[3.10] OneShotKill Elemental Hit Ballista Hiero - 9.6 million DPS - EZ Boss Killer + budget friendly

Added new videos,

Delve - Kurgal, the Blackblooded

Twisted Distant Memory Park Map

I am not Anti-Social, I am just selective on whom I wish to be social with.
is the skirmish still better in this comparison?


3.9 pop pls.
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What anointment you think is better for the amulet?

Shaman's dominion or Shamanistic fury or some node life
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Just here to recommend this build.
You need a few changes, an other class, an other path and also other gear,
but you can get up to 100 k each totem by 6 totems with great survivability at all moments.
So far strongest build I ever played!
ingame: @Firepopyre
Hey im new here to the game and ive started a new HardCore char today, i cant understand the proggresion path...
currently i use the Quill rain bow with the Skirmish quiver but i cant understand when do i start using the totems?
Hi, can we get a real 3.9 update on the build instead of a simple [3.9] in the title? damage numbers are outdated since at least 2 league's. Items are also outdated as in they got either nerfed or changed or mechanics don't apply at all (e.g: When you explain AoF
Weapon deals phys damage + the base fire damage of ele hit is buffed with 50% of the cold and lightning damage of ele hit.
The weapon damage doesn't matter at all for elemental hit as it doesn't get it's damage from the weapon base damage but from the gem level. New players that take a look at your guide might get confused and keep thinking incorrect and won't know how to upgrade their build. I realy like the bow totems as i am playing an Iron Commander build right now and am looking for more fun BowTotem builds. Also there are typos here and there. Just an overall overhaul would be nice.
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** *** IMPORTANT *** **

Hello Everyone!

A new post has been created for this guide to consolidate everything together and for increased visibility. Please refer to the new post as I will not be updating anything here going forward.

Thank you!

Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3005581


Hi there!

Welcome to my take/update to Lunasicc187's OneShotKill Elemental Hit Hierophant Guide!
(Guide Status: Guide Ready for 3.12)

Before we begin, if you will like to jump straight to my writeup anytime in the future, you can bookmark the following links:

PART 1 - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2224772/page/173#p22791192
(This post)

PART 2 - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2224772/page/174#p22812204

If this is your First Time Here, please proceed to the First Time Here section below, otherwise you can check out the Update History below for new info added since your last visit.

[3.12] Initial Thoughts/Comments
(Last Update: 21st Sept 2020)

Please refer to my detailed thoughts at this post:

** Update History **(Refer to this if you are returning to check for updates)


(19th Dec 2020)
I have decided and will be creating a new post to migrate this guide to when 3.13 draws nearer(Around a week before 3.13 reveal). Will put a note & link at the top of this post once I create the new thread. Thank you everyone for your support and see you guys at the new post if you are considering this build for 3.13. Cheers!

New post is up!

Link: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3005581

Pinned Announcement
- So far the Heist mechanic didn't quite appeal to me so I will not be playing this league.

(17th Sept 2020)
@lolshie shared his detailed method on leveling the build for the 1st 4 acts which I think is very worth mentioning. Those who are interested might want to check it out here.
(27th Sept 2020)
He also shared a way to get Rampage without swapping belts/gloves, just using Weapon Swap. It's a bit tricky to pull it off but those interested might want to give it a try with the method here. Thanks for sharing all these buddy!

(23rd Dec 2020)
This is not really an announcement but more of me being curious about something and a bit of showing Elemental Hit was a popular choice for Hiero Class for the Flashback league.

In the current Dec 2020 Flashback league, the 2nd highest number(Day 2 onwards) in terms of skill used for Hierophant Class is Elemental Hit.

Here are some pictures to show the numbers:
Day 2 Flashback

To show that all the Elemental Hit are 100% Totem based, here is a picture filtered by Hierophant + Elemental Hit

Day 5 Flashback

To show that all the Elemental Hit are 100% Totem based, here is a picture filtered by Hierophant + Elemental Hit

The passive heat map shows that all the Elemental Hit players were using this tree.

I notice about half of the players were Korean Names, make me wonder if there was another Korean Youtuber/Twitch Streamer etc who maybe suggested/played this build as a competitive starter or something. If anyone who is aware of something like this, can you private message me as I am quite curious. Thanks. Would love to say thanks to him/her. :)

(10th Oct 2020)
The most commonly asked question is definitely "What should I upgrade?". I decided to create a list to act as a handy reference. Interestingly when I tried to post this update, I found that even Part 2 of the guide has reached the 50,000 word limit per post! So I have linked that new Section to a new "Part 3" of the guide for now.

Which brings to the question that is asked like once every new league, which is whether I have plans to create a new post for this guide. I might create a new Post before 3.13 Launch if I can spare the time(A very big factor) to continue updating this guide as I see not much point to create a new post if I can't maintain it. So no guarantees for now.

(25th Sept 2020)
Path of Building still doesn't have full support of all the new 3.12 gems. I decided to just go ahead and test the curse by using the suggestions given by @Wallach since I am not sure when the update will occur on Path of Building and didn't want to delay it further.

