Path of Exile Hideout Competition

My hideout is so comfortable. I can spend hours there, just chilling around my enemies corpses.
@Derrok, where are u my friend? :)
Finally something for me! Definitely going to compete with few entries.
My HO : Cold and Betrayal. Glacial Hideout.


This my first attempt at making a hideout, I themed it "Inferno"

here is the imgur link:
This is My Hideout : Map Hunters.
More than a hour of working. My Hideout is build round the Theme - Map Hunters and the Main thing of this hideout is The Map Device. Just for mapping my self :).

This picture showing the Map Device and Me Stand next to it ( Idk Why ). Is the main thing of the Theme - Map Device. I place it in the middle of the Hideout because it will not feel narrow when the Map Device is open.

The next one is showing me and Jun, Veiled Master. Her research about syndicate nember and more thing so she need more map, papper to work on. With my help and The Map Device may found the goal of Jun, Veiled Master journey.

Next one is me with Naza, Master Cartographer. With her own Map Device can we knowing more about outside world and by following "Shaper" we may find the answear.

Next one with Helena, i call her Hideout finder, stand with her Strange Globe and Waypoint to quickly warning the other if we been discover by The Blackguards. Why she stand there with a Strange Globe ? To Decide where should we go to avoid The Blackguards !

Next one is with Einhar, Beast Master. A silent Einhar that doest talk much. Just staring in map and making a plan for the next time we going to capture beast together.

Niko, Master of The Depths, My Favorit guy, he had a own room, big room, enought for his researching like flare, dynamid, some weird stone. The door next to it door lead to his researching and we yet cant get in.

Relic, Relic case, book, papper, more papper it what i researching for. By traveling through map and world i realize it useless :)

Here is the thing.
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Toxic laboratory
Below my simple Brutal Research Facility.
Idea of this is to have 1 room HO to keep as much functionality as possible.
Good on daily usage without long walking distances and all necessary things in sight.

Almost no MTX was used. (few only not important for overall picture)

Hope You enjoy it

Map device

Travel area

Sauna and fitness area

Nerd's corner

Powering the system

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Are you allowed to submit more than one hideout?
Hi everyone,
This is the battleground (Excavated hideout)

You are all welcome to visit anytime.

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