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Path of Exile Hideout Competition

Scales of Justice
Stately Hideout

2nd entry

Tileset: Unearthed hideout
Theme: Great Old One cult hideout

The basic idea is that The Exile goes mad and joins the cult of The Great Old One. He betrays Jun and Zana, the only masters that are not mad or drunken with power, and imprisons them. In the hideout of the cult, there is a shrine to TGOO, and human sacrifice is made to satiate the patron's hunger. Middle of the hideout is the treasury, laboratory and waypoint stone sanctuary. Top left is the research area, in which cultists perform every atrocity possible, to try and weaken the veil between realms, allowing their master to return to mortal world from his slumber.


imgur album:

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Theme : The Seven Deadly Sins
Tileset : Luxurious hideout

Hi guys, this is my first try at the hideout competition
I wanted to represent each sin in this hideout. I also added a shrine to Innocence to protect us from those sins.

Full gallery album :
Hideout file :

Screenshots :

Waypoint :

Lust :

Pride :

Envy :

Greed :

Sloth :

Wrath :

Gluttony :

Shrine to Innocence :

Theme: Night Garden
Tileset: Unearthed Hideout

Short video:
Screenshot (album):
Here are my two submissions for this competition.


First submission:
Desert City
Desert Hideout


I wanted to have a hideout with a lot of life, so I chose to do something town-like. Houses, a market place, a park next to the oasis, benches, restoration, a forge, two posts at the town entrance where people can post their announcements, ... To add more life in it, I've also populated and furnished the houses whose tenants decided to not use any curtains (or maybe they couldn't afford it).

Outside the town lies an ancient mausoleum, and also some strange ritual place.

(There's also a backdoor to the city because I need my hideout to also be convenient!)


Second submission:
Deceptive Garden
Stately Hideout


For this hideout, my goal was to have something very basic in appearance with a hidden secret room.

It's just a simple garden with a chapel. The masters have brought their stuff in it as a base of operations of some sort, but they've soon discovered that this simple garden had in fact an ancient crypt hidden behind the thick foliage.

This if the first hideout that I designed for the competition. In the end, I liked the secret room concept, but it came at the cost of the rest of the hideout being too basic for my taste, which made me prefer the hideout that I had before the contest. For this reason, I decided to make another one, which is Desert City. I still like the way how the secret room in this hideout is implemented, so I've decided to also submit this hideout, in case other people like it.
Greatings Exiles, here is another of my hideouts.

Coastal Sanctuary

Coastal Hideout


Once a great temple, now only ruins remain

Even the temple is ruined, there are several places that power still flow.

Jun's House, where you can bless your weapons

The Holy fountain of the Goddes of Offering

Here is where you can soak life from the fountain,
but if you offer something to the goddes, she will bless you
with even greater power.

The path of great power and the altar of the "Great Warrior"

Climb the stairs to the top and strenghten yourself, if you're strong enought to make it

The unholy cognition of Alva

Alva found that this kind of a tree have drain the power from the nature around, but the purpose of this is that the tree can make holes/portals to another world.

Desert Temple Complex

"A forgotten temple complex in an hidden valley in the desert, abandoned for an eternity.

An exile rediscovered this place on his journey through the Atlas of Worlds and & brought this mysterious place back to life."



Tileset is the Sunken Hideout, containing 567 decoration objects. None MTX is used in this hideout.


check out my hideout templates at
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Solomon Forest


Teleleporting tree




Map device down

The map device up

Hope you like it!

Kind Regards, Zores
Good luck to everyone
This is my entry for the Hideout Competition.

Wraeclast's School of Exiles - cartographer's hideout
Every Exile deserves a second chance to start a new life

Gateway to Alien Worlds

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