Results: Sniper's Mark > Flammability > Elemental Weakness > Assasin's Mark

I have provided 2 options for the both the Single and Double Curse Setup on our Gloves in Section "05. Gem Setup". Option 1 is the same Gem/Curse setup as before this update which is the "Automated Version". Option 2 is the "Maximum DPS" option, which requires 1 more button and manual casting of Sniper's Mark.

No change to the Pastebin on Section "07. Passive Tree Preview + POB Pastebin" which is base on Option 1 on the Glove.

Latest Update

(10th Oct 2020)
- Added a new Section "26. Upgrade Reference List" in part 2 of the guide(Sorta ;))

(27th Sep 2020)
- Edited Possible Gem suggestions on Glove Option 2's Flexi Slot in the Single Curse Option under Section "05. Gem Setup"
- Minor edits to the notes on "04. Gear Overview"

(26th Sep 2020)
- Added two new Sections, "24. Enchantments" and "25. Corruption Tips" in part 2 of the guide

** First Time Here? **

1. No idea what this build is about? Here's an intro to get you started

Build Intro

Concept of Build

High Level Elemental Hit

We make use of a very high level Elemental Hit to gives us lots of base elemental damage to be enhanced on further. How we get the high level Elemental Hit is through Frostferno Helm.

As Elemental Hit counts as lightning, fire, cold, projectile and AOE at the same time, Frostferno will grant +4 level to Elemental Hit by itself which means Level 25 Elemental Hit using a Level 21 Elemental Hit Gem. That means it effectively acts like a 6 Link on a 4 Link.

Furthermore, with the correct double corrupted implicit on the helm, we can attain a Level 29 Elemental Hit.(P.S. We can get another 2 more levels from Amulet but that will be for later :) )

Converting Cold and Lightning to Fire

Elemental Hit chooses between Fire, Cold and Lightning Damage each time randomly. Since only 1 element is chosen each time, and there are ways to make Elemental Hit not choose specific Element through Combat Focus

we want to select a specific Element to focus on, in this case Fire, and convert all the unused element's Damage, in this case Cold and Lightning, into Fire. Doing this will give us the highest possible Fire Damage from Elemental Hit.

How we do the conversion above is by taking the Avatar of Fire Keystone, which converts 50% of Elemental Hit's Cold and Lightning Damage into Fire. Another 50%(Which makes a total of 100%) of Cold Damage will be converted to Fire through Frostferno's "Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 30 Cold to Fire".

And there we have it, a very high fire damage source which we will then use it with Ballista Totem to do all the work ;)

Gameplay Description

Put Totems, lots of them(7 Max) besides us and watch them pewpew the enemy at insane speed(Through Quill Rain) while we dodge the enemy attacks. For tougher enemies and boss fights, we will fire some Frenzy shots their way to curse them. :)

Now that you have an idea of what this build is about, let's go through the Pros and Cons.

Pros and Cons


+ Great Clear Speed - Due to Quill Rain's insane Attack Speed
+ Optional Single 6 Link - The core build runs on just 4 Links. A single 6 Link is a totally optional Small Min-Max Upgrade later on.
+ Cheap to get build running - 40c on 4th day of 3.12 league
+ All Content(Except HOGM) - A few hard map mods(Ele Ref/No Regen) can be mitigated by sextant usage.
+ Safe Way to Play - Focus on dodging mostly instead of aiming attacks
+ No Cluster Jewel used - Our path in the Passive Tree offers lots of offensive/defensive options for us thus we don't need to go out of our way(Which is the dealbreaker) to get Cluster Jewel Notables
+ Visual Clarity - No big screen explosions or tons of minions blocking the view, combat scene is very clear and visible, what is happening can be easily seen

+/- Decent(Not Ez) Boss Killer
+/- Totems Playstyle could be a +/- depending on individual preferences

- No leech, only life regen via Totems which makes us rely a bit on Life Flasks
- Requires 5 specific Uniques so not really for SSF
- Not a Tank type build though we do have 5.5k to 6k life on average and a decent amount of Dodge+Evasion(Default Version) or Attack+Spell Block(Iron Reflex Version)
- Playing an old bald man might not be to everyone's liking ;)

If the above sounds good to you... well, except that old bald man part, and you like a chill and relaxing build that don't need 100 ex(Just 40c and some DPS Passives invested) to be able to play low tier Red Maps, then perhaps this build might be for you :)

What Others Say About This Build(Long List)
lolshie wrote:
it's a great league starter. Yes there are builds that will level much faster and do early to mid endgame for less chaos, but power curve and power ceiling of this build is incredible. 10c for t1-t5, 40c for t6-t12, and about 2.5 ex for up to t16 (2 combat focuses, frostferno, quillrain, kaoms, timeless jewel, rain of splinters, skirmish, gang's momentum and some random rares)

Plane wrote:
I feel very lucky to have discovered this build. It was mediocre 1-40, good 40-60, and ever since 60 it has just been amazing. I am in the mid-tiers of maps right now and I haven't had to slow down since act 7 -- actually, the hardest part about this build is figuring out how to navigate with great speed so that you can keep up with how fast you are killing everything.

