Path of Exile Hideout Competition

My theme is called "Frostpunk" based on the game Frostpunk which is about surviving in extremely cold temperatures.
This is my hdieout The battleground (excavation hideout)

Salve GGG aqui vai meu refugio atual, como ainda não recebi todos os mestres ainda falta alguns como a zana mais foi o melhor que pude fazer espero que gostem pois eu adorei abraço.

Segue imagens e vídeo no meu canal:

Undercty Hideout



foi feito atualizações apos esse vídeo.
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-The trail to Power-

A mysterious Waypoint on each Town is leading to a mystikal room, with hidden powers and dubious suspect's, leading me towards to Pain and hidden dangerous cults.

Vigorous gatekeeper's are ruling the strange place and sending me to different dimension's and traveling trough time, to explore it's sectrets and obtain more information.

"what are their intensions, do they want my death...?"

"it seems, that other Exiles have tried the same and give up, lost their powers, kept here half dead...imprisoned, will this be my fate as well??"

"i will not tremble, i will not fear,... I Will Welcome The Death with Opens Arms and kiss Her Like A Beloved Mother."


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Hideout: Glacial Hideout
Theme: Arctic Master Sanctuary

Entrance to Carnage

Catarina and Helena, Trophies

Tora's Chill Place

Vagan's Shop


Masters and Map Device

Hello everyone!
There's my Hideout with a forest theme. This place is supposed to be a secret shelter in the forest against evil creatures, against Shaper and Elder, and against the new threat of traitors!

There's a one photo and rest will be in imgur link below to not creating long post.

Imgur with rest photos of HO:

Good luck everyone in this competition!
My Skeletal hideout showcase.

The idea is that everyone's got their own little themed place, but all live in a candlelit mansion.

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Is there a way we can get some sort of boosted favour gains during this so newer players can at least have a chance at competing?
This is where interrogations happen.
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I might actually try this, although I doubt I'll win anything.

If we need to keep our hideout intact, how can we submit multiple entries?

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