[3.5] Suck's First Level 100 Winter Orb Elementalist Guide! (BSC) Uber Elder/Atziri

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Completed 25 ChallengesNSUCK wrote:
you need to select the vaal version for your skill bar, you can only use it once it has enough souls stored up (it will have a red indicator on the skill slot). So the best way to tell you have the right one on your skill bar is if its not lit up in your hideout or before you've killed anything.

So having the vaal version in the skillbar will prevent the regular version from proccing even if its supported by a cast when damage taken support?

You want your RF gem level high so it cannot be used in the CWDT setup. I do not recommend buying a level 1 gem and leveling it yourself. Buy one that is already beyond what your CWDT gem requires.

OH! that makes so much sense! Thanks!
When looking at the "200% increased spell damage if you've crit in the last 8 seconds" on Shade of Solaris, it doesn't display a buff icon with a timer in the upper left corner of your screen like normal buffs, correct? If you didn't have Elemental Overload, is there any way to tell if it's active?
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Hi sir nice build some short questions:

First I wonder if the mod added damage with"hits" really effects WO because the Spell says: "...with projectiles that impact the ground and explode"

If u doing UAtziri are u switching everytime ur bacon of ruin to paragon of calamity?

I stopped reading on page 16. is there another gem setup for mapping/bossing? if so could u update this.

Thank u sir, really nice build!!


i played WO this league and had lots of fun :)
can i translate it and post to another website?
Did Shaper for the first time ever with this build! (some differences in gems and passives though, with budget and what not.)
I felt the damage was really good. Using Vaal BV and self-cast BV also when I could, but it was not really as necessary as I thought it would be.

My gear

Crafting the weapon is going to be the bane of my existence, 1200 alterations deep and haven't even seen the chaos damage mod lol
Is it possible to get some Jewels/Eye suqquestions in the guide ?:) <3

Great guide man! keep it up
Could someone please clarify for me, why do we use Green Nightmare near Scion/Sentinel and not Faith and Steel/Templar?

We are already taking that gem socket.

I am currently not running an Empower with my Heralds & Golem, because then I do not have enough mana to cast and run Grace, I think I am doing something wrong.

Also, could I get some item feedback please? I am hoping to (slowly) push to 100 so any help would be appreciated. I know my helm sucks, but it perfectly levels my resists for wise oak.

Inpulsa try to self 6-link or buy 6 linked? :D

What you think about RNG? :P
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Crafting the weapon is going to be the bane of my existence, 1200 alterations deep and haven't even seen the chaos damage mod lol

100% wrong base! Look at the Ilvl and shaper base!

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