I have played too many "budget" builds that either top out early or actually become incredibly expensive in the end game. So far that has not been the case with this build at all, it is inexpensive, powerful, fast, and fun.

SweetCurry wrote:
all in all, awesome build, lots of room to change into your own desired playstyle, as in going for more survive or more dps, fast clearspeed on cheap gear (at least up to t13 maps, after that I had done alot of upgrades)

komitid wrote:
Probably you need to read through Vei's recommendations on item. His recommendation (even budget) can easily kill Sirus.

realhoffi83 wrote:
Killed sirius 5 without problems...
pantheon -> select the flask one and upgrade it :)

1. i used 3 Life flasks, before each phase i let them charged up by waiting
2. place totems ALL!
3. shoot for frenzy charges
4. use berserk
5. run in circle
6. next phase...

critical phase is the last one i think when u have to run with fire...

Myzreal wrote:
Ok boys, I think I maxed out the build to the extent of my possibilities :P

Conquerors melt before they use a skill, Sirus melts in initial phases, Uber Elder done, I've even done a T16 120% quant full delirium map with Einhar and 4 Scarabs and managed to kill the two Delirium bosses. Simulacrum was a cakewalk as well.

This build, and totems overall, I think, is really powerful when it comes to investment-to-power ration. You can get it rolling for a few chaos and then push it to huge numbers, even if you don't get a double corrupted frostferno (+2 amulet kind of makes up for that though).

This is now my go-to build whenever I don't have an idea what to play and want to just start with something I know will perform well for 50c.

Vedajo wrote:
Just melted Uber Atziri with this :>

Also every harvest boss was easily defeated with the updated build.

Crystarin wrote:
I can attest to the strength of this build. With chainbreaker and berserk incorporated, A6 Sirus was insta-phased in each section of part 1 of the fight and was 2 cycled in part 2 (the hard part after he regains health). This is without a +2 amulet (using Marylene's Fallacy) and no Frostferno corruption.

Blake_Zephyr wrote:
I've been casually playing PoE on and off for a few years now, and I have to say this is by far the strongest build I've played. Rips endgame content with relative ease. Fast clear speed w/o gem swaps. Suggested items (the basic ones) carry you pretty far into the endgame. Damn awesome in my opinion.

Ordman wrote:
Having the most fun in POE playing this build in the three seasons that I have played so far.

This build is really good for my play style that it allows me to focus on things that can kill me rather than trying to stop and get a few hits on the target.

dioxid197 wrote:
Thanks for the guide. I started league with this build and just finished all my league goals on it. It was a lot of fun to play. Damage is just ridiculous. I managed to gather 210k town dps. My pob shows 6kk+ and all bosses like Uber Elder is just pinata with loot.


And people who enjoyed the build

Im a pretty big fan of totems, but This build made me fall in love with totems all over again. I feel like im playing a bow build, i am actually zoooming through maps too fast and my old eyes and hand sometimes panic haha.

Kroschak wrote:
I am loving this. Reached 77 in a breeze, Thanks for sharing the 3.11 version.

Abelun wrote:
I'm loving this build. It's my prefered build so far, you can do T14+ map with very cheap stuff and its very chill to play.

vincentk wrote:
thanks for updating the guide from its original inception. Really enjoying this build!

daflipp wrote:
This is a fun build. Ty for the guide!

Zampano wrote:
Also thanks to Vei for updating this build, I played this build in Delve league, and now again in delirium thanks to your updates, loved it both times

SirCalmness wrote:
Hi, leveling the build and really enjoying it, so thanks for that!

Jarod79 wrote:
Thanks Vei for the funniest build I've had in a while.

christpoe wrote:
Hi Vei and thank you for this very powerful and very fun build. I appreciate the feeling of having at my disposal 7 Gatling submachine guns.

Sincere Thank You to everyone(Including those who didn't appear above) who posted their feedback on the build!

Build Option

There are two versions of this build

- Evasion + Dodge Version (Default)
- Armour + Block Version (Experimental)*

*Glancing Blow got nerfed in 3.12 so Armour + Block Version might not work as well as before. I labelled it as experimental for those who feel like trying it out.

This guide is written base on the Evasion + Dodge Version. The info on what to change to convert to the Armour + Block version is written on Part 2 of this guide(Look for "Iron Reflex Edition").


In terms of setup, both version are mostly the same except in three areas as follows:

1. Equipment - The Armour + Block Version uses 1 specific Unique Flask and Quiver, plus an additional Unique Jewel
2. Passive Tree - About 14 Passive Points differences
3. Gem - 1 different Gem

These two versions can be changed easily between each other due to the minimal differences.

Optional Modifications for more DPS

For those who would like to push their DPS further, you can check out "31. "OneShotKill" Edition" for optional modifications to the build.

