3.4.3e Patch Notes

This thread is gonna be full of people thanking GGG for the search box and I am no different - thanks a lot!
Thx for the search bar! Well done!
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Search box is nice but I think the biggest problem is sulphite cost. People are bored of maps and prefer to run in the mine but that costs a lot in lower depths. Not everyone can perma-chain T16s.
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Thanks for the search box!
game starts playing like shit when you start these countdowns, just friggin get it on with
Search box. Finally. Thank you so much for this.
any chance to see fossils/resonators stash tab in this league?

Reduced the damage of the Turong's dash skill as it was dealing much more damage than intended.

I knew something was a bit off with the dmg there. The exile's range is also good to see altered. Still think the, "allies do more dmg" should be nerfed a bit.
patch notes look fine but yea game went unplayable soon as the countdown started... just disco after disco. guess will wait till it's done.
Phish wrote:
why did i start disconecting when this started appearing in game. blah
Same thing happened to me. There were severe lag spikes and then finally DC. I'll wait until after patch.
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