3.4.3e Patch Notes

same with me and some of my friends.
It seems like Kitava's Heralds as spectres aren't firing their mortal attacks as much. They just fly back and forth behind me. Did they get altered in this patch?
Since that last patch I keep getting disconnected and the games is lagging so much...anyone can help??
Ok disconnected and died twice while in delve, was 98% to 89... tried starting my Zana daily, disconnected two more times. Guess they really broke shit with the last patch. Wish they would acknowledge that there is an issue.
Thanks so much for the search box! I have been keeping notes on my desk.
Any way to highlight result without having to scroll up / down the whole Mine ?
Hf :)
DrCola wrote:
Added a search box to the Subterranean Chart. You can now search for encounter names, rewards and depth levels.

Thank you so much

whats point now in exploring stuff in delve ?
Crashing constantly on Texas. Its usually just blowing up with no messages.

A few times it's given an art object error. At this point, I can't stay in-game for more than 2 minutes.
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search function is nice
Nice. Repair latency on servers now. God job Exile.

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