Before we continue further

Now, I would like to highlight something before we continue:

Essential and Important Items for this build:

This build requires 3 Specific Unique Items to begin working as follows:

1. Combat Focus (Crimson) Unique Jewel
2. Combat Focus (Viridian) Unique Jewel
3. Rain of Splinter Unique Jewel

Purpose of the 3 Items

Combat Focus(Crimson + Viridian) - To force Elemental Hit to do only Fire Damage
Rain of Splinter - So that our Totems can fire 3 Projectiles

With these 3 items, we can begin playing the intended build although without the next 2 items below, it doesn't really shine, and here are the 2 items which are very important to the build:

4. Frostferno Unique Helm
5. Quill Rain Unique Bow

Purpose of these 2 Items

Frostferno - To achieve a high level Elemental Hit thus big DPS for us
Quill Rain - For the insane Attack Speed which works well with Ballista Totem

Note: If you are playing standard, make sure Quill Rain shows "30% Less Damage". If it shows "50/40% Less Damage" on the bow, thats a legacy one and those are terrible.

I would recommend only to start using the intended build at Level 60 as that is the Level when we can start to equip and use Frostferno.

Don't worry, there is a leveling guide section that covers using Holy Flame Totems(HFT) from Level 1 to 60 and no Passive Tree respec is required when switching to Elemental Hit.

Other than no respec, the other reason to use HFT for leveling is because there is an added Fire Damage to Spells(HFT is a spell) vendor recipe for weapons which add tons of Damage(Plus we can use 2) and that makes leveling very smooth compared to using Elemental Hit. (All explained in the leveling guide)

Now that you know what is required, time to begin! :)

Please proceed to "04. Gear Overview" below which is the start of the Main Content and continue from there until "11. Mid-Tier Equipment Details" and then jump to the Abyssal Jewel Section at "23. Ideal Non Cluster Jewels". The rest are optional reads at the start but I would highly recommend to check them out later on when you play the build more.

P.S. There's a Table of Content below for reference

2. Know and familiar with OP's build - Please continue reading, it contains the info to bring this build up to date for version 3.12. Thank you.

** Story **

mat_24 wrote:
Just here to recommend this build.
You need a few changes, an other class, an other path and also other gear,
but you can get up to 100 k each totem by 6 totems with great survivability at all moments.
So far strongest build I ever played!

Hierophant is still great, though it seems like Ascendant is a possible choice to go for also. I agree with the other 2, passive tree and some gears need changes.

Firstly, big thanks to Lunasicc for sharing this amazing build(Started playing at 3.7) and a guy(KV_AMD_IST_KRIEG) I saw on POE Ninja(No longer visible) build this char differently for my current build inspiration. Lastly many thanks to others who threw in their various ideas in the thread replies which enhances the build.

Thank you!

I usually don't post in forum. Below is what I tested for myself during 3.9. The purpose of me writing/sharing this, is that, hopefully more people can throw in their ideas and make this build even greater as I really love this build!

My very early initial testing was base on the DPS from the mouse over. Later on, all are done with POB.

Note 1: What I have written is meant for Temporary Leagues, which means I won't be talking about Legacy Items.

Note 2: Bosses were buffed greatly in Patch 3.9, there's no more "EZ Boss Killer" or 1 second T16 lair Boss Kill like in the OP Video. Items and Skills used in the video were also nerfed along the way.

Note 3: All DPS examples in Section 1 and 2 below are hideout DPS with auras on, remaining are POB DPS.

With that said, let's begin :)



Update to OP's Build
01. My "Testing" I did on standard(3.12)
02. DPS In Metamorph(3.12)
03. Gear Changes(3.12)

Main Content
04. Gear Overview(3.12)
05. Gem Setup(3.12)
06. Anointment, Pantheon, Ascendancy, Bandits(3.12)
07. Passive Tree Preview + POB Pastebin(3.12)
08. Passive Tree Progression(3.12)



09. Leveling Guide(Level 1 to 60)(3.12)
10. Budget Equipment Details(3.12)
11. Mid-Tier Equipment Details(3.12)

Helpful Infos
21. Stats in order of DPS boost(3.12)
22. Equipment/Notable Rankings by DPS(3.12)
23. Ideal Non Cluster Jewels(3.12)
24. Enchantments(3.12)
25. Corruption Tips(3.12)
26. Upgrade Reference List(3.12)

Optional Section
31. "OneShotKill" Edition(Optional Modifications)(3.12)
32. Iron Reflex Edition(Alternate Version of Build)(3.12)*Experimental*



** Update to OP's Build **

01. My "Testing" I did on standard(3.12)


Note: My testing is not based on the original 9.6m damage with super equipment but rather with a decent amount of equipment I already have, and comparing the changes pre and post 3.9.

For testing before I start playing this build again in metamorph, I used my standard char. My standard char has about 100k dps before 3.9, but post 3.9 it became 45k in hideout.

Proceeded to revamp the passive tree and swapped old bow for a quill rain(No change to other gear and gems), my DPS became 78k

Old bow I swapped out for Quill Rain

Base on the above, the DPS number seems better overall in 3.9 with the 2 change(Bow + Passive Tree)

Pre 3.9 - 4 Totems X 100k dps is 400k dps
Post 3.9 - 7 Totems X 78k dps is 546k dps

*7 Totems comes from the following:

- 3 from Ballista Totem Gem
- 1 from Ancestral Bond(Passive Tree)
- 1 from Watchtowers(Passive Tree)
- 1 from Panopticon(Passive Tree)
- 1 from Pursuit of Faith(Hierophant Ascendancy)

Beisdes the numbers, playing style is a different one for sure since we can no longer place the totem at range, though in exchange, placement speed is almost instant now and after playing, I must say the "feeling" is much better compared to pre 3.9(At least for me)

So all looks good and I went ahead to play this build in metamorph.

