3.4.3e Patch Notes

Qarl wrote:
3.4.3e Patch Notes
  • Added a search box to the Subterranean Chart. You can now search for encounter names, rewards and depth levels.

woo finally

just need to add bookmarks now.
Switching between delving for max depth or sideways at a shallower depth for relaxed farming is really annoying right now.
I don't like the Lab, but I put up with it because I need ascendancy points -_-

Betrayal is bad
Delve is good
Synthesis is a buggy, tedious, and unrewarding mess
Now decrease the rate of the drop bears in Delve encounter because it is absurd
Qarl wrote:

  • Fixed a bug where Rogue Exiles in the Azurite Mine had a longer attack range than intended.

Ohmygod, finally. So happy to see this. I hope it solves all my Smuggler's Stash issues.

Search box, also nice.
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Forum moderation is pathetic.

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Thank god for the search option. Still won't get any of these encounters though!
Thank you for adding the Delve search function.

Please add The Delve to the core game - it's as good (or better?) than other core content such as master, Lab, and end-game maps.
Fossil staking when?
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Fixed a bug where Minions would sometimes stop following the player and fail to take actions when targetting nearby monsters.

Thank you for the search box in delve. Please also add bookmarks.

My hopes are very high that Delve will be added to the core game, since you are still patching it. :)
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tenks for the lag tho
good change, pls can u add more sulphite in maps, and can u make sure that every player in maps get the sulphites? not only the one close to the well..

ty would be great, cos i cant map with other random players, becouse of that..
pls fix it.


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