[3.13] Elemental Hit Ballista Totem Hiero | Budget Friendly | Optional 6L | League Start to Endgame

Not Your 1 Second Boss Kill Gif..
Some players like to open a build post and look at "1 second boss kill gifs"

Some like to open one and see that the build can "Swim in Sirus storms"

And some like to open a post and see that 6 Link(s) are not required and 40c is all you need to do low tier red maps.

The last one is me.

Often I see forum replies on builds that says:
"Not enough damage? Oh you gotta get(Or your missing) that 6th link to make the build do decent damage"
"Oh you have to buy that 20 ex armour(or whichever expensive core item(s)) if not the build doesn't work properly(And don't forget to 6L that weapon/armour later...)"

This build

- is base on a 4 Link item and thus doesn't require a 6 Link
- with 40c will let you do low tier red maps

Ok, but what about T16 maps?

Oh of course! Well, let's see what a player using this build says:

lolshie wrote:
it's a great league starter. Yes there are builds that will level much faster and do early to mid endgame for less chaos, but power curve and power ceiling of this build is incredible. 10c for t1-t5, 40c for t6-t12, and about 2.5 ex for up to t16 (2 combat focuses, frostferno, quillrain, kaoms, timeless jewel, rain of splinters, skirmish, gang's momentum and some random rares)

There you go!

I'll save the rest(What others say about the build) for later, read on to find out more! :)

Hi there!

Welcome to my take/update to Lunasicc187's OneShotKill Elemental Hit Hierophant Guide!
(Guide Status: Guide is ready for 3.13)

A short history on how this guide came about:

This build was originally created by Lunasicc187 (Link) during 3.4 Delve. As time passes, updates became lesser and lesser. During 3.9, I decided to write a small supplementary update post for the build in the same thread (Link) as I really love the build. It slowly grew into a guide spanning 2+ Posts and had 60+ pages of discussion. After some consideration, I decided to post a new thread to consolidate the guide plus increase its visibility and here it is.

Thank you for dropping by and I hope this build will serve you well if you decide to try it out. :)

If this is your First Time Here, please proceed to 01. Introduction below and continue from there. Otherwise you can check out Announcements/Updates below for new info added since your last visit.

[3.13] Initial Thoughts/Comments
(Last Update: 15th Jan 2021)

Please refer to my detailed thoughts at this post:

** Announcements/Updates **(Refer to this if you are returning to check for updates)

Announcements (Last Update: 20th Jan 2021)

Pinned Announcements
(17th Jan 2021)
Everyone needs a Frostferno and bartpio is here to help!. No no he is not giving free Frostfernos but if you provide the ingredients(A Vision of Fire and Ice Prophecy, Heatshiver and Estuary Map) which is a lot cheaper compared to buying a Frostferno directly, he can provide the kill service for free(But let's be nice and give him a tip Ok?) Send him a PM when he is online to see if he is free to help if you need the services. Thanks for offering your help bartpio!

(15th Jan 2021)
PLEASE READ Before Venturing into 3.13 with this Build (Link)

crimsonraziel9 shared his detailed take(With Pictures!) on leveling the Ranger for this build with Toxic Rain(Ballista Linked) + Caustic Arrow. If that sounds good to you or if you don't like Holy Flame Totems, definitely check it out! (Link) Thanks a lot crimson!

(13th Jan 2021)
My plans for 3.13 and what to expect going forward and FAQ (Link)

(17th Sept 2020)
lolshie shared his detailed method on leveling the build for the 1st 4 acts which I think is very worth mentioning. He also shared a way to get Rampage without swapping belts/gloves, just using Weapon Swap. It's a bit tricky to pull off. Thanks for sharing all these buddy!

Both can be found in the Community Contributions Section (Link)

(20th Jan 2021)
Sniper's Mark users rejoice! There is now a way to automate the casting of it(Through Cast on Critical Strike). The disadvantage is that it doesn't work so well against a group of enemies since it could be say hard to target the boss. Note that this method doesn't work for Double Curse through Awaken Hextouch Level 5, but it works for Additional Curse gained through things like Whispers of Doom Notable, Doedre's Damning, etc. Base on this new info, a new Single/Double Curse Setup has been added(Refer to Update History for more info)

(19th Jan 2021)
Just a short note for those who went Raider/Deadeye for this build, you might want to consider the left path at the Watchtower Notable area which gives Totem Placement Speed, the DPS is lesser compared to the right path but the Placement Speed increase is pretty good Quality of Life and definitely worth considering.

(19th Jan 2021)
bartpio highlighted a possible issue/bug with "% Increased Totem Damage" not increasing our DPS. (Link) and there is a post about this already in the Bug Forums (Link) and Reddit (Link)
If you guys could drop by the post and bump/upvote it for more awareness, that will be great! We need our DPS GGG!
(Update: GGG has acknowledged that they are aware (Link) of this bug)

(18th Jan 2021)
Seems like feedback wasn't too good for the Malachai's Artifice + Summon Lightning Golem combo in terms keeping it alive so I've moved this setup to "31. "OneShotKill" Edition" as an optional choice in case someone want to use it for bossing which is its strength.

(14th Jan 2021)
(Done!) I be planning to write a Summary of things for 3.13 that I recommend everyone to take a look. It's meant as a reference with info, and also links to posts/information that I think will be helpful to know since this league is shaking up so much things with the Ascendancy changes. So keep a lookout for it. I be announcing here, probably pinned above.

Also, I wrote 2 posts Looking at Mana and HP Regen issues/options for Raider/Deadeye today, take a look if you are going for Raider/Deadeye
Post 1 Post 2

(8th Jan 2021)
Wow, that new info on Hiero yesterday! I have wrote my detailed thoughts on it. Check it out here

Older Announcements

(1st Jan 2021)
Happy New Year Exiles! Good Luck and Have Fun as they always says and definitely stay safe!(Both Game and IRL), and may your next drop in 2021 be a...

Mirror of Kalandra! ^_^

(30th Dec 2020)
Ahewaz who has been using this build for a long time(Much more earlier than me) was very kind to create and share a number of Boss Kill Videos(3.12) using this build. Thanks for sharing all these videos!! The videos can be found in the newly created Videos section just slightly below.

(28th Dec 2020)
This will be the new place for the guide. Regardless of whether you are new or have been following the guide for sometime, I wish you a warm welcome! :)

This guide is currently being migrated from the old link and some changes are being done to it. As such, some parts of the guide might not "flow" smoothly or some info might point to the wrong place or something could be missing. I will be working on correcting those these few days. Your patience is appreciated. Additionally, I will also add a few small updates to the guide over the next few days. Changes will be noted in the Update History section below so just refer to it for the details.

Update History (Last Update: 20th Jan 2021)

(20th Jan 2021)
- Added an Option 3 which allows automated casting of Sniper's Mark to "5.1 Single Curse Option" and "5.2 Double Curse Option"
- POB in Section "07. Passive Tree Preview + POB Pastebin" updated to use Option 3 in "5.1 Single Curse Option".
- POB in Section "31. "OneShotKill" Edition" updated to use Option 3 in "5.2 Double Curse Option".

(19th Jan 2021)
- Added Ascendancy Notable recommendations to "PLEASE READ Before Venturing into 3.13 with this Build" in the Pinned Announcement above
- Made some changes to the Tabula Gem Setup at "10.3 Note for Early League Rushers"(Thanks kharadas for the idea!)
- Made some position changes(Lethal Pride, Divergent Ballista Totem)/additions(Kaom's Heart(No implicit) to "Top Value" section in "26. Upgrade Reference List"

(18th Jan 2021)
- Removed Malachai's Artifice + Summon Lightning Golem Setup from "09. Leveling Guide", "10. Budget Equipment Details", "11. Mid-Tier Equipment Details", added the setup to "31. "OneShotKill" Edition"
- Pastebin at "07. Passive Tree Preview + POB Pastebin" and those for Alternative Ascendancies (Link) updated with the above change.

(17th Jan 2021)
- Added a new Section "10.5 Cheaper Way to acquire Frostferno"

(15th Jan 2021)
- Updated all the ascendancy POB Pastebin link at "My plans for 3.13 and what to expect going forward and FAQ"(Link) to 3.13
- Leveling Guide at "My plans for 3.13 and what to expect going forward and FAQ"(Link) also updated and now covers Scion/Ranger/Maurader

(14th Jan 2021)
- POB in Both Section "07. Passive Tree Preview + POB Pastebin" and "31. "OneShotKill" Edition" has been updated. Note that these 2 POB are using different "Settings" compared to the Scion/Raider/Chieftain one in the "My plans for 3.13 and what to expect going forward and FAQ" post

Older Updates

(13th Jan 2021)
- Changed Bandit Choice in "6.3 Ascendancy and Bandits" to Help Alira
- Added a note at the start of "05. Gem Setup" explaining how to setup the 4 Endurance/Power Charges
- Added my comments on "3.13 Patch Notes (13th Jan 2021)" to [3.13] "Initial Thoughts/Comments" . Nothing new if you already read my post regarding today's patch notes on Page 10
- Added Chieftain POB Pastebin at "My plans for 3.13 and what to expect going forward and FAQ"(Link)

(12th Jan 2021)
- Added some comments on viable alternative Classes base on the Ascendancy Announcement today to [3.13] "Initial Thoughts/Comments"

(6th Jan 2021)
- Added a note at the bottom of "31.2 Possible Modifications" indicating which options are Temporary and which are "Permanent"
- Added a note at Ring 1 inside the Accessories subsection of "11. Mid-Tier Equipment Details" explaining a rare ring with life, etc is more helpful outside of bossing especially on harder contents like 100% Delirium Mapping, Deeper Delves compared to Malachai's Artifice + Summon Lightning Golem whose strength is for bossing.

(5th Jan 2021)
- Added 1 new Video link(All 4 Bestiary Bosses) from Ahewaz in the "Video" Section.

(3rd Jan 2021)
- Added 3 new Video links(Mastermind(83), Kurgal(200), Ahuatotli(189)) from Ahewaz in the "Video" Section.
- Added a new "Questions?" Section at the end of the guide(After 31. "OneShotKill" Edition)

(2nd Jan 2021)
- Added 1 new Video link(Legion 5 Way Run(With Headhunter)) from Ahewaz in the "Video" Section.
- Added a Pastebin in the "Video" Section for reference of the equipment used in the various videos and also a link to a post where Ahewaz replied to a question, providing some info on his equipment.

(1st Jan 2021)
- Made the guide less thicc.. *Ahem* I mean less thick 😉 for easier navigation at the top level(Cleared the empty spaces inbetween Sections so they look more compact).
- Added 1 new Video link(T16 Tropical Island(100% Delirium, 1x Beyond and 4 Scarabs)) from Ahewaz in the "Video" Section.

(31st Dec 2020)
- Added 2 more new Video links(Chayula and Simulacrum) from Ahewaz in the "Video" Section. Also added info on the length of each video beside every one.

(30th Dec 2020)
- Added a new "Video" Section just below here with some Video Links shared by Ahewaz
- Added an "(Optional) Additional DPS Options" Section under "9.1 Leveling Part 1". 4 Options available.

(29th Dec 2020)
- Edited the note under "10. Budget Equipment Details" and also added 2 subsection, "Note for Early League Rushers" and "Farming Tabula Rasa/Chaos Orbs" under it.
- Added Malachai's Artifice Unique Unset Ring as one of the Rings we will use in Section "04. Gear Overview", "10. Budget Equipment Details" and "11. Mid-Tier Equipment Details"

(28th Dec 2020)
- Guide migrated over from old post
- Section 01 is replaced with the old "Build Intro" with some edits to "Getting Started with the Build" subsection and addition of "Using This Guide" subsection.
- Section 02 and 03 has been replaced with "Offensive Overview" and "Defensive Overview" respectively
- Some improvement to Aesthetics here and there
- POB in Both Section "07. Passive Tree Preview + POB Pastebin" and "31. "OneShotKill" Edition" has been updated with a change(More DPS!) I will add the details for it to the guide within the next few days.

** VIDEOS **


*Please note that for 3.13, we are only able to place ONE totem each time instead of two. These videos are 3.12 ones that can place 2 totem each time, so please take that into account if you are considering this build.

I am personally not familiar with Video Creation and Ahewaz who has been using this build for a long time(Much more earlier than me) was very kind to share(Thank you!) the videos below for the guide. Note that in the videos he is using Many Top Tier Gears(Just to set the expectations right, Pastebin below). Hope these videos give a good preview of this build's playstyle and how it performs with top tier gears.