02. DPS In Metamorph(3.12)

My DPS in metamorph is currently 91k as can be seen in picture(Sorry can't figure out how to embed image)
(*Over 100k DPS now as of 20th Jan)


7 Totems X 91k dps is 637k dps

Auras I used in picture for References are Grace, Flesh and Stone, War Banner and Precision(Level 2)

So much more DPS than my revamped standard char DPS of 546k as calculated earlier above and much much more DPS than pre 3.9's DPS of 400k

And this is not yet maxed out yet for me, there are still stuffs like double corrupted Frostferno, corrupted +%Dmg Kaom's Heart, and if I want to go more DPS route, e.g. Double Elemental Damage Belt, one more Opal Ring, Precision Watcher's eye, etc, though I don't really like to buy too expensive equipment(2 digit exalted pricing+++ kind), just my style.

I would say with the adjusted passive tree and gear, 55-65k hideout dps now is definitely possible on budget gears and that should be better compared to pre 3.9 budget gear DPS

03. Gear Changes(3.12)

*These are what I am using that is different from the original build suggestion

Big changes

Bow: Quill Rain

- The new Ballista Totem seems to get more Damage and scales better from fast attack speed, thus Quill Rain fits perfectly.

Amulet: Marylene's Fallacy

- A Cheap Amulet which does lots of DPS because of it's very high Critical Multiplier % number. To get the maximum DPS out of it, we will need to use a Diamond Flask which is at the same time, also the best DPS Flask for us. Culling strike on Crit is another nice thing to have on the amulet especially when combined with the very Fast Attack Speed from using Quill Rain.

* With this change, there is no more shock from Yoke of Suffering so I use Summon Skitterbot for the Shock
* For Anoints, please refer to Section "06. Anointment, Pantheon, Ascendancy, Bandits"

Quiver: A rare with ASPD, Crit Multiplier, Life, Elemental Damage with Attacks (Accuracy is good too, and Can go with penetrating Arrow Quiver for the piercing if we need)

- I choosed a rare quiver over +1 Totem Skirmish because I value the affixes from a rare. According to testing results, a rare quiver gives more overall DPS from 7 totems compared to overall DPS from 8 totems with Skirmish Quiver. That said, Skirmish is still decent as a budget option till we get a good rare quiver.

Glove: A rare with ASPD, Accuracy(Tier 1 if possible since Glove gives one of the highest), Life and some resist is good.

- Tombfist doesn't give anymore Attack Speed now so a rare glove with the above suggested affix works much better than a Tombfist. Also using a rare give us more Gem sockets, which we are already very tight on due to using Kaom's Heart on our Chest Slot.

Smaller changes

Boots: I went for a Hunter Influenced Boot with Projectile Pierce 2 Additional Target instead of %Totem Damage boots so I can save investing in Piercing Shots in the Passive Tree and have flexibility in which Quiver I use.

- Alternatively for piercing we can go for Projectile Pierce 1 Additional Target craft on Gloves(Need an open Prefix) or the Poacher's Aim Unique Jewel(Weak, Desperate option) if we can't get any boots/quivers with pierce.

- It's possible to roll both Totem Damage + Projectile Pierce 2 Additional Target on a Hunter + Shaper Influenced Boot. Though I haven't seen one on the market for sale yet and I am not a crafter, usually I just buy my equipment.

No significant changes for gears on the other gear slots.

** Main Content **

04. Gear Overview(3.12)


*Gem, Socket Color and Links on all except the Helm are not representative of the latest iteration. Please refer to the section listed below for the latest details.

I keep 1 ring as resist and another as DPS so that catalyst can have the best effect on them.

For a detailed breakdown of each of the item, please refer to the following Sections in the guide:

- Gem + Socket Color + Links - 05. Gem Setup
- Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel - 07. Passive Tree Preview + POB Pastebin
- Base/Abyss Jewels - 23. Ideal Non Cluster Jewels
- Remaining items including Flasks - 10. Budget Equipment Details + 11. Mid-Tier Equipment Details

05. Gem Setup(3.12)

*Gems at a level below their maximum are indicated in parenthesis their level I left them at

Single Curse Option(Default Choice for this Build)

Helm(4 Linked) -
1) Elemental Hit
2) Ballista Totem Support(Upgrade to Heist's Divergent version later)
3) Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
4) Combustion Support(Upgrade to Heist's Divergent version later)

- Main DPS Skill Setup

Bow(4 to 6 Linked) -
1) Cast When Damage Taken Support (Level 10)(Upgrade to Heist's Anomalous version later)
2) Immortal Call (Level 12)
3) Increased Duration Support
4) Phase Run
5) Vaal Grace
6) Vaal Haste**

