3.4.3e Patch Notes

Fixed a bug where Rogue Exiles in the Azurite Mine had a longer attack range than intended.

Huh, so I wasn't imagining that. I thought I was dying way too easily to them.
better for us would be

using a chance orb on a chateau map to get a PERANDUS MAP!

interesting update.
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thank god for the turong fix. sick of getting 1 shot.
Any info on the eternal loading screens? I've been having them since today or yesterday, and after a bit of searching it became obvious I'm not the only one.

In a nutshell: it loads, but not really. It doesn't crash, it just doesn't finish the loading and keeps showing the loading screens with gears turning. Until you alt-tab and close it, that is.
Any sulphite balance or stacking fossils and resonators?
Мелавий - это фейк.
YAAY! Now we just need fossil stash tab please <3
Did you forget to remove the sulphite cap again? I know, easy mistake to make several patches in a row. Maybe you'll get it right next time.
you still havnt fixed consecrated path?............
No one cares about standard. It's literally a recycle bin, just press empty.
thanks, we can search AUL now, so he can kill us all!

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