[3.12] Sirus(AW 8)(4m 24sec) - https://youtu.be/W_65wFy0Ksk
[3.12] Uber Elder(3m 26sec) - https://youtu.be/vJ8JyVbfOPc
[3.12] The Shaper(7m 11sec) - https://youtu.be/Wt7M91e8Zvw

[3.12] Simulacrum 20/20(21m 38sec) - https://youtu.be/DMyR7ioALB8
[3.12] T16 Tropical Island(100% Delirium, 1x Beyond, AW 8)(15m 39sec) - https://youtu.be/0e4yDf7eD34

[3.12] Mastermind(Lv 83)(4m 18sec) - https://youtu.be/pYvaaZ2IhaQ
[3.12] Uber Atziri(4m 59sec) - https://youtu.be/oMXUCSn3VcE
[3.12] The Elder(2m 22sec) - https://youtu.be/ytv43ZwcEhA

[3.12] Chayula(Lv 80)(2m 14sec) - https://youtu.be/QX2PbStIqk8
[3.12] Kurgal(Depth 200)(2m 42sec) - https://youtu.be/lkmLnHCl2zc
[3.12] Ahuatotli(Depth 189)(2m 0sec) - https://youtu.be/3k22hfUgJ8U

[3.12] Legion 5 Way(With Headhunter)(6m 13sec) - https://youtu.be/SyvLxLxeffU
[3.12] All 4 Bestiary Bosses(6m 11sec) - https://youtu.be/2Lrun4D7e2o
[3.12] All 4 Conquerors(AW 8)(Includes Mapping Part)(7m 49sec) - https://youtu.be/fSy82zJZ86I

POB Pastebin for above videos: https://pastebin.com/2FNxNkdz
Might have slight variation(A Jewel, Flask, etc change) here and there among the various videos.

Ahewaz also replied to someone who asked about his gears in the videos here:


Main Content
01. Introduction(3.13)
02. Offensive Overview(3.13)
03. Defensive Overview(3.13)
04. Gear Overview(3.13)
05. Gem Setup(3.13)
06. Anointment, Pantheon, Ascendancy, Bandits(3.13)
07. Passive Tree Preview + POB Pastebin(3.13)
08. Passive Tree Progression(3.13)
09. Leveling Guide(Level 1 to 60)(3.13)
10. Budget Equipment Details(To get this build going at Level 60)(3.13)
11. Mid-Tier Equipment Details(3.13)

Helpful Infos
21. Stats in order of DPS boost(3.13)
22. Equipment/Notable Rankings by DPS(3.13)
23. Ideal Non Cluster Jewels(3.13)
24. Enchantments(3.13)
25. Corruption Tips(3.13)
26. Upgrade Reference List(3.13)

Optional Section
31. "OneShotKill" Edition(Optional Modifications)(3.13)

** Main Content **

01. Introduction(3.13)

1.1 Concept of Build
High Level Elemental Hit

We make use of a very high level Elemental Hit to gives us lots of base elemental damage to be enhanced on further. How we get the high level Elemental Hit is through Frostferno Helm.

As Elemental Hit counts as lightning, fire, cold, projectile and AOE at the same time, Frostferno will grant +4 level to Elemental Hit by itself which means Level 25 Elemental Hit using a Level 21 Elemental Hit Gem. That means it effectively acts like a 6 Link on a 4 Link.

Furthermore, with the correct double corrupted implicit on the helm, we can attain a Level 29 Elemental Hit.(P.S. We can get another 2 more levels from Amulet but that will be for later :) )

Converting Cold and Lightning to Fire

Elemental Hit chooses between Fire, Cold and Lightning Damage each time randomly. Since only 1 element is chosen each time, and there are ways to make Elemental Hit not choose specific Element through Combat Focus

we want to select a specific Element to focus on, in this case Fire, and convert all the unused element's Damage, in this case Cold and Lightning, into Fire. Doing this will give us the highest possible Fire Damage from Elemental Hit.

How we do the conversion above is by taking the Avatar of Fire Keystone, which converts 50% of Elemental Hit's Cold and Lightning Damage into Fire. Another 50%(Which makes a total of 100%) of Cold Damage will be converted to Fire through Frostferno's "Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 30 Cold to Fire".

And there we have it, a very high fire damage source which we will then use it with Ballista Totem to do all the work ;)
1.2 Gameplay Description
Put Totems, lots of them(7 Max) besides us and watch them pewpew the enemy at insane speed(Through Quill Rain) while we dodge the enemy attacks. For tougher enemies and boss fights, we will fire some Frenzy shots their way to curse them. Remember to let him know he makes your Blood Rage and want to go Berserk! ;)

Now that you have an idea of what this build is about, let's go through the Pros and Cons.
1.3 Pros and Cons

+ Great Clear Speed - Due to Quill Rain's insane Attack Speed
+ Optional Single 6 Link - The core build runs on just 4 Links. A single 6 Link is a totally optional Small Min-Max Upgrade later on.
+ Cheap to get build running - Around 40c on PC Softcore League
+ All Content(Except HOGM) - A few hard map mods(Ele Ref/No Regen) can be mitigated by sextant usage.
+ Safe Way to Play - Focus on dodging mostly instead of aiming attacks. Also great for learning fights
+ No Cluster Jewel used - Our path in the Passive Tree offers lots of offensive/defensive options for us thus we don't need to go out of our way(Which is the dealbreaker) to get Cluster Jewel Notables. Save those headaches/currency on rolling/buying them.
+ Visual Clarity - No big screen explosions or tons of minions blocking the view, combat scene is very clear and visible, what is happening can be easily seen

+/- Decent Boss Killer
+/- Not a "Piano Build", but also not a "1 Button Build"
+/- Totems Playstyle - could be a +/- depending on individual preferences

- No leech - Only life regen via Totems which makes us rely on 2-3 Life Flasks
- Requires 5 specific Uniques - So not really for SSF
- Not a Tank type build - Though we do have 5.5k to 6k life on average and a decent amount of Dodge+Evasion
- Playing an Old Bald Man - That might not be to everyone's liking ;)

If the above sounds good to you... well, except that old bald man part, and you like a chill and relaxing build that don't need 6 Links and/or 20 ex(Just 40c and some DPS Passives invested) to be able to play low tier Red Maps, then perhaps this build might be for you :)
1.4 What Others Say About This Build(Long List)
Plane wrote:
I have played too many "budget" builds that either top out early or actually become incredibly expensive in the end game. So far that has not been the case with this build at all, it is inexpensive, powerful, fast, and fun.

SweetCurry wrote:
all in all, awesome build, lots of room to change into your own desired playstyle, as in going for more survive or more dps, fast clearspeed on cheap gear (at least up to t13 maps, after that I had done alot of upgrades)

komitid wrote:
Probably you need to read through Vei's recommendations on item. His recommendation (even budget) can easily kill Sirus.

realhoffi83 wrote:
Killed sirius 5 without problems...
pantheon -> select the flask one and upgrade it :)

1. i used 3 Life flasks, before each phase i let them charged up by waiting
2. place totems ALL!
3. shoot for frenzy charges
4. use berserk
5. run in circle
6. next phase...

critical phase is the last one i think when u have to run with fire...

Crystarin wrote:
I can attest to the strength of this build. With chainbreaker and berserk incorporated, A6 Sirus was insta-phased in each section of part 1 of the fight and was 2 cycled in part 2 (the hard part after he regains health). This is without a +2 amulet (using Marylene's Fallacy) and no Frostferno corruption.

Blake_Zephyr wrote:
I've been casually playing PoE on and off for a few years now, and I have to say this is by far the strongest build I've played. Rips endgame content with relative ease. Fast clear speed w/o gem swaps. Suggested items (the basic ones) carry you pretty far into the endgame. Damn awesome in my opinion.

Vedajo wrote:
Just melted Uber Atziri with this :>

Also every harvest boss was easily defeated with the updated build.

Myzreal wrote:
Ok boys, I think I maxed out the build to the extent of my possibilities :P

Conquerors melt before they use a skill, Sirus melts in initial phases, Uber Elder done, I've even done a T16 120% quant full delirium map with Einhar and 4 Scarabs and managed to kill the two Delirium bosses. Simulacrum was a cakewalk as well.

This build, and totems overall, I think, is really powerful when it comes to investment-to-power ration. You can get it rolling for a few chaos and then push it to huge numbers, even if you don't get a double corrupted frostferno (+2 amulet kind of makes up for that though).

This is now my go-to build whenever I don't have an idea what to play and want to just start with something I know will perform well for 50c.

Ordman wrote:
Having the most fun in POE playing this build in the three seasons that I have played so far.

This build is really good for my play style that it allows me to focus on things that can kill me rather than trying to stop and get a few hits on the target.

dioxid197 wrote:
Thanks for the guide. I started league with this build and just finished all my league goals on it. It was a lot of fun to play. Damage is just ridiculous. I managed to gather 210k town dps. My pob shows 6kk+ and all bosses like Uber Elder is just pinata with loot.


And people who enjoyed the build

Im a pretty big fan of totems, but This build made me fall in love with totems all over again. I feel like im playing a bow build, i am actually zoooming through maps too fast and my old eyes and hand sometimes panic haha.

Kroschak wrote:
I am loving this. Reached 77 in a breeze, Thanks for sharing the 3.11 version.

Abelun wrote:
I'm loving this build. It's my prefered build so far, you can do T14+ map with very cheap stuff and its very chill to play.

vincentk wrote:
thanks for updating the guide from its original inception. Really enjoying this build!

daflipp wrote:
This is a fun build. Ty for the guide!

Zampano wrote:
Also thanks to Vei for updating this build, I played this build in Delve league, and now again in delirium thanks to your updates, loved it both times

SirCalmness wrote:
Hi, leveling the build and really enjoying it, so thanks for that!

Jarod79 wrote:
Thanks Vei for the funniest build I've had in a while.

christpoe wrote:
Hi Vei and thank you for this very powerful and very fun build. I appreciate the feeling of having at my disposal 7 Gatling submachine guns.

Sincere Thank You to everyone(Including those who didn't appear above) who posted their feedback on the build!
1.5 Essential and Important Items

This build requires 3 Specific Unique Items to begin working as follows:

1. Combat Focus (Crimson) Unique Jewel
2. Combat Focus (Viridian) Unique Jewel
3. Rain of Splinter Unique Jewel

Purpose of the 3 Items

Combat Focus(Crimson + Viridian) - To force Elemental Hit to do only Fire Damage
Rain of Splinter - So that our Totems can fire 3 Projectiles

With these 3 items, we can begin playing the intended build although without the next 2 items below, it doesn't really shine, and here are the 2 items which are very important to the build:

4. Frostferno Unique Helm
5. Quill Rain Unique Bow

Purpose of these 2 Items

Frostferno - To achieve a high level Elemental Hit thus big DPS for us
Quill Rain - For the insane Attack Speed which works well with Ballista Totem

Note: If you are playing standard, make sure Quill Rain shows "30% Less Damage". If it shows "50/40% Less Damage" on the bow, thats a legacy one and those are terrible.
1.6 Getting Started with the Build

I would recommend only to start using the intended build at Level 60 as that is the Level when we can start to equip and use Frostferno plus we will also have the 2 Notable(Panopticon and Watchtowers) from the Passive Tree which gives us 2 more Ballista.

Don't worry, there is a leveling guide section that covers using Holy Flame Totems(HFT) from Level 1 to 60 and no Passive Tree respec is required when switching to Elemental Hit. Note that the Leveling Guide is totally not meant for players looking to rush to maps in as little time as possible but it's a perfect one for casuals.

Holy Flame Totem is very strong in the early levels for leveling because there is an added Fire Damage to Spells(HFT is a spell) vendor recipe for weapons which add tons of Damage(Plus we can use 2 of). All are explained in the leveling guide. This makes leveling very smooth compared to using Elemental Hit before having access to the necessary Items and Notables.
1.7 Using This Guide

Understanding the Build

Please continue reading until "11. Mid-Tier Equipment Details" and then jump to the Abyssal Jewel Section at "23. Ideal Non Cluster Jewels". That will provide all the necessary information required to play the build. Please read sequentially and don't skip any parts except where mentioned, if not you might miss important info or do the wrong things.