**Those who prefer to use a Precision Watcher's Eye or prefer 1 less button to press can replace Vaal Haste with a Level 1 Precision

- Usual CWDT Setup.
- Vaal Grace for defense(both its aura and vaal part)
- Vaal Haste for just the Vaal part
- Increased Duration to extend the duration when using Phase Run, Vaal Grace and Vaal Haste

Link Possibilities

4 Links
We can get by with 4 links If we can get 3 Red and 1 Green Linked(Choice of 2 out of the 3 Green Gem above unlinked which means they will not benefit from the Increased Duration Gem)

5 Links
This provides the best balance between cost(For Linking) and functionality. 5 Link would mean 3 Red and 2 Green Linked with the last unlinked one to be a Green Socket(Choice of 1 out of the 3 Green Gem above unlinked which means they will not benefit from the Increased Duration Gem)

6 Links
This would be the perfect scenario but it's not a must have(Treat it more as a top end min-max upgrade since the improvement for the cost required is not too big) Also if you replace the Vaal Haste with a Precision Gem(Level 1) then this will not be required.

Glove(4 Linked) - 2 Options

Option 1 - Automated Casting of Curse

Pros - 1 Less button, Curse is cast when your Frenzy shots hit an enemy
Cons - Less Damage

1) Frenzy(Upgrade to Heist's Anomalous version with 20% Quality later if you plan to go Double Curse in future)
2) Greater Multiple Projectiles Support
3) Hextouch Support
4) Flammability

- Flammability can be swapped for Enfeeble/Temporal Chains if you prefer defensive Curses
- Frenzy with Hextouch for easy casting of Flammability and getting Frenzy Charges. Greater Multiple Projectiles makes it easier for Frenzy to hit.

Option 2 - Manual Casting of Curse

Pros - More Damage
Cons - 1 More Button and you have to cast the curse yourself

1) Frenzy(Upgrade to Heist's Anomalous version with 20% Quality later if you plan to go Double Curse in future)
2) Greater Multiple Projectiles Support
3) Sniper's Mark
4) *Flexi Gem Slot*

- Frenzy for getting Frenzy Charges. Greater Multiple Projectiles makes it easier for Frenzy to hit.
- Sniper's Mark will be casted manually
- Possible Gems for the Flexi Slot could be:

- Precision(Level 1)
- Onslaught Support(For getting Onslaught when fighting bosses)
- Culling Strike(if not using Marylene's Fallacy)
- Increased Duration Support(So Sniper's Mark lasts longer on the enemy)
- Summon Ice Golem

Damage comparison for both options(Shaper DPS per Totem)
Option 1 - 832k
Option 2 - 968k

Boot(No Links Required) -
1) Berserk
2) Blood Rage
3) Summon Skitterbot
4a) Flame Dash(Highest Level your Int can support)(Optional - Upgrade to Heist's Anomalous version later)
4b) Blink Arrow (Optional - Upgrade to Heist's Phantasmal version later)

- Berserk to use the Rage provided by Chainbreaker Keystone
- Blood Rage for DPS
- Summon Skitterbot for the Chill and Shock which increases Elemental Hit's DPS
- Blink Arrow or Flame Dash whichever you prefer for movement

Double Curse Option(More DPS, Cost More)

- Whispers of Doom Anoint on Amulet or Awakened Hextouch Support Gem Level 5(126 Int Required)
- Alternate Quality version of Frenzy from Heist that provides 1 Additional Projectile(Or Additional Projectile from Bow/Quiver's Corrupted Implicit)

Whispers of Doom Anoint is much much cheaper compared to the gem but we will be missing on the DPS from Shaman's Dominion anoint which is pretty substantial.

Gem Setup
Gem Setups are the same as Single Curse except the Glove Slot. As with the Single Curse Setup, we have 2 options for the Glove as follows:

Option 1 - Automated Casting of both Curses

Pros - 1 Less button, Both Curses are cast when your Frenzy shots hit an enemy
Cons - Less Damage, requires some source of Int to reach 155/159

Glove(4 Linked) -
1) Anomalous Frenzy (The Alternate Quality version from Heist that provides 1 Additional Projectile at 20% Quality)
2) Hextouch Support(Level 5 Awaken version if not using Whispers of Doom Amulet Anoint)
3) Flammability
4) Elemental Weakness**

- Anomalous Frenzy with Hextouch for easy casting of both Flammability + Elemental Weakness on the enemies and getting Frenzy Charges

**A Level 21 Elemental Weakness requires 159 Int.

We get 93 Int from the default Passive Tree, a Lapis Amulet's implicit provides 36 Int(With 20% Attribute Catalyst) and a Bench Crafted 30 Int on one of our rares(Except Belts) will give 66 Int together which makes a total of 159 Int to support a Level 21 Elemental Weakness.

