3.4.3e Patch Notes

Thx for the search bar! Well done!
darkenergy0 wrote:
good change, pls can u add more sulphite in maps, and can u make sure that every player in maps get the sulphites? not only the one close to the well..

ty would be great, cos i cant map with other random players, becouse of that..
pls fix it.


Mapping with other players decrease the amount of Sulphite gained for yourself. It splits it between all the players when you're all near, hence why it is better to run solo and then group up afterwards.
thanks! great patch, find in delve it's cool
Search function for mine. Pitworms can be killed in the dark. Turongs nerfed. THIS is the kind of patch we need right here. Actual good job, GGG. Now let's increase sulphite gained per map. Getting tired of grinding for that stuff.
Thx good patch !
IGN - EawWin
Why Game disconect when start to announce the pathch?
So, half-way into the league when most people already stop playing - you start to actually improve the UI, QoL and the gameplay itself...

If only bright ideas came early to you guys
1)good QoL
2)stop pushing every 3 months and save the game
3)raise the dead man!!!
why change anything in delves when you still can enter it only once per day?

cant wait till tis shit league is over. what a mess.
Why Game disconect when start to announce the pathch?

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