Additional DPS Options for Close Range playstyle(Mainly for bossing)

The main guide is base on playing the build safely/relaxingly at a distance. Some might prefer more DPS and not mind a less relaxing close up playstyle. For you guys, definitely check out "31. "OneShotKill" Edition" after the above mentioned Sections which explains optional modifications(Some Temporary, Some Permanent) to push the build's DPS further by taking advantage of additional DPS options available from being closer to the enemy.

Remaining Content

The rest of the guide are optional reads though I would highly recommend to check them out later on when you are more familiar with the build.

02. Offensive Overview(3.13)

- Up to effective Level 31 Elemental Hit - Level 21 Gem, Double Corrupted Frostferno(+8) and Rare Amulet(+2)
- 3+ arrows per totem (Splinter of Rain + Corruption on Bow + Quiver Corruption/Affix)
- 7 totems - 21+ Arrows
- 4 to 5+ attacks per second which means

A) Up to 105+* double piercing projectiles per sec (Great Area Coverage/Clear)
B) Easily proccing on hit affixes(Taunt + Blind on hit from Abyss Jewel)

*Note that you won't be able to see so many projectiles concurrently as the projectiles will fly off the screen very fast due to Quill Rain's 100% Increased Projectile Speed.

- Enemy always shocked and chilled - Through Summon Skitterbot
- 13 Seconds of Berserk every 7 Seconds - 20% More Attack Damage/Speed, 30% Movespeed. We get Rage through Chainbreaker Keystone
- Vaal Haste - Additional DPS when needed
- 3 Frenzy Charge - From Frenzy Gem
- 4 Power Charge - From Hiero Ascendancy

03. Defensive Overview(3.13)

- Our Totems Taunt on Hit - Through "Taunt on Hit" on Abyss Jewel, which means we receive 10% less damage as taunted enemies deal 10% less damage to targets that aren't the source of the taunt. Additionally taunted enemies focus aggro on the character that inflicted it for 3 seconds(Note: Shaper, Elder and their guardians doesn't retarget when taunted)
- Our Totems Blind on Hit - Through "Blind on Hit" on Abyss Jewel, this effectively doubles our evasion since blinded enemies has their accuracy halved.
- 65%+ Evasion - From Grace Aura, Equipped Evasion Items and Blinded Enemies
- 55% Dodge - From Acrobatics Keystone(30%) + 3 small Passive(10%) + Forbidden Taste Unique Flask(10%) + Lunaris Pantheon(Hit Recently)(5%)
- 45% Spell Dodge - From Phase Acrobatics Keystone(30%), Forbidden Taste Unique Flask(10%) + Lunaris Pantheon(Hit Recently)(5%)
- Vaal Grace - Panic button for additional 34% Dodge + 34% Spell Dodge(Makes us reach 75% Dodge/Spell Dodge Cap)
- Instant 97-100% Heal with a button press - Forbidden Taste Unique Flask
- Wind Dancer - 20% less damage taken if not hit recently
- Berserk - 19% less damage taken for 13 Seconds every 7 Seconds
- 4 Endurance Charges - From Hiero Ascendancy, providing 16% Physical Damage Reduction
- 5.5k+ Health
- Our totems does the work, so we focus on dodging attacks from the enemy

04. Gear Overview(3.13)

*Gem, Socket Color and Links on all except the Helm are not representative of the latest iteration. Please refer to the section listed below for the latest details.

For a detailed breakdown of each of the item, please refer to the following Sections in the guide:

- Gem + Socket Color + Links - 05. Gem Setup
- Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel - 07. Passive Tree Preview + POB Pastebin
- Base/Abyss Jewels - 23. Ideal Non Cluster Jewels
- Remaining items including Flasks - 10. Budget Equipment Details + 11. Mid-Tier Equipment Details

05. Gem Setup(3.13)
*Gems at a level below their maximum are indicated in parenthesis their level I left them at

Note: With 3.13, Conviction of Power Ascendancy Notable was changed and to get Endurance and Power Charges, before we start the playing session, we will link Frenzy to Power Charge on Critical plus equip Enduring Cry then go somewhere to setup the 4 Charges which will be permanent on our character for the whole session.

5.1 Single Curse Option(Default Choice for this Build)

Helm(4 Linked) -
1) Elemental Hit
2) Ballista Totem Support(Upgrade to Divergent version later)
3) Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
4) Combustion Support(Upgrade to Divergent version later)

- Main DPS Skill Setup

Bow(4 to 6 Linked) -
1) Cast When Damage Taken Support (Level 10)(Upgrade to Anomalous version later)
2) Immortal Call (Level 12)
3) Increased Duration Support
4) Phase Run
5) Vaal Grace
6) Vaal Haste**

**Those who prefer to use a Precision Watcher's Eye or prefer 1 less button to press can replace Vaal Haste with a Level 1 Precision

- Usual CWDT Setup.
- Vaal Grace for defense(both its aura and vaal part)
- Vaal Haste for just the Vaal part
- Increased Duration to extend the duration when using Phase Run, Vaal Grace and Vaal Haste

Link Possibilities

4 Links
We can get by with 4 links If we can get 3 Red and 1 Green Linked(Choice of 2 out of the 3 Green Gem above unlinked which means they will not benefit from the Increased Duration Gem)

5 Links
This provides the best balance between cost(For Linking) and functionality. 5 Link would mean 3 Red and 2 Green Linked with the last unlinked one to be a Green Socket(Choice of 1 out of the 3 Green Gem above unlinked which means they will not benefit from the Increased Duration Gem)

6 Links
This would be the perfect scenario but it's not a must have(Treat it more as a top end min-max upgrade since the improvement for the cost required is not too big) Also if you replace the Vaal Haste with a Precision Gem(Level 1) then this will not be required.

Glove(4 Linked) - 3 Options

Option 1 - Automated Casting(Flammability)

Pros - 1 Less button, Curse is cast when your Frenzy shots hit an enemy, good for situations where there are more than 1 enemy
Cons - Lowest Damage

1) Frenzy(Upgrade to Anomalous version with 20% Quality later if you plan to go Double Curse in future)
2) Greater Multiple Projectiles Support
3) Hextouch Support
4) Flammability

- Flammability can be swapped for Enfeeble/Temporal Chains if you prefer defensive Curses
- Frenzy with Hextouch for easy casting of Flammability and getting Frenzy Charges. Greater Multiple Projectiles makes it easier for Frenzy to hit.

Option 2 - Manual Casting(Sniper's Mark)

Pros - Highest Damage
Cons - 1 More Button and you have to cast the curse yourself

1) Frenzy(Upgrade to Anomalous version with 20% Quality later if you plan to go Double Curse in future)
2) Greater Multiple Projectiles Support
3) Sniper's Mark
4) *Flexi Gem Slot*

- Frenzy for getting Frenzy Charges. Greater Multiple Projectiles makes it easier for Frenzy to hit.
- Sniper's Mark will be casted manually
- Possible Gems for the Flexi Slot could be:

- Precision(Level 1)
- Onslaught Support(For getting Onslaught when fighting bosses)
- Culling Strike(if not using Marylene's Fallacy)
- Increased Duration Support(So Sniper's Mark lasts longer on the enemy)
- Summon Ice Golem

Option 3 - Automated Casting(Sniper's Mark)

Pros - Highest Damage and Automated
Cons - Doesn't work well for situations with many enemies since you only curse 1 enemy. Only ideal to use after we allocated most of the Critical Strike Chance passive in the Passive Tree since this is based on Critical Strike and we have low Critical Strike Chance due to using Marylene's Fallacy.

1) Frenzy(Upgrade to Anomalous version with 20% Quality later if you plan to go Double Curse in future)
2) Greater Multiple Projectiles Support
3) Sniper's Mark
4) Cast on Critical Strike Support

- Frenzy with Cast on Critical Strike for easy casting of Sniper's Mark and getting Frenzy Charges. Greater Multiple Projectiles makes it easier for Frenzy to hit.

Damage comparison for both options(Shaper DPS per Totem)
Option 1 - 1.10m
Option 2/3 - 1.27m

Boot(No Links Required) -
1) Berserk
2) Blood Rage
3) Summon Skitterbot
4) Flame Dash(Highest Level your Int can support)(Optional - Upgrade to Anomalous version later)

- Berserk to use the Rage provided by Chainbreaker Keystone
- Blood Rage for DPS
- Summon Skitterbot for the Chill and Shock which increases Elemental Hit's DPS
- Flame Dash for movement
5.2 Double Curse Option(More DPS, Cost More)

- Whispers of Doom Anoint on Amulet or Awakened Hextouch Support Gem Level 5(126 Int Required)
- Alternate Quality version of Frenzy that provides 1 Additional Projectile at 20% quality(Or Additional Projectile from Bow/Quiver's Corrupted Implicit)

Whispers of Doom Anoint is much cheaper compared to the gem and doesn't require Int but we will be missing on the DPS from Shaman's Dominion anoint.

Gem Setup
Gem Setups are the same as Single Curse except the Glove Slot. As with the Single Curse Setup, we have 3 options for the Glove as follows:

Option 1 - Automated Casting(Flammability and Elemental Weakness)

Pros - 1 Less button, Both Curses are cast when your Frenzy shots hit an enemy
Cons - Lowest Damage out of the 3 options, requires some source of Int to reach 155/159

Glove(4 Linked) -
1) Anomalous Frenzy (The Alternate Quality version that provides 1 Additional Projectile at 20% Quality)
2) Hextouch Support(Level 5 Awaken version if not using Whispers of Doom Amulet Anoint)
3) Flammability
4) Elemental Weakness**

- Anomalous Frenzy with Hextouch for easy casting of both Flammability + Elemental Weakness on the enemies and getting Frenzy Charges

**A Level 21 Elemental Weakness requires 159 Int.

We get 93 Int from the default Passive Tree, a Lapis Amulet's implicit provides 36 Int(With 20% Attribute Catalyst) and a Bench Crafted 30 Int on one of our rares(Except Belts) will give 66 Int together which makes a total of 159 Int to support a Level 21 Elemental Weakness.

Option 2 - Manual Casting(Sniper's Mark), Automated Casting(Flammability)

Pros - Highest Damage out of 3 options
Cons - 1 More Button and you have to cast Sniper's Mark yourself but you will be able to target the correct target with Sniper's Mark(Compared to option 3)

Glove(4 Linked) -
1) Anomalous Frenzy (The Alternate Quality version that provides 1 Additional Projectile at 20% Quality)
2) Hextouch Support(Level 5 Awaken version if not using Whispers of Doom Amulet Anoint)
3) Flammability
4) Sniper's Mark

- Anomalous Frenzy with Hextouch for easy casting of Flammability on the enemies and getting Frenzy Charges.
- Sniper's Mark will be casted manually

Option 3 - Automated Casting(Flammability and Sniper's Mark)

Requirements - We will need to anoint Whispers of Doom on our Amulet, doesn't work with Awakened Hextouch Level 5.

Pros - 1 Less button. The Middle in terms of damage out of the 3 options and both Curses are cast when your Frenzy shots hit an enemy.
Cons - Doesn't work well when there's lot of enemies since you might not get Sniper's Mark on the right target.

Glove(4 Linked) -
1) Anomalous Frenzy (The Alternate Quality version that provides 1 Additional Projectile at 20% Quality)
2) Cast on Critical Strike Support
3) Flammability
4) Sniper's Mark

- Anomalous Frenzy with Cast on Critical Strike for easy casting of both Flammability + Sniper's Mark on the enemies and getting Frenzy Charges

5.3 Notes on getting the correct Socket Color
1. *Important* Depending on the item base you use for the Gloves and Boots, it might require up to 3 off colour sockets, this could be quite hard to obtain. I recommend watching this video which shows how to get off colour sockets using Jeweller's Orb which is much cheaper compared to using Chromatic Orbs


2. Quill Rain is has a low dex requirement which means it's very easy to roll off color on it. When attempting to get the 3 red colour, the best way is to use the Chromatic Orb 1 by 1 on it. For a corrupted one, we will use the 1 Guaranteed Red Socket Bench Craft.

3. For Frostferno, either Chromatic Orb 1 by 1 or 1 Guaranteed Red Socket Bench Craft give the best odds to get the 2 Red 1 Blue and 1 Green needed on it.

My 3.12 take/update to Lunasicc187's OneShotKill Elemental Hit Hierophant Guide

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Last bumped on Jan 21, 2021, 1:51:15 PM

06. Anointment, Pantheon, Ascendancy, Bandits(3.13)

6.1 Anointment
Expensive Options

- Shaman's Dominion(Best DPS option)

(Oils required - Silver + Azure + Clear)

- Best DPS Option if budget is not a concern and you don't need Whispers of Doom.

