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Path of Exile Hideout Competition

My Desert Hideout - Return from the Expedition

Hope you enjoy it guys !

some pics:

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My humble and compact hideout dark forest offering

the centerpiece

Headhunter's hideout.
Dark rocks as walls in excavated hideout base. There is a ritual in the middle, waypoint in central point of it, blood emerging from it and goes all the way to map device, sacrificial altair, with headhunter replica on top it.
Masters are imprisoned and kept in horrible conditions, guarded by Alva. Little side area has place for Jun, with yellowish fog effect matching his portals.

I tried to go easy on particle effects, so it doesn't melt your gpu. Another important aspect for me is functionality, So stash/npc near waypoint, easy for ppl to spot in case they want grab something from stash, npcs organized, not too far from each other. Big hideouts are cool, but they can be painful to use long term. This one is pleasant to use while mapping.

Higher res: 1 2 3 4 5

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my tiny cool hideout x)
x_KOR_x's Undercity Hideout


What do you mean that the league is not rewarding or fun? You put in 5 useless items in the device and you get 1 useless item... Oh wait!
/Talisman League(2015/2016)

Oh look, Synthesis League(2019) = Talisman League all over again.
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Here is my forest encampment and is lost temple i hope you enjoy.


Encampment 2


Mysterious mine

The lost temple
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Mushroom Cave Hideout:

Remade my hideout into this after checking out the new Mushroom Cluster decoration from Niko. I saw that one of the variations was illuminated and really wanted to make a hideout using those as the main light source.

Unfortunately if you have to many they start to flicker! So this is the most I could use and not have any suddenly 'turn off' heh.

I still use Elreon's hideout mainly for the lack of light but I also love the layout of it for my hideouts.
Syndicate's Treasure Den based on Brutal hideout, featuring Haku and Elreon as head chefs and Jun as warlady.

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My theme is small hideouts. I prefer small hideouts because they're more efficient to navigate. You can click the link under the picture to see a larger version.
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