the saved exiles found this altar of somekind and started worshiping it, but what they dont know is that its actually vaal who they are worshiping here, i guess my next goal is to make a hideout around consequences that followed...

thanks for your time to see my hideout, maybe im gonna do a video and maybe im gonna do many many more hideouts. the whole imgur post

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Hi this is my Hideout :)
✞✞✞✞ Holy Sanctum Hideout ✞✞✞✞

Hope everyone enjoy it :) good luck exile
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"The Luxurious Palms"

A Place for every Exile.
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