- Whispers of Doom

(Oils required - Golden + Golden + Golden)

- Required if you use 2 Curse without a Level 5 Awakened Hextouch support Gem

Budget Options

- Master Fletcher

(Oils required - Crimson + Verdant + Sepia)

- Go for this if you have not allocated it yet in your Passive Tree

- Heartseeker

(Oils required - Teal + Crimson + Crimson)

- Take this if you already have Master Fletcher in your Passive Tree
6.2 Pantheon
Assuming we have captured all the Souls for our Pantheons.

Default Choice

- Major - Lunaris
- Minor - Gruthkul

You can consider switching your Pantheon if you are running the following Map Mods

- Monster Poison on Hit - Shakari(Minor)
- Burning Ground - Abberath(Minor)
- Extra Lightning Dmg/Shocking Ground - Arakaali(Major)
- No Regen Maps - Ryslatha(Minor)
6.3 Ascendancy and Bandits

1. Normal Lab – Pursuit of Faith
2. Cruel Lab – Ritual of Awakening
3. Merciless Lab – Conviction of Power
4a&b Eternal Lab – 2 Small Passive with 20% Mana Regeneration(4a also gives an additional 10% Increased Maximum Mana)

Q: Why don't we take Divine Guidance?

We don't take Divine Guidance because its "Mini Mind Over Matter" effect will make us unable to cast our totems when we stand on DOT grounds(Fire/Poison Puddles, etc) Especially real bad when in deeper delves, tight narrow areas and unable cast our totems!

We will help Alira for the Flat Mana Regen, All Resist and Critical Strike Multiplier.

Alternatively, killing all 3 bandits is also a good option if you prefer to have the 2 Skill Points for your Passive Tree.

07. Passive Tree Preview and POB Pastebin(3.13)
*When at Level 97 and helped Alira

This is the default POB Pastebin for the build.

POB Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/6DFPg30A
Note: Gem Setup on Glove in the above pastebin is base on Option 3 in the Single Curse Option of Section "05. Gem Setup"

Skill Tree Preview

- Lethal Pride(Akoya) Timeless Jewel is at the bottom center to convert Iron Grip Keystone into Chainbreaker Keystone.
- Chainbreaker will then provide us with Rage which we will use with the Berserk Gem.
- With the above Passive Tree, Rage goes from 50 to 0 in about 13 seconds after activating Berserk. From 0 back to 50 its about 7 Seconds assuming not doing anything(i.e not hitting anyone by firing frenzy shots) Considering Berserk's Cooldown is 5 seconds, the rage regeneration of 7 seconds is very near it which means not a lot of downtime outside Berserk's 5 sec Cooldown and that is very nice.
- The Passive Tree above is only for up to Level 95, which means there are 5 Passive Points unallocated at Level 100, refer to Point 7 in the next Section "08. Passive Tree Progression" for info on options available to allocate these 5 Passive Points.
- For those encountering Mana Issues placing the Totems after taking Chainbreaker Keystone, I would recommend 2 source of "Non-Channelling Skills have (-9) to Total Mana Cost". These could be obtained from crafting the "Non-Channelling Skills have (-9--8) to Total Mana Cost" on our Rare Ring(s)/Amulet(Requires an Open Prefix) or the Replica Conquerer's Efficiency Unique Jewel. This should help alleviate the Mana Issues.

Lethal Pride Info

We should be looking for a Lethal Pride with the following:

Commanded leadership over (#####) warriors under AKOYA


The name, AKOYA in this case, will determine what Keystone will replace Iron Grip, in this case will be Chainbreaker

As for the numbers, it determines what Additional Mods the Notables in the Radius gets. We can reroll the number using a Divine Orb to change the Additional Mods in Notables but do note that it will also reroll the name which has a total of 3 Possibilities including Akoya.

Note: Its probably a better idea to buy Lethal Pride Jewels to test and resell immediately if the rolls are not ideal compared to rolling them with Divine Orbs when looking for a good Lethal Pride.

Here's a list of the best Additional Mods that can be added:
- 10% chance to *Intimidate Enemies for 4 seconds on Hit(A Must Get Mod if 2 Passive Point away)
- 5% chance to deal Double Damage
- 20% increased Totem Damage
- 5% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage
- 4% increased maximum Life

*Intimidate is a debuff that causes the affected target to take 10% increased attack damage.(Multiplicative Damage)

Other Decent mods:
- +20% to Fire Resistance
- 1% of Life Regenerated per second
- You take 10% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes
- 12% increased Totem Placement speed

In the original POB, +skills on amulet(Other item slots are fine) is not working and not being reflected so the actual DPS should be much higher. No issues on PoB Community Fork.

08. Passive Tree Progression(3.13)
Passive Tree Progression below is base on leveling a new character with Holy Flame Totem till Level 60(Earliest we can equip Frostferno) then we will switch to using Elemental Hit with Frostferno.

1. Go for Ancestral Bond Keystone straight (Quite direct path no variation here) so we can start casting 2 Holy Flame Totems.

2. Go for Avatar of Fire Keystone.

Note: This is for Holy Flame Totem, if you are using Elemental Hit, you might want to postpone getting the Keystone till you get and socket both Combat Focus Jewels

3. The most boring part, establishing the main path in the Passive Tree. Go down all the way, then to the right, then up, taking all the Strength + Dexterity passives until you reach Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics and take them.

Meanwhile while you are doing point 3 above.

3A. When you manage to get a Rain of Splinter Jewel, go for a Jewel Socket to socket it in.

4. Now we will be preparing to get ready when we can use Elemental Hit with Frostferno at Level 60 so we will be going for Panopticon and Watchtowers Notable

Meanwhile while you are doing point 4 above.

4A. Go for 2 Jewel Socket, ideally a few levels before Level 60 so we can socket in the 2 Combat Focus(1 Crimson and 1 Viridian) when we convert to using Elemental Hit with Frostferno Helm at Level 60.

Note: For the 4 Jewel Socket we will be taking base on the final Passive Tree

- Viridian Combat Focus Jewel can be socketed at any of the 4 Jewel Socket.
- Crimson Combat Focus Jewel should not be socketed at the Jewel Socket besides the Fervour Notable as it will not work if it's socketed in there. It can go into any of the remaining 3 Jewel Socket.

5. Now it's time to take all the Life and Defensive Passives to increase our survivability. We will take these first

5A. Thick Skin Notable
5B. Wind Dancer Keystone

After which we will go for the following Life Notables

Purity of Flesh, Barbarism, Golem's Blood, Bloodless, Herbalism, Juggernaut Notables.

Pretty flexible which notable you get first, above is a possible order if anyone wants one.

6. Now that our survivability is taken care of, it's DPS time! Take the DPS Notables in this order:

6A. Lethality
6B. Acuity
6C. Lava Lash
6D. King of the Hill
6E. Master Fletcher
6F. Farsight

Above Order is based on the DPS gained per Passive Point to obtain the Notable in their own area.

Meanwhile while you are doing point 6A to 6F above.

6G. Go for the last Jewel Socket if you have already gotten Lethal Pride(Akoya) Timeless Jewel, after which, place the 4 Unique we are using, Combat Focus(Viridian), Combat Focus(Crimson), Rain of Splinters and Lethal Pride(Akoya) in positions as pictured below.


Lethal Pride will convert the Iron Grip Keystone into Chainbreaker Keystone which we will then go for so we can start using Rage with Berserk Gem.

7. We will now have 3 Points Remaining, and there are 3 options possible for them

7A. If the additional Mods added to Savagery, Vigour and Cloth and Chain Notable Through Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel is a nice one, e.g. one of the following:

- 10% chance to *Intimidate Enemies for 4 seconds on Hit(A Must Get Mod if 2 Passive Point away)
- 5% chance to deal Double Damage
- 20% increased Totem Damage

- 4% increased maximum Life
- 5% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage

We can consider going for them.

*Intimidate is a debuff that causes the affected target to take 10% increased attack damage.(Multiplicative Damage)

7B. Going for a Jewel Socket, in this case, the one besides Point Blank Keystone if we have a good Precision/Grace Watcher's Eye or we don't have a Stygian Vise for the Dual Blind + Taunt Abyss Jewel yet. For other Rare Jewels, unless it's a Triple/Quadruple Critical Strike Multiplier Base Jewel, it's better to just go for the next Point 7C.

7C. If there is no access to decent options for both points above, we can go for Heartseeker Notable and some 5% increased Maximum Life Small Passives.

* 7A and 7B can be done during Point 6. above if we have access to them(Lethal Pride or Watcher's Eye) earlier.

Feel free to adjust anything above as your need requires.

09. Leveling Guide(Level 1 to 60)(3.13)
For leveling(Starting of new league), we can consider using Holy Flame Totem(As what we spec in our Passive Tree is useful to Holy Flame Totem) to level till Level 60, which is when we can switch to and use Frostferno(Be sure to have both the Combat Focus Jewel plus Rain of Splinters Jewel before you switch)

One requirement that I have for this leveling guide is to be mostly self sufficient with minimal item purchase(Gems Excluded) so it can be used on a new League Start. In the guide, I highlighted a few items to purchase, all are totally optional except the 2 x Rare One Handed Weapon at Level 40 which we should be able to get for 1 Alch each.

Note that this is not meant to be the fastest/efficient/best, etc, leveling method and is just put here for reference in case someone needs an idea/guide for leveling. Obviously, if you have twink equipments, currencies or personal preferences, go with whatever works best for you :) Also, this is not an exact "Step by Step" guide but rather, list the necessary and important things that is needed during the leveling.

9.1 Leveling Part 1(Level 1 to 40+)

Before we start, as with all leveling guide recommendations, Wanderlust or Nomic's Storm Unique boots will very useful if you could get them as they help a lot not only in movement speed but also other things, Dex/Resist from Nomic's Storm, Cannot be Frozen from Wanderlust.

Level 1 to 4

- Twilight Strand - Pick up and use Glacier Hammer, link to Ele Proliferation when we get it from the shining box.
- Lioneye's Watch - Take the Molten Strike Gem reward from Tarkleigh, link it to Ele Proliferation and use it until level 4.

Level 4 to Level 40+

When we complete the "Breaking Some Eggs" quest, we will get Holy Flame Totem as the reward and can start using when we are Level 4.

We will link Holy Flame Totem this way as we get the gems and required links on our equipment (In order from Top to bottom)

1) Holy Flame Totem
2) Summon Phantasm
3) Infused Channelling
4) Combustion
5) Added Fire Damage

Source for Gems

- Holy Flame Totem (Available as Reward from Act 1 Breaking Some Eggs)
- Summon Phantasm (Can be purchased from Nessa with 1 Scroll of Wisdom after completing Act 1 Mercy Mission)
- Infused Channelling (Available as Reward from Act 1 Mercy Mission Quest)
- Combustion/Added Fire Damage (Both are Available as Reward from Act 1 The Caged Brute Quest, buy the other one from Nessa for 1 Orb of Transmutation if you have a 5 Link Body Armour that can socket the 5th gem)

Also get a Clarity gem, which can be brought from Nessa for 1 Orb of Transmutation after Act 1 The Caged Brute Quest, helps tons in the mana regeneration needed.

Crafting Fire Damage Wands for DPS boost

Along the way, at the following levels, 8/14/20, we will make Fire Damage to Spells Wands which provides a significant DPS boost to Holy Flame Totem's DPS.

Here's a video you can watch to see how to create the wand and other details. Note that in the video he uses Topaz Ring which is for Lightning Damage, we will instead be using Ruby Ring as we requires Fire Damage.


The above should take you to Level 40+ without much issue.

(Optional) Additional DPS Options(3 in Total)
Below are some additional DPS Options one can utilize during leveling. Note that all these are optional, please balance using them versus your situation, needs and playstyle.

1. In the above suggested Holy Flame Totem Setup, replace the Summon Phantasm gem with Elemental Focus

Source for Gems
Elemental Focus can be purchased from Yeena after completing Sharp and Cruel quest in Act 2

2. We will require a 3 link item with 3 Blue Sockets

Gem Link -
1) Flammability
2) Arcane Surge*Read below for info
3) Spell Cascade

For this setup, we want to keep Flammability's casting cost to be always higher than the mana required to trigger Arcane Surge so 1 cast of Flammability will provide us Arcane Surge's buff(Spell Damage, Cast Speed and Mana Regenerated/Sec), which means keeping Arcane Surge Gem's level low, around Level 6-8.