Option 2 - Manual Casting for one of the Curse

Pros - More Damage
Cons - 1 More Button and you have to cast Sniper's Mark yourself

Glove(4 Linked) -
1) Anomalous Frenzy (The Alternate Quality version from Heist that provides 1 Additional Projectile at 20% Quality)
2) Hextouch Support(Level 5 Awaken version if not using Whispers of Doom Amulet Anoint)
3) Flammability
4) Sniper's Mark

- Anomalous Frenzy with Hextouch for easy casting of Flammability on the enemies and getting Frenzy Charges.
- Sniper's Mark will be casted manually

Notes on getting the correct Socket Color
1. *Important* Depending on the item base you use for the Gloves and Boots, it might require up to 3 off colour sockets, this could be quite hard to obtain. I recommend watching this video which shows how to get off colour sockets using Jeweller's Orb which is much cheaper compared to using Chromatic Orbs


2. Quill Rain is has a low dex requirement which means it's very easy to roll off color on it. When attempting to get the 3 red colour, the best way is to use the Chromatic Orb 1 by 1 on it. For a corrupted one, we will use the 1 Guaranteed Red Socket Bench Craft.

3. For Frostferno, either Chromatic Orb 1 by 1 or 1 Guaranteed Red Socket Bench Craft give the best odds to get the 2 Red 1 Blue and 1 Green needed on it.

06. Anointment, Pantheon, Ascendancy, Bandits(3.12)


Expensive Options

- Whispers of Doom

(Oils required - Golden + Golden + Black)

- Required if you use 2 Curse without a Level 5 Awakened Hextouch support Gem

- Shaman's Dominion(Best DPS for Single Curse)

(Oils required - Silver + Azure + Clear)

- Best DPS Option if budget is not a concern and you are only using 1 Curse.

Budget Options

- Master Fletcher

(Oils required - Crimson + Verdant + Sepia)

- Go for this if you have not allocated it yet in your Passive Tree

- Heartseeker

(Oils required - Teal + Crimson + Crimson)

- Take this if you already have Master Fletcher in your Passive Tree

Assuming we have captured all the Souls for our Pantheons.

Default Choice

- Major - Lunaris
- Minor - Gruthkul

You can consider switching your Pantheon if you are running the following Map Mods

- Monster Poison on Hit - Shakari(Minor)
- Burning Ground - Abberath(Minor)
- Extra Lightning Dmg/Shocking Ground - Arakaali(Major)
- No Regen Maps - Ryslatha(Minor)

Ascendancy and Bandits

1. Normal Lab – Pursuit of Faith
2. Cruel Lab – Ritual of Awakening
3. Merciless Lab – Conviction of Power
4a&b Eternal Lab – 2 Small Passive with 20% Mana Regeneration(4a also gives an additional 10% Increased Maximum Mana)

Kill all 3 Bandits for the extra 2 points in passive tree

07. Passive Tree Preview and POB Pastebin(3.12)
*When at Level 95 with 2 Passive Points from Act 2 Bandit Quest

7 Totems EV(Default for this Build)
*EV = Evasion

Note: Gem Setup on Glove in the above pastebin is base on Option 1 in the Single Curse Option of Section "05. Gem Setup"

Skill Tree Preview

- This is the Default Setup for this build for 3.12.

- Lethal Pride(Akoya) Timeless Jewel is at the bottom center to convert Iron Grip Keystone into Chainbreaker Keystone.
- With the above Passive Tree, Rage goes from 50 to 0 in about 13 seconds after activating Berserk. From 0 back to 50 its about 7 Seconds assuming not doing anything(i.e not hitting anyone by firing frenzy shots) Considering Berserk's Cooldown is 5 seconds, the rage regeneration of 7 seconds is very near it which means not a lot of downtime outside Berserk's 5 sec Cooldown and that is very nice.
- The Passive Tree above is only for up to Level 95, which means there are 5 Passive Points unallocated at Level 100, refer to Point 7 in the next Section "08. Passive Tree Progression" for info on options available to allocate these 5 Passive Points.
- For those encountering Mana Issues placing the Totems after taking Chainbreaker Keystone, I would recommend crafting "Non-Channelling Skills have (-9–-8) to Total Mana Cost" on one or both Rings(Requires an Open Prefix). This should help alleviate the Mana Issues.

Lethal Pride Info

We should be looking for a Lethal Pride with the following:

Commanded leadership over (#####) warriors under AKOYA


The name, AKOYA in this case, will determine what Keystone will replace Iron Grip, in this case will be Chainbreaker

As for the numbers, it determines what Additional Mods the Notables in the Radius gets. We can reroll the number using a Divine Orb to change the Additional Mods in Notables but do note that it will also reroll the name which has a total of 3 Possibilities including Akoya.

Note: Its probably a better idea to buy Lethal Pride Jewels to test and resell immediately if the rolls are not ideal compared to rolling them with Divine Orbs when looking for a good Lethal Pride.

Here's a list of the best Additional Mods that can be added:
- 10% chance to *Intimidate Enemies for 4 seconds on Hit(A Must Get Mod if 2 Passive Point away)
- 5% chance to deal Double Damage
- 20% increased Totem Damage
- 5% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage
- 4% increased maximum Life

*Intimidate is a debuff that causes the affected target to take 10% increased attack damage.(Multiplicative Damage)

Other Decent mods:
- +20% to Fire Resistance
- 1% of Life Regenerated per second
- You take 10% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes
- 12% increased Totem Placement speed

In the original POB, +skills on amulet(Other item slots are fine) is not working and not being reflected so the actual DPS should be much higher. No issues on PoB Community Fork.

