Path of Exile Hideout Competition

My entry: Song of Ice and Fire

Additional 3-4 dragon pets would be awesome
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this is my junglecoast themed hideout :D

I'm glad to join this amazing competition!

Oriath Square
this is my first hideout showcase any tips will always be welcome

welcome to the secret escape
Hello GGG, everyone

Here is my Overgrown Anti-Syndicate Base

The idea was to make a base out of the Overgrown hideout, convenient to use and also visually appealing.

  • No mandatory MTX
  • Access stashes from both sides
  • Vendors, crafting bench, and map device relatively close to each other

Imgur gallery :

More images

Jun is mad

Overgrown entrance to Delve

Hi there !

First time i'll share one of my creation so please, be gentle :p

Theme is : Nature to decadence

Hope you like it !
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Good luck people!

Here is mine :)
Theme: Necromancers frosty sanctuary

Hideout link:
An underground garden which managed to grow thanks to the heat and moisture coming from below dungeons and experiments.
Welcome to my Enlightened Hideout. Office, prison, bondage bedroom all in one :)
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