Source for Gems
Flammability can be purchased from Clarissa after completing Lost in Love quest in Act 3(It's also offered as a quest reward for this quest)

Arcane Surge and Spell Cascade can be purchased from Nessa after completing Mercy Mission quest in Act 1

3. We will require a 4 link item with 2 Blue and 2 Red Socket

Gem Link -
1) Wave of Conviction
2) Spell Totem
3) Multiple Totems
4) Combustion

If you are using this setup, you can switch Combustion used in the Holy Flame Totem Setup to Elemental Focus or Controlled Destruction(If you are already using Elemental Focus there).

This setup lets us summon 2 more totems above our maximum Holy Flame Totem limit. Wave of Conviction provides some additional DPS but the main purpose is for applying -25% Fire Resist to the enemy through Fire Exposure plus another -19% when the enemy is ignited.

Source for Gems
Wave of Conviction can be purchased from Clarissa after completing The Root of the Problem quest in Act 2(It's also offered as a quest reward for this quest)

Spell Totem and Combustion can be purchased from Nessa after completing The Caged Brute quest in Act 1

Multiple Totems can be purchased from Petarus and Vanja after completing The Eternal Nightmare quest in Act 4(It's also offered as a quest reward for this quest)

Act 2

In Act 2, take the Herald of Ash Gem as the reward for completing Intruders in Black quests and use it. It provides a good boost to our DPS.

After completing the Through Sacred Ground quest, choose Survival Secrets Unique Cobalt Jewel as the reward and go for a Jewel Socket in the Passive Tree to socket it in.

Both the Flat Mana Regeneration and Increased Elemental Damage are useful to us and we can use it all the way till we switch over to Elemental Hit.

Act 3

Getting Recipe from Act 3 Crematorium

When you reach Act 3 Crematorium, be sure to pick up the following crafting recipe there which gives

"Adds (12–16) to (23–27) Fire Damage to Spells" to one handed weapon

It is critical to increasing our DPS later on.

(Optional)Dropping by The Library for Certain Gems

Some gems, like Elemental Hit and Ballista Totem, are only accessible to us through the Level 1 Gem NPC Vendors(i.e. Siosa(Act 3) and Lily Roth(Act 6 and 10)). If you are planning to purchase them from NPC, you might want to drop by The Library to do the A Fixture of Fate quest so you can get these gems from Siosa and start leveling them earlier.

A list of Gems sold by Siosa that we need for Elemental Hit can be found at "9.3 Buying Skill Gems from Vendor during Leveling"

Normal, Cruel and Merciless Labyrinth

Do them as soon as you meet the requirements to enter them as the benefits from the Ascendancy Notable Passive Skill are very impactful.

9.2 Leveling Part 2(Level 40+ to 60)
Level 40+ to Level 60

At around Level 40-50, we will look for 2 things:

1. Two Cheap Rare One Handed Weapons with

- "+1 to Level of all Fire Spell Skill Gems"
- Have an Open Prefix available
- Not corrupted
- Doesn't have any type of "added damage to spells(Regardless of elements) on it"
- (Optional) Some other helpful affixes on them
- That costs less than 1c each preferably since we are just using them till level 60


*Make sure both weapons are of the same type, e.g. 2 Wands or 2 Sceptres or 2 Daggers as we cannot dual wield different type of these weapons.
*Take note of the Int and Dex and Level requirements of the weapon and make sure you are able to equip them.

Once you get both weapons, craft the "Adds (12–16) to (23–27) Fire Damage to Spells" we got earlier at Crematorium on the weapons. Each craft requires 4 Orb of Transmutation.

Question: Why don't we do the above earlier?


1. The Crematorium recipe gives lesser added fire damage compared to the Level 20 wand we crafted and +1 to Holy Flame Totem doesn't give as much DPS when it's still low level. Thus, it won't be much DPS increase if we do this earlier.
2. Early on, our attributes are still low and thus limited in the weapons we can find and use on the trade website.
3. By waiting till later we also have access to higher level weapons plus also more affixes which means better value for our currency.
4. Our DPS is still great for the content we are facing at the lower levels.

Thus we do this after we are level 40+.(Can search in advance for the above plus the rings below of course!)

2. One/Two Xopec(Regenerate (5–7) Mana per second) Affix Rings

*If you are sustaining enough mana to cast the Holy Flame Totems with Mana Flask then this will be optional.

These have a minimum level requirement of 40. Look for ones with resist if the increase in price is not a lot. Keep the cost to max 2c as we will only be using them till Level 60.

These Rings will help alleviate Mana required from frequent casting of the higher Level Holy Flame Totem which Clarity alone won't be able to keep up with later.

Example of Xopec Rings

Once you got both the above done, you will reach Level 60 easily without any problems.
9.3 Buying Skill Gems from Vendor during Leveling

This section contains a list on where to get the Gems we uses for Elemental Hit if one prefers to get them earlier from vendors during leveling instead of buying them later from Lily Roth at Act 6/10 or through the Trade Website.

Act 1
Sold by Nessa after Cage Brute Quest Completion

Combustion Support(Also a Reward from the quest)*
Flame Dash(Also a Reward from the quest)

*You might already have 1 if you are following the leveling guide above

Act 2
Sold by Yeena after either Sharp and Cruel or The Root of the Problem Quest Completion

Elemental Damage with Attacks Support(Also a Reward from Sharp and Cruel Quest Completion)
Cold to Fire Support(If you are going for the Tabula Rasa Setup mentioned in "10. Budget Equipment Details")

Act 3
Sold by Clarissa after Lost in Love Quest Completion

Flammability(Also a Reward from the quest)
Inspiration(If you are going for the Tabula Rasa Setup mentioned in "10. Budget Equipment Details")

Sold by Siosa after A Fixture of Fate Quest Completion

Ballista Totem Support
Increased Duration
Summon Skitterbots
Blood Rage
Elemental Hit
Sniper's Mark
Fire Penetration Support(If you are going for the Tabula Rasa Setup mentioned in "10. Budget Equipment Details")

Act 4
Sold by Petarus and Vanja after Breaking the Seal Quest Completion

Immortal Call

Sold by Petarus and Vanja after The Eternal Nightmare Quest Completion

Cast When Damage Taken Support
Hextouch Support
Greater Multiple Projectiles Support(Also a Reward from the quest)

Act 6
Sold by Lily Roth after Fallen from Grace Quest Completion

Phase Run

10. Budget Equipment Details(To get this build going at Level 60)(3.13)

The below equipment will cost around 40c in total, according to prices in 3.12 softcore league on PC. These will serve us well till we reach mid-high tier red maps. Most equipment are 1c or less with the exception of Frostferno(Day 4+)/Tabula Rasa(Day 1-3 as stand in for Frostferno, more details below) which is around 20c.

*Please ignore the socket colour, links and gems on the equipment. Refer to "05. Gem Setup" for the info.

10.1 Core/Important Equipment
Required Core Equipment

Unique Jewels

Combat Focus(Crimson and Viridian)

- These Jewels are needed so Elemental Hit only chooses Fire Damage.

Rain of Splinters

- This Jewel is for letting Elemental Hit Ballista Totem fire 3 projectiles each time, just like Lesser Multiple Projectiles, but with a smaller penalty and just taking a Jewel slot instead.

Important Equipment

Main Hand

- The bow which works very well with Ballista Totem.

Note: If you are playing standard, make sure the bow shows "30% Less Damage". If it shows "50/40% Less Damage" on the bow, thats a legacy one and those are terrible.


- The Main Item which this build is build around with.
10.2 Remaining Equipment


- Skirmish(High Int) works well until we find a decent rare quiver with some Crit Multiplier(30%+) + Elemental Damage with Attacks(31%+) + Life(70+) to upgrade to, best with an open suffix so we can craft attack speed on it.
Body Armour

- A rare one with 140+ life(and % Max life if able) and some resist. We will use this till we upgrade to Kaom's Heart.


- A rare one with Attack Speed(11%+) and Accuracy(351+) preferably with an open Prefix so we can craft life on it if it doesn't have one.


- Gang's Momentum works great with our build. Look for one with a high Fire Resist(55%+) and decent damage(30%+). Use this meanwhile until we find a nice Boot with Projectile Pierce 2 Target.

- This amulet will be used all the way till late end game. Look for one with high Crit Multi(235%+) Also needs to be paired with a Diamond Flask to bring out the max DPS from it.


- We will be getting bulk Resists from our belt. Look for one with 90%+ total Resist with open Prefixes so we can craft life on them


- For both our Rings, we will be getting bulk Resists from it just like our Belts so look for one with 110%+ total Resist(Look for the ones that help you reach at least 75% in all resist(except Chaos)) preferably with open Prefixes so we can craft Life on them.

Other than Life Flasks, these are the flask we will use. Quicksilver for movement speed, Diamond Flask for DPS and to bring out the max DPS from our Amulet, Marylene's Fallacy.

10.3 Note for Early League Rushers

As Frostferno might not be commonly available/easily accessible(if Estuary Map is high tier) before Day 4 of a league, players who are rushing to the top early on can consider the below setup in place of the Frostferno one somewhere in between your Holy Flame Totem transition into the actual Elemental Hit Frostferno. This is assuming you have the 3 Unique Jewels(2 x Combat Focus and Rain of Splinter) already, and preferably Quill Rain + Skirmish also.

You will need a Tabula Rasa

and the Gems used(In terms of priority) are as follows:

1) Elemental Hit
2) Ballista Totem
3) Combustion
4) Elemental Damage with Attacks
5) Inspiration
6) Fire Penetration(More DPS, Higher Mana Cost) or Cold to Fire(Lesser DPS, Lower Mana Cost)

*Refer to "9.3 Buying Skill Gems from Vendor during Leveling" on where to get the Gems.

This setup's Damage is comparable to a non corrupted Frostferno which means you won't need to rush to acquire that Frostferno, and meanwhile still having the capability to handle those low tier red maps without problems.
10.4 Farming Tabula Rasa/Chaos Orbs

Tabula Rasa/Chaos Orbs can be farmed by doing either below(and then trading for the other if that's what you need):

1) Farming the Humility Divination Card at The Blood Aqueduct at Act 9

2) Farming Low Tier Maps for rares to do the UNID chaos recipe
10.5 Cheaper Way to acquire Frostferno

If you already have access to maps and can kill(Or have a friend that can help) the Estuary Map Boss, you can go with the original way to create a Frostferno, which is to have Heatshiver in your inventory with A Vision of Fire and Eye prophecy used, then proceed to kill the Estuary Map Boss. It is usually cheaper, even more so during the first few days of league.

11. Mid-Tier Equipment Details(3.13)

These items will form a strong foundation to handle all contents in the game. I will the limit the cost to 3 Exalted or less for each slot(Some items cost like 20-30c only) with the exception of Frostferno which usually cost between 2-6 Exalted

Note that price are base on Softcore League on PC and also might vary depending on the current meta and league age.

*Please ignore the socket colour, links and gems on the equipment. Refer to "05. Gem Setup" for the info.

Main Hand and Offhand

Main Hand

- For Quill Rain, we will be looking for a corrupted one with 18% Increased Critical Strike Implicit on it. This Increased Critical Chance is different from those we get from other sources like Passive Tree and Equipment Affix. It is applied to the base Crit of the Bow which in turn, is then multiplied with the Increased Critical Strike we get from other sources, which means, everyone's favourite Big DPS gains :)


- For Quivers, we will look for a Rare one with the following affixes

- 35%+ Crit Multiplier
- 37%+ increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
- 80+ Life
- 11%+ Attack Speed or one with Open Suffix(So we can craft 12% Attack Speed to it)

For the Quiver Base, a Penetrating or Spike-Point one will be the most ideal.


- For Frostferno, we will look for one with one of the following corrupted implicit

+2 to Level of Socketed Fire Gems (Best DPS)
+2 to Level of Socketed Projectile Gems (2nd Best DPS)
+2 to Level of Socketed Cold/Lightning/AoE Gems

Additional Corrupted implicits that are useful together with the above(Assuming it doesn't cost a lot more, say 1 to 2 Exalted Orbs) are

+ (4–6)% increased maximum Life
+ 1 to Maximum Power Charges

Body Armour

- Kaom's Heart with 38%+ Increased Fire Damage.