08. Passive Tree Progression(3.12)

Passive Tree Progression below is base on leveling a new character with Holy Flame Totem till Level 60(Earliest we can equip Frostferno) then we will switch to using Elemental Hit with Frostferno.

1. Go for Ancestral Bond Keystone straight (Quite direct path no variation here) so we can start casting 2 Holy Flame Totems.

2. Go for Avatar of Fire Keystone.

Note: This is for Holy Flame Totem, if you are using Elemental Hit, you might want to postpone getting the Keystone till you get and socket both Combat Focus Jewels

3. The most boring part, establishing the main path in the Passive Tree. Go down all the way, then to the right, then up, taking all the Strength + Dexterity passives until you reach Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics and take them.

Meanwhile while you are doing point 3 above.

3A. When you manage to get a Rain of Splinter Jewel, go for a Jewel Socket to socket it in.

4. Now we will be preparing to get ready when we can use Elemental Hit with Frostferno at Level 60 so we will be going for Panopticon and Watchtowers Notable

Meanwhile while you are doing point 4 above.

4A. Go for 2 Jewel Socket, ideally a few levels before Level 60 so we can socket in the 2 Combat Focus(1 Crimson and 1 Viridian) when we convert to using Elemental Hit with Frostferno Helm at Level 60.

Note: For the 4 Jewel Socket we will be taking base on the final Passive Tree

- Viridian Combat Focus Jewel can be socketed at any of the 4 Jewel Socket.
- Crimson Combat Focus Jewel should not be socketed at the Jewel Socket besides the Fervour Notable as it will not work if it's socketed in there. It can go into any of the remaining 3 Jewel Socket.

5. Now it's time to take all the Life and Defensive Passives to increase our survivability. We will take these first

5A. Thick Skin Notable
5B. Wind Dancer Keystone

After which we will go for the following Life Notables

Purity of Flesh, Barbarism, Golem's Blood, Bloodless, Herbalism, Juggernaut Notables.

Pretty flexible which notable you get first, above is a possible order if anyone wants one.

6. Now that our survivability is taken care of, it's DPS time! Take the DPS Notables in this order:

6A. Lethality
6B. Acuity
6C. Lava Lash
6D. King of the Hill
6E. Master Fletcher
6F. Farsight

Above Order is based on the DPS gained per Passive Point to obtain the Notable.

Meanwhile while you are doing point 6A to 6F above.

6G. Go for the last Jewel Socket if you have already gotten Lethal Pride(Akoya) Timeless Jewel, after which, place the 4 Unique we are using, Combat Focus(Viridian), Combat Focus(Crimson), Rain of Splinters and Lethal Pride(Akoya) in positions as pictured below.


Lethal Pride will convert the Iron Grip Keystone into Chainbreaker Keystone which we will then go for so we can start using Rage with Berserk Gem.

7. We will now have 5 Points Remaining, and there are 3 options possible for them

7A. If the additional Mods added to Savagery, Vigour and Cloth and Chain Notable Through Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel is a nice one, e.g. one of the following:

- 10% chance to *Intimidate Enemies for 4 seconds on Hit(A Must Get Mod if 2 Passive Point away)
- 5% chance to deal Double Damage
- 20% increased Totem Damage

- 4% increased maximum Life
- 5% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage

We can consider going for them.

*Intimidate is a debuff that causes the affected target to take 10% increased attack damage.(Multiplicative Damage)

7B. Going for a Jewel Socket, in this case, the one besides Point Blank Keystone if we have a good Precision/Grace Watcher's Eye or we don't have a Stygian Vise for the Dual Blind + Taunt Abyss Jewel yet. For other Rare Jewels, unless it's a Triple/Quadruple Critical Strike Multiplier Base Jewel, it's better to just go for the next Point 7C.

7C. If there is no access to decent options for both points above, we can go for Heartseeker Notable and some 5% increased Maximum Life Small Passives.

* 7A and 7B can be done during Point 6. above if we have access to them(Lethal Pride or Watcher's Eye) earlier.

Feel free to adjust anything above as your need requires.



09. Leveling Guide(Level 1 to 60)(3.12)
10. Budget Equipment Details(To get this build going at Level 60)(3.12)
11. Mid-Tier Equipment Details(3.12)

Helpful Infos
21. Stats in order of DPS boost(3.12)
22. Equipment/Notable Rankings by DPS(3.12)
23. Ideal Non Cluster Jewels(3.12)
24. Enchantments(3.12)
25. Corruption Tips(3.12)
26. Upgrade Reference List(3.12)

Optional Section
31. "OneShotKill" Edition(Optional Modifications)(3.12)
32. Iron Reflex Edition(Alternate Version of Build)(3.12)*Experimental*

My 3.15 take/update to Lunasicc187's OneShotKill Elemental Hit Hierophant Guide

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first: I apologize for my english

I like your and think it correct, I think I will try to follow what you have written

the only thing is to find the gear as you did, especially the very expensive amulet
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