3.4.3e Patch Notes

Qarl wrote:
  • Added a search box to the Subterranean Chart. You can now search for encounter names, rewards and depth levels.

since such advanced magic is possible with current technology, could you also make lines between maps on the atlas more visible especially if there is elder influence?
D4wdl wrote:
Warped Regurgitators can no longer be spectred. This prevents a bug where some spectred Warped Regurgitators spawned a zombie corpse when entering an area. This zombie corpse used an invisible Soul Mortar skill which could kill players in Hideouts.

My death wasn't in vain, but the char is still dead in standard.

You are immortalized dw
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Search box is nice but I think the biggest problem is sulphite cost. People are bored of maps and prefer to run in the mine but that costs a lot in lower depths. Not everyone can perma-chain T16s.


Delving is great content. I would much rather Delve to get maps then to do maps to Delve.
Fun to see those threads still full of crybabies whining about sulphite.

Thanks for all those fixes GGG, despite all it's faults, I love delve and wish for it to join core experience of the game.

I know delve is a huge and complex system, and it's gonna take a while for it to be properly tweaked, so please don't be discouraged by complaints. if I would complain about certain things, it's out of appreciation for what's already there. I'm certain lot of people feel the same.

Wanted a search box for a while now, bookmarks would be nice too...


Please bring bestiary back, thanks.
Reduced the damage of the Turong's dash skill as it was dealing much more damage than intended.

This has actually made me believe my character couldn't delve past 300, since it one shot me several times. I actually found city's easier then the 'normal' area's since those assholes didn't show up there... Glad this is getting fixed!
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Searching in delve map turned out to be pretty useless. Highlighting is difficult to see, esp in large scale and its also highlights already explored nodes as well which is useless. And what to search? Currency nodes are utter trash, the rest is complete random, town areas you see without search.
Fixed a bug where the "Defeat Ahuatotli, the Blind without gaining more than 5 stacks of Darkness Debuff" challenge would fail to complete if you had gained Darkness stacks prior to the boss encounter, such as while being escorted by the Crawler.

a bit late, did 2 yesterday and no challenge :(

and thanks for the search button
I swear so many whiny players.

"Im tired of grinding for it"
"Maps are getting old"

Its like people think this is the only game where you have to grind repetitively
Dispite the hate against people that raise their voice...

While I really LOVE the delve I really dislike the sulphite gain... I still get mostly the lowest rate of sulphite in a t15 map which is around 750... and that with 20% quality and quant of at least 80%

It was planned to REWARD playing higher tier map, sadly I barely get more than from t11 maps... I've had like 8? nodes that have been 1000+ in over hundrets of maps...
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