- For Gloves, we will look for a Rare Cold/Lightning Puhuarte Gloves which are gloves with the following affix:

+(46–48)% to Cold Resistance
(30–50)% increased Damage with Hits against Chilled Enemies


+(46–48)% to Lightning Resistance
(40–60)% increased Critical Strike Chance against Shocked Enemies

And at least two of the below(Craft the other missing one)

-70+ Life(Prefix) or
-14%+ increased Attack Speed(Suffix) or
-351+ Flat Accuracy(Suffix)

Avoid the Fire Puhuarte Version as that provides a much lesser DPS.


- For Boots, we will look for a Rare one with the following affixes

- Projectiles Pierce 2 additional Targets

And at least one of the below(Craft the other missing one)
- 30% Movement Speed(Or Open Prefix to craft 20–24% increased Movement Speed on it)
- 70+ Life(Or Open Prefix to craft 56-70 Life on it)

Resist will be a great bonus if it's on the boots, the more/higher tier they are, the better.

Note: Recipe for the "+(56–70) to maximum Life" craft can be found in the Cage Map


Marylene's Fallacy is still working great at this stage so we will continue using it. Look for one with a high Crit Multi(238%+) and High Accuracy(115+) if yours is not. Anointments Recommendations can be found at "06. Anointment, Pantheon, Ascendancy, Bandits"


- For Belts, we will look for Rare Leather Belt or Stygian Vise with the following affixes

- 100%+ Total Resist(Ideally consisting of 20%+ Chaos Resist) at 0% Quality(No Prismatic Catalyst applied)
- 80+ Life
- An Open Prefix so we can craft (24–32)% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills on it.

Note 1: Recipe for the "(24–32)% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills" craft can be found in the Academy Map
Note 2: For what Abyss Jewel to socket in a Stygian Vise, Check out my comments on the recommended Abyss Jewel below under Section "23. Ideal Non Cluster Jewels"


- We will look for two Rare Two-Stone Ring with the following affixes

- 150%+ Total Resist(Without Chaos Resist) or 135%+ Total Resist(With 20%+ Chaos Resist) at 0% Quality(No Prismatic Catalyst applied)

And at least one of the below(Craft the other missing one)

- 50+ Life(Or Open Prefix to craft 41-55 Life on it)
- 31% Increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills(Or Open Prefix to craft (15-23%) Increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills on it)

- Like with the Belt, We are getting bulk Resists from Rings and our goal is to reach at least 109% uncapped in all resist with the exception of Chaos Resist which we want to keep at least above 0% at a minimum.

Before we start to use Lethal Pride(Akoya)(For Chainbreaker Keystone), it's recommended to have at least either one of the following:

- Non-Channelling Skills have (-9–-8) to Total Mana Cost Bench Craft
- Non-Channelling Skills have (-8–-6) to Total Mana Cost Xopec Affix(From Incursion)

on this ring to alleviate Mana Issues encountered when using Chainbreaker.

Alternatively, if we already have enough resist, we can go for a more DPS focused one like:


Unique Jewels

Combat Focus(Crimson and Viridian)

- For These Jewels, we will look for 15% "Increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills" ones with one of the following corrupted implicit affix

- Damage Penetrates 1% Elemental Resistances
- Damage Penetrates 1% Fire Resistance

Rain of Splinters

- For this Jewel, we will look for 30% "Reduced Totem Damage" ones with one of the following corrupted implicit affix

- Damage Penetrates 1% Elemental Resistances
- Damage Penetrates 1% Fire Resistance

Lethal Pride(Akoya)

For this, please refer to "07. Passive Tree Preview and POB Pastebin" section for the info.

Rare Jewels

For this, please refer to "23 Ideal Non Cluster Jewels" section for what to look for on Jewels.



For our 5 Flask Slots, I would recommend the following selection:

1. Instant Recovery Life Flask
2. Flask that Recovers Life over Time Quickly
3. Diamond Flask
4. Quicksilver Flask
5. Flexi Flask Slot

1. Instant Recovery Life Flask


A Seething/Bubbling Divine Life Flask or Near Max Rolled(97%+) Forbidden Taste. These flasks will be our life savior when we get those big hits.

For Forbidden Taste, it's recommended to have at the very least some positive amount of Chaos Resist before using it as it drains lots of life quickly at low/negative Chaos Resist when its active and there are no Totems Up. Combined with an Active Blood Rage and the map mod "Players have 60% less Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield", our life can go down pretty fast and put us in dangerous positions, something to take note of when using this Flask.

2. Flask that Recovers Life over Time Quickly


A Catalysed Eternal Life Flask or Blood of the Karui(High Rolled) to let us recover those non threatening small hits and keep our life at Full/Near Full most of the time so we won't die when those big hits hit us.

3. Diamond Flask

Diamond Flask is the highest DPS Flask for us, plus it synergises very well with Marylene's Fallacy to bring out it's DPS. A Staple Flask that we should always use.

4. Quicksilver Flask

Standard Movement Flask which everyone uses.

5. Flexi Flask Slot

This will be up to personal preference/requirements. It could be another Life Flask, or a DPS one like Silver Flask which is the second best non unique Flask for us, or a Defensive one like Basalt Flask, or perhaps a Unique Utility one mentioned in the "Optional Section" further down.

Ailment Removals

We also want to make sure we have access to the following Removals from our Flasks:

- Freeze Removal/Immunity
- Bleed Removal/Immunity
- (Optional) Curse Removal/Immunity
- (Optional) Shock Removal/Immunity
- (Optional) Ignite Removal/Immunity

These will be obtain through Beastcrafting the corresponding Suffixes on Magic Flasks with Open Suffix.

** Other helpful Info for reference **

21. Stats in order of DPS boost(3.13)
A. Flat Accuracy(Until "Chance to hit %" reaches near 100%, ignore "Chance to hit Evasive Monster %" as that doesn't affect our DPS by much)*

B. %Global Critical Multiplier

C. %Attack Speed

D. %Increased ("Generic"/Fire/Projectile/Elemental etc) Damage (All these types gives the same increase per %)

E. % Accuracy above 15%

F. %Global Critical Chance(Low DPS increase, better to go for other affix like the ones above or affix like resist, etc)

G. Adds # to # ("Generic"/Fire etc) Damage (%Damage Works better for our build)

H. % Accuracy below 15%(Too low %, just "ignore" this)

A to C - adds lots of DPS, always look for them in your rare equipment
D to F - is ok adds a small bit of DPS but don't prioritize them.
G and H - Don't bother about them

*For Accuracy, usually one to two Tier 1 Flat Accuracy affix on our rares is enough for us to reach near or 100% Chance to Hit. Anything over 100% Chance to Hit doesn't contribute to our DPS so avoid overinvesting in this stat. A good target to aim for is between 95-99% Chance to Hit.

22. Equipment/Notable Rankings by DPS(For cases where there are many good options)(3.13)
These are DPS VS Shaper in order from highest to lowest

1. These 2 are almost Similar

1A. **+2 skill(Dex + Fire) amulet(with T1 Crit Multi and T1 Crit Chance)
1B. *Xoph's Blood(Against Enemies who hit you in the last 4 seconds)

2. +2 skill(Dex + Fire) amulet(with T1 Crit Multi)
3. Marylene's Fallacy(Paired with Diamond Flask)

4. These 3 are almost Similar

4A. +2 skill(Dex + Fire) amulet(with T1 Crit Chance)
4B. +1 skill(Dex/Fire) amulet(with T1 Crit Multi)
4C. +2 skill(Dex + Fire) amulet(No other Offensive Affix)

5. *Xoph's Blood(Against Enemies who didn't hit you last 4 seconds)
6. Yoke of Suffering

7. These 3 are almost Similar

7A. T1 Crit Multi Amulet(No other Offensive Affix)
7B. Karui Charge
7C. +1 skill(Dex/Fire) amulet(No other Offensive Affix)

*Since Xoph's Blood has Avatar of Fire, we can save 2 Passive Point used to get Avatar of Fire Keystone on the Passive Tree and allocate it to another DPS Notable. The most ideal DPS gained per Passive spent Notable(For 2 Passive Points specifically) will be Savagery in this case and the above ranking for Xoph's Blood is base on this.

**Generally Crit Chance doesn't give as much of a DPS boost so a +2 Skill with Tier 1 Crit Multiplier(i.e. Rank 2 Amulet above.) plus some other useful Suffix(Resist, etc) is generally a better use of the Amulet Suffix.


1. Diamond Flask of Acceleration(12% Attack Speed)/Bottled Faith(2% Crit 10% Damage Taken)(Enemy on Consecrated Ground)
2. Diamond Flask
3. Silver Flask of Acceleration(12% Attack Speed)/Wise Oak(15% Penetration)
4. Sulphur Flask of Acceleration(12% Attack Speed)
5. Silver Flask
6. Sulphur Flask

- For Wise Oak, it's assumed that our uncapped Fire resist is the highest among our 3 elemental resist.

- As Wise Oak is roughly similar to a Silver Flask of Acceleration in terms of DPS, it's a better idea to just use the Silver Flask so we don't need to maintain our Fire Resist to always be the highest unless the +35% all resist from Wise Oak is required.

- "(60-80)% increased Critical Strike Chance during Flask Effect" craft gives slight bit more DPS compared to "(8–12)% increased Attack Speed during Flask effect" suffix roll. Go for that if you have access to the craft.


Below rankings are based on DPS gained per Passive Point Spent to obtain the Notable in their own Area.

1. Lethality(Left Path - 4 Passive)
2. Lethality(Right Path - 3 Passive)
3. Acuity**
4. Lava Lash
5. King of the Hill
6. Master Fletcher**
7. Farsight**
8. Heartseeker
9. Primeval Force(Top Path)*
10. Divine Judgement(Bottom Path)
11. Divine Judgement(Top Path)
12. Savagery/Fervour

*For Primeval Force, there's no reason to take the bottom path because we already have over 100% Chance to Ignite, and we don't need the chance to Freeze/Shock since we don't deal Cold and Lightning Damage.

**Assuming taking it doesn't make you go over 100% Chance to Hit

23. Ideal Non Cluster Jewels(3.13)

Base Jewel

Ideal Rare Base Jewel

2 Prefix from below

- (14–16)% increased Damage with Bows
- (14–16)% increased Fire Damage
- (15–18)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Fire Skills
- (15–18)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Cold Skills
- (15–18)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Lightning Skills
- (12–16)% increased Totem Damage
- (Defensive option) (5–7)% increased maximum Life

2 Suffix from below

- (3–5)% increased Attack Speed
- (2–4)% increased Attack and Cast Speed
- (12–15)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills
- (9–12)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
- (10–12)% increased Projectile Damage

A Jewel with 4 Affixes above is as good as a DPS notable on the Passive Tree. Highest DPS will be a pure 4x Crit Multiplier Jewel.
Abyss Jewels

Ideal Rare Abyss Jewel

2 Prefix from below

- Adds (16–18) to (27–32) Fire Damage to Bow Attacks
- (Defensive option) +(36–40) to maximum Life
- (Defensive option) +(101–180) to Evasion Rating

2 Suffix from below

- +(9–12)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
- +(3–5)% increased Attack Speed
- +(121–240) to Accuracy Rating
- (Defensive option) +(5–6)% chance to Blind Enemies on Hit with Attacks
- (Defensive option) +(6–8)% chance to Taunt Enemies on Hit with Attacks

In particular, I would like to highlight the 2 defensive suffixes above which are very strong affixes and synergizes very well with our build due to us having multiple totems firing multiple projectiles thus easily triggering "on Hit" Affixes on the enemy.

1. +(5–6)% chance to Blind Enemies on Hit with Attacks

Blind lessens the chance to hit of the affected target by 50%. As our build is Evasion Based, it effectively doubles our Evasion %, no other mods comes close to doing that(Doubling Evasion) at such a low cost of 1 affix!

Note that this affix is only available on Searching Eye Jewel and Murderous Eye Jewel.

2. +(6–8)% chance to Taunt Enemies on Hit with Attacks

Taunted enemies deal 10% less damage to targets that aren't the source of the taunt. Thus when a Totem Taunts the enemy, we take 10% Less Damage from that Enemy. As most know, Fortify which grants the player 20% Less Damage taken is a very strong gem that a lot of players use as long their build can utilize it. This 1 single affix does half of what fortify does by just 1 Single Affix!

The other thing I haven't mention, which is the primary thing it does, is that it helps to divert the enemies attention to the totems. Though it's not as strong in this area since Taunt does not cause The Shaper, The Elder, each Guardian of the Void, and Elder Guardians to retarget but it's still another beneficial aspect of it and definitely helps versus the enemies on harder maps and deeper delves.

Note that this affix is only available on Murderous Eye Jewel.

The most ideal Abyss Jewel for us will be one with both Blind and Taunt Suffix with Life as the Prefix.


Highly Recommend getting 1 to put into a Stygian Belt's Abyss Jewel Socket

Note: Other Defensive Options outside life like resist, etc are not mentioned. These will be up to individual's needs, please factor them in as your need requires.

My 3.12 take/update to Lunasicc187's OneShotKill Elemental Hit Hierophant Guide

Last edited by Vei on Jan 21, 2021, 1:53:31 PM

24. Enchantments(3.13)
Some of our gear slots allows us to place Enchantments on them. These are, Helm, Boot, Glove, Belt, Body Armor, Weapon.

Source for the Enchantments are as follows:

Helm - Merciless/Eternal Labyrinth
Boot - Cruel/Merciless/Eternal Labyrinth
Glove - Normal/Cruel/Merciless/Eternal Labyrinth
Belt - Eternal Labyrinth of Potential(Note: Currently only available through buying "Dedication to the Goddess" in standard and accessing it from the Map Device. Putting here just for reference in case it changes in future)
Weapon - Using a Tempering Orb
Armour - Using a Tailoring Orb

For enchants on Helm/Boot/Glove, the highest difficulty Labyrinth(Eternal) gives the highest possible Enchant Tier.

An alternative way to get Helm/Boot/Glove Enchants on rares, assuming you are crafting the item, will be to use an Enchanted Fossil socketed in a resonator and apply it on the item before crafting. This will result in the item having a Random Labyrinth Enchantment applied to it.

Below is a list of desirable Enchants for some of the gear slot, specifically Boots and Belts. I am skipping the rest* as we generally go for Corrupted Implicits on them. Getting the correct Enchant Plus the correct Corrupted Implicits is generally not practical/feasible since there too many possible enchant rolls and corruption results.

*For Gloves, although we generally don't go for Corrupted Implicits on it, the available Enchants on them are pretty weak so they are not worth mentioning.

Boot Enchants

Best DPS enchants(Sorted by Shaper DPS from highest to lowest) will be:

1. Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently
2. 120% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently

Outside of DPS enchants, these are the other nice options we can consider

- 10% increased Movement Speed if you haven't been Hit Recently
- 8% chance to Dodge Spell Hits if you've taken Spell Damage Recently
- 10% Chance to Dodge Attack Hits if you've taken a Critical Strike Recently

Belt Enchants

Best Enchant:

- +300 to Evasion Rating while you have Phasing

Other Ok options(Assuming we have the source for them):

- Enemies Blinded by you have 30% reduced Critical Strike Chance
- 30% increased Accuracy Rating while you have Onslaught

25. Corruption Tips(3.13)

For Single Corrupt, it might be cheaper and less of a hassle to buy them directly as they are more common.

When Corrupting items, pay attention to their item level, especially more important for Double Corrupts since they are rarer and more costly. Below list the ideal levels that increases the chances to get the implicits we want.


It's best to corrupt one with Item Level 20-39 as this range removes 7 possible implicit rolls which are either useless or not as powerful ones.

Note 1: In case you are rolling for 4 Socket before corrupting it, you will need the 4 Socket Bench Craft for those between item level 20-24, using Jeweller's Orb to roll normally will only give you Max 3 Sockets for these.

Note 2: If we can't find one with the correct item level, we can consider making Frostferno ourselves, this is done by having Heatshiver(With the correct Item Level Range) in our inventory and the "A Vision of Fire and Ice" Prophecy before killing the Estuary Map boss.

Quill Rain

For Quill Rain, the best double corrupt is % increased Critical Strike Chance + Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow and the best item level for this is one between Item Level 75-83 which removes a number of high weightage and less desirable implcit rolls for us.

Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow is a rare roll with a weightage of only 200 compared to the usual 1000 for others though so don't expect it to come easy.

Kaom's Heart

For Kaom's Heart, the best double corrupt is % increased Damage + % increased maximum Life and the best way to get this is to corrupt a Kaom's Heart with Item Level 2. This will remove 13 possible rolls(Only 1 of them is nice for us, so it's totally worth it)

The way to get an Item Level 2 Kaom's Heart is to create a new character that just kills only Hillock to access Lioneye's Watch(Which makes the character Level 2). After that, trade in a set of 8 "The King's Heart" Divination Card to Navali and you will get an Item Level 2 Kaom's Heart.

Note: One commonly forgotten thing is using Armourer Scrap/Blacksmith Whetstone on the item before the corruption. Don't forget it!

26. Upgrade Reference List(3.13)
"What should I upgrade?" is definitely one of the most asked questions in any build guides. In this section, I classify the Upgrades to look for base on the Average Cost over Power Gained from it. Hopefully these can be a handy reference for people looking to upgrade their character.

Note that Rare Items are not mentioned since there's too many possible combinations. Refer to Section 10 and 11 for the info.

I have sorted the list "loosely" by the priority to get them in each Section from top to bottom(Excluding the Gems in Low Value Section).

Top Value

These are the upgrades we should always go for as long we can afford them/meet their requirements:

These 2 are key upgrades to "10. Budget Equipment Details" that lets you progress from low tier red to high tier red maps

- Kaom's Heart(No implicit) - The extra life helps us with the increased damage taken when we progress to the higher tier red maps.

- Lethal Pride(Akoya) for Berserk - A 13 second big DPS/MoveSpeed/Less Damage boost at our call anytime. This will be the DPS counterpart to Kaom's Heart, providing you with the extra damage to handle higher tier red maps. Be ready with the Mana Regeneration changes before you implement this.

- +2 Implicit Corrupted Frostferno - Self explanatory

- Level 21 Elemental Hit - Just 0% quality, 20% quality doesn't add as much so belongs to Medium Value, 23% quality is for min-max and is usually costly so Low Value.

(For References - A Level 21/0% Quality Elemental Hit does much more damage than a Level 20/20% Quality Elemental Hit)

- Dual Blind/Taunt on Hit Murderous Eye Jewel - The defensive benefits from this jewel is just too strong to not use it.

- Having 95%+ Chance to Hit - Chance to Hit contribute a lot to our DPS and 1-2 High Tier Flat Accuracy Affix from the rares we use is more than enough so don't miss this.

- Shaman's Dominion/Master Fletcher Anoint on Amulet - Strong DPS Boost for Small Cost.

- Switching to 20% Quality Divergent Ballista Totem - This increases the aggro range which determines how far our totems can "see" for the purposes of targeting enemies with attacks and spells which is a very significant upgrade.

Medium Value

These are the ones to consider after the Top Value ones:

- Quill Rain with 18% Increased Critical Strike Corrupted Implicit - A good amount of DPS increase for it's cost(Bow is usually cheap, cost is more from getting the sockets/links on the corrupted Bow)

- Labryinth Enchantment on Boots - Refer to Section 24. Enchantments for the ideal enchants

- +4 Implicit Corrupted Frostferno - Though +4 gives one of the biggest increase in DPS for this build, it tends to be very costly and is definitely the top/top few most expensive item for this build. Thus I feel value wise it belongs more in this section.

Gems as follows:

- Awaken Elemental Damage to Attacks Support
- Level 21 Elemental hit with 20% Quality
- Switching to Alternate Quality Gems(Anomalous Cast when Damage Taken Support, Divergent Combustion Support, Anomalous Frenzy)
- 20% Quality Gems(All Gems including Heist Alternate Quality Gems except Greater Multiple Projectiles, CWDT, Precision, Vaal Haste, Frenzy)

- Whispers of Doom for Double Curse(If using Option 3 in "5.2 Double Curse Option")

- Level 5 Awaken Hextouch Support for Double Curse(If using Option 1 or 2 in "5.2 Double Curse Option")

- Combat Focus(15%) and Rain of Splinter(30%) with Damage Penetrates 1% Elemental/Fire Resistances Corrupted Implicit

- 20% Quality on Items - Best Effect Catalyst on Rings, Belts and Amulets(If required), Glassglower Bauble on Flasks, Armourer Scraps on Armour Slots
Low Value

These are nice upgrades but optional due to their Average Cost versus Power Gained, mainly for min maxing when you have more spare currency

- Kaom's Heart with % Increased Damage Corrupted Implicit

- 26% Quality on Flasks

Gems as follows:

- Level 21/23% Quality Gems(Elemental Hit, Sniper's Mark, Blood Rage, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Combustion/Divergent Combustion, Increased Duration, Vaal Grace, Summon Lightning Golem)

- Level 20/23% Quality Gems(Ballista Totem/Divergent Ballista Totem, Berserk, Summon Skitterbot, Hextouch, Phase Run, Flame Dash, Blink Arrow)

- Level 21/0% Quality Gems(Vaal Haste)

- Level 6/23% Quality Gems(Awaken Elemental Damage to Attacks, Awakened Hextouch)

- 23% Quality Gems(At your required Level)(Immortal Call, Vaal Molten Shell, Anomalous Cast when Damage Taken Support)

** Optional Section **

31. "OneShotKill" Edition(Optional Modifications to Build)(3.13)
(Named "OneShotKill" to pay homage to the original build as most of the modifications listed below makes use of multiplicative mechanics like the original)


For those who are looking at how much further this build can be pushed, this is the right place.

Before we begin, let me highlight a few things:

1. What you are going to read below, are modifications suggestions to the Default Build, and these modifications are meant for bossing mainly.

2. This is a bit less relaxing Playstyle of the build because it:

2A. Requires you to be at close range/besides the enemy

2B. Requires two more keypress due to additional Flasks usage

31.1 What can we get from this?
How about 20m+ Shaper DPS if you use all of them?

Sounds good? let's begin!
31.2 Possible Modifications

1. Taking the Point Blank Keystone(More Damage at Close Range)

I am sure you can see it coming as this is pretty obvious. Close Range = Point Blank = 30% More Damage. It's along the path for our build's Passive Tree so we don't need to go out of the way for it or look for it on items which is perfect.

2. Using Bottled Faith Unique Flask(Flat Crit and Increased Damage Taken)

We are already standing beside the enemy so using this will definitely guarantee them to be standing on Consecrated Ground, which means up to 2% Flat Critical Strike Damage and up to 10% increased Damage taken.

Other than additional DPS, we also get 6% Life Regeneration when we stand on the Consecrated Ground which gives a nice 300-400 Life Regeneration.

Obviously this is not a cheap Flask so it's something to aim for later on if you are interested in going this route.

3. Using Infernal Cry Skill Gem(For Covers Enemy in Ashes)

A level 20 Infernal Cry provides 3% increased fire damage taken per 5 power(Unique counts as 20 Power). Assuming there is only 1 Unique in the Warcry Radius, this will provide us with 12% increased fire damage taken to the Enemy. More enemies in the Warcry Radius will increase the % amount, up to 20% Max

To avoid having an additional button to press because of using this, we will take the Call to Arms Keystone on the Passive Tree, then bind Infernal Cry to the Left Mouse Button. This will automate the casting of Infernal Cry whenever we move as long it is not on cooldown.

Possible Gem Slot to be replaced with this Gem will be either, Increased Duration Support, Vaal Haste, or using an Unset Ring to socket in the Gem.

The next three will require equipment switching

4. Replacing either Non-Awaken Elemental Damage with Attacks Support or Combustion Support in our Helm with Barrage Support


Which means Having a Frostferno with the following Gem Links

Helm(4 Linked) -
1) Elemental Hit
2) Ballista Totem Support
3) Combustion Support/Awaken Elemental Damage with Attacks Support
4) Barrage Support

This Frostferno can be a spare one in your inventory as a swap before facing the harder bosses(Guardian Tier and higher) Normal bosses shouldn't be an issue with the original build.

Depending on which support gem you have available for this spare Frostferno, Barrage Support will replace Non-Awaken Elemental Damage with Attacks Support first if it's in the helm, else it will replace Combustion Support.

Barrage by itself actually provides more DPS compared to Elemental Damage with Attacks/Combust but since it removes the Arrow Spread, it's not as ideal for mapping but perfect versus Single Target which means it's excellent for Bosses.

By using Barrage Support, it enables us to "Machinegun" the boss as every projectile/arrow from the same shot can hit the boss. Thus, every additional Arrow/Projectile Affix we can get will be a big DPS addition for us.

Now, where can we get the Additional Arrow/Projectile Affix from? They can come from the following:

4A. Bows with "Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow"

As we are using Unique Bows, we will obtain this through the Bow's Corrupted Implicit.

4B. Quiver with "Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow"

This can be rolled as a Prefix(Easier) on Shaper or Warlord Influenced Quivers or on a corrupted implicit(Harder as it is a Very Rare Roll so Not Recommended).

4C. Dying Sun Unique Flask

We will be using this Flask for the 2 Additional Projectiles provided during the Flask Effect

5. Swapping to Chin Sol Unique Bow

Remember Chin Sol? For those who played Lunasicc187's build originally, I am sure you definitely remember.

So, within 20 Tile Range, Chin Sol is still the King for Damage even after the nerf(From 100% to 50%) to "More Damage with Arrow Hits at Close Range"

Chin Sol can be integrated easily as a Weapon Swap, though 1 thing to note is that if using my Passive Tree, you will only get 174 Dex from it, 38 more dex from some source will be needed to equip Chin Sol which requires 212 Dex.

Note: If you are planning to use Chin Sol, then the "Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow" implicit won't be as necessary as the original implicit on Chin Sol, "+(15-25)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier" at 25% is not a too big difference in terms of DPS compared to "Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow"'s DPS

6. Swapping a Ring to Malachai's Artifice with Summon Lightning Golem

The purpose of utilizing this combination is so that Lightning Golem can trigger the effects of Elemental Equilibrium on the enemy after its lightning attacks(Galvanic Bolt or Orb of Sparks) hit the enemy, which temporary reduces the enemy's Fire and Cold resist by -50% for 5 seconds, providing us with a Huge DPS gain versus Bosses.

All in all, 6 possible modifications for us to push the build further.

Note: Point 4's Frostferno Helm/Barrage Gem, Point 5's Bow and Point 6's Ring are temporary swaps when fighting bosses. We will swap back to our original equipment when not bossing. Point 1 to 3 are "Permanent" modifications to the default build.

31.3 DPS and Pastebin
Let's take a look at how much Shaper DPS we will get from implementing all these

DPS(1 Totem) - 4.69m Shaper DPS
DPS(7 Totems) - 32.83m Shaper DPS

*DPS Numbers are from PoB Community Fork. I believe the Original POB doesn't reflect the DPS of the Barrage Projectiles added together.

POB Pastebin


Also, I didn't use the best possible items in the Pastebin, e.g. only using single corrupted +2 Frostferno and non Corrupted Kaom's Heart so the DPS definitely can be improved further :)
31.4 Flask Setup

and One Life Flask of your Choice

Hope this lets you see the possibilities this build can do/reach. :)

** Questions? **

If you have any questions, please post them in this thread and I will try my best to answer.

Note that I generally don't answer 2 type of questions:

1. Whether the build is good/fast/efficient/etc

Everyone has different preference, playstyle, experience, requirements, etc so it's very subjective. You can take a look at the Videos Section and see if this build might be something that suits what you are asking about.

2. How is this build compared to "that" totem build?

I think it's not fair(To that build) for me to comment on them when I have not played the build myself and only by just looking at their POB/Guide. And to be honest, I haven't really played much builds outside of this one so I'll leave this for others to comment. :)

Thanks for reading!
My 3.12 take/update to Lunasicc187's OneShotKill Elemental Hit Hierophant Guide

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** Community Contributions **

Occasionally there's a helpful/informative post from the community and to avoid them from being lost when the thread grew larger, I'll consolidate them here for easier reading. I'll also provide a link back to their original post as references. For now they are used to store some nice post from the old thread(Will add more when I can find time to go through the old post).

lolshie sharing his detailed method on leveling the build for the 1st 4 acts

lolshie wrote:
Hey yall

Im looking forward to leaguestart with this build in heist (despite not playing it even once after lvl 60 kekw).

I've been playtesting and practicing with it a couple of times this week (so far about 5:00 to 5:20 with all passives and 3 trials, decent speed for skilltree with almost 0 dmg) and here are my tips for first 4 acts (imo they are the hardest and messiest):



Lvl 1
kill hillock, loot stuff. Enter town and check vendors
Sockets we need:
damage setup red-red-blue, blue-blue-blue
other links/socket colours: bue-blue(-blue), red, red, blue.

something like that

if you found nothing equip second sceptre from hillock

Pick purifing flame as a reward.

go out

Grab coast tp, enter mudflats, collect 3 quest-thingy, enter submerged passage, tp to coast, enter tidal island, kill glacial-cascade-casting guy, exit to character selection screen.

You should be lvl 3 or 4 here

Check vendors again, hopefully you'll find something usefull.
Sell stuff. Keep in mind that we will need atleast 2 transmutes and 2 alterations for +fire dmg to spells wand recipe, so try to balance how you are selling and id'ing stuff.

Pick flame totem, infused channeling, frostblink as a quest rewards, buy arcane surge (keep low lvl, about 2-4)

link totem+channeling, surge+purifying flame or surge+frostblink

tp submerged passage

find long stairs in submerged passage drop portal, go to the ledge and on to lower prison, waypoint to town, enter portal, seach for flooded depths, kill crab. exit to character selection screen.

You should be lvl 6-8 here

Grab added fire dmg support.

Hopefully you got enough stuff for 2 firedmg wands. (if you are really want to you can do lightning wands, but keep in mind that we will grab avatar of fire at around lvl 20 and if you are not sure that you will be able to make lvl 20 fire wands dont do it).
You'll need 2 ruby rings (you can create them with red gem +iron ring), 2 magic wands, 2 alterations.
If you cant make 2, 1 is more than enough for act1.

if you are rich buy combustion support.

links for now: totem+added fire+infused channeling, purifying flame+combustion+arcane surge, frostblink.

tp lower prison

Trial in lower prison.
Kill brutus. exit to character selection screen.

You should be lvl 8-9 here

grab flame dash, if you are rich buy clarity (keep as low as needed).

tp next zone (i forgot it's name)

find ship graveyard, grab waypoint, find graveyard cave, find afflame (something like that), go out, find caverns, waypoint to graveyard again, find fairgraves kick his butt, exit to character selection screen.

you should be lvl 10-11 here

You can grab any red gem for later
If you are rich buy 2 sapphire rings from neesa
if you are not, you will suffer

tp merveil caverns

Find and kill merveil, transition to act 2


Go right, clear beast den if you want to (i usualy skip it), grab waypoint in crossroads, go up, trial at chamberofsins 2, kill some lightning-scorpio-dude-hybryd-w/e-that-thing-is, grab quest item, exit to character selection screen.

you should be lvl 13-14 here

Grab wave of convicion in town, if you are rich buy herald of ass(mhm)

tp crossroads

go right, find sword-dude-bandit and slap him good. exit to character selection screen.

you should be lvl 15 here

tp crossroads, go down, trial in crypt lvl 1. You can complete quest here also, exit to character selection screen.

you should be lvl 15-16 here

ditch purifying flame, socket in wave of cockwiction. socket in herald of ash.
Links: purifying flame-combustion-arcane surge. totem-added fire-channeling, flame dash, herald of ash, clarity.

Go out left.

Grab waypoint, go forward to western forrest, find waypoint. on the side of waypoint is allira (slap her good), kill blackguards all the way to the left of the zone, complete quest, find arachnid nest, find big-spooder, kill him, exit to character selection screen.

you should be lvl 16-18 here

Grab contdestruct, buy elefocus if you can.

Links - wave of conviction->combustion->controlled destruction, totem-added fire-channeling, ash, clarity, flamedash-arcane surge.

Hope you are prepping for lvl 20 wand upgrades.
You'll need 2 rare ruby rings, 2 alts, 2 magic wands. Easiest way to get rare rings is essences.

Tp riverways, go top, kill oak in wetlands, enter vaal ruins, enter northern forrest, enter the caverns, grab waypoint, tp to act1 town, grab skillpoint, tp to act2 town, grab 2 skillpoints, do lvl 20 wand upgrade. go kill vaal construct.

you should be lvl 20-21 here

You should have avatar of fire at around lvl 20, skip ancestral bond for now (you can path up to it, just dont take it yet.)


Town->slums->crematorium. Do trial, slap piety (first time). exit to character selection screen.

Grab keys, grab flammability.

go out.

You should be lvl 21-22 here

Sewers->market (another trial in side area near wp)-> battlefront, grab quest item->docks, grab quest item. exit to character selection screen.

Vendor can sell 4links from lvl 24, check him everytime you are in town (you can even check every time you lvl up). You will need 2 items with red-red-blue-blue, blue-blue-blue-blue for now.

Links to work up to:
Wave of conviction-controlled destruction-combustion-arcane surge
totem-added fire-infused channeling-ele focus
flame dash
Flammability (-spell cascade if you want to)
clarity, herald of ash

Waypoint battlefront -> temple of solaris, find crazy lady, grab +int amulet, exit to character selection screen.

You should be lvl 25-26 here

Waypoint sewers -> ebony barracks -> kill angry general -> lunaris temple -> kill piety (second time), exit to character selection screen.

You should be lvl 27 here

If you want to/need to you can create/buy topaz rings to make dominus ezpz

Waypoint -> barracks -> imperial garden, do trial, you can complete siosa quest in the library if you have blue-green link and a chance orb, or if you have green and red socket in weaponswap for elehit+ballista totem. -> go kill dominus in his tower.

You should be about lvl 30 here


Get to act4 town, go to act3 town, do normal lab. Grab Pursuit of Faith

Start doing a4, everything is pretty straight forward for the most part here. Optimal strat is to clear one of the dreams first, get to next zone wp and tp to the other dream to catchup with xp

You should be about lvl 36-37 when you are killing 3 souls before big-scary-dude fight. (also third piety kill here..)

Kill the dude, exit to character selection screen.

Grab multiple totem support, as a reward.

go to act5

You should hit lvl 38 at control blocks or so,

time for the last major gem shuffle untill 60+
if you have red-red-blue-blue socket in spell totem, multiple totems, wave of conviction, combustion. Grab ancestral bond node on the three.

From now on everything should be pretty simple. Sometimes later you can swap out clarity for anger to boost your dmg a bit if you are comfortable with mana issues.

setup live trade searches for heatshiver, upgrade prophecy, combat focuses, rain of splinters and quil rain to snipe them early if possible. I think to buy everything we will need to farm blood aqueducts for a bit. But you can skip it and just go do chaos recipe in t1 maps with totems, just focus on caping your resists. Also be on a lookout for socket colours needed for a swap.
Keep in mind that heatshiver/frostferno is dex based and we need red-red-blue-green sockets there, so be on a lookout for chromes or try to snipe already colored helm

Wish you all luck! and ty Vei for such a nice build
ps. english is not my first language so sorry for any grammar mistakes.

Original Post: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2224772/page/233#p23499491

lolshie sharing a way to get Rampage without swapping belts/gloves, just using Weapon Swap. A bit tricky to do.

lolshie wrote:
Hey guys.

While im working on being n1 elehit with ballista totem on poe.ninja (j/k, no way i will maintain even top 5) i found a way to gain rampage without swapping items from inventory (gloves or belt) manualy.

Since we cannot use ballista totem with melee weapons and we deal 0 dmg i discovered a stupid workaround.


1. So, you need some weapon with rampage on weapon swap (i use dervish)
2. At the start of your map wield your bow normally.
3. when you encounter first mob you place totem, wait for it to fire a projectile
4. immidiately swap to your rampage weapon. Your totems will dissapear, but! projectile will still hit the target. and since we only need 1 kill to actually get rampage started and most of the time our ballistas will oneshot any white/blue/yellow mobs thats all we need.
5. weaponswap to bow again and zoom-zoom rest of the map. Hopefully it's something linear where you can maintain rampage till the end.

It's dumb but it works

Original Post: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2224772/page/239#p23545797

My 3.12 take/update to Lunasicc187's OneShotKill Elemental Hit Hierophant Guide

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** Initial Thoughts/Comments for New Leagues **

This will be where I post my thoughts on upcoming new league's info that is relevant to this build.

3.13 Initial Thoughts/Comments
*This post will be updated as GGG releases more info that I find worth mentioning(i.e. related to our build)*

Please Read Before Venturing into 3.13 with this Build (15th Jan 2021)
This is a 1 stop info and summary of things for people to catch up quickly. For people who are already following the thread and news, there might still be some info that is useful more to the bottom.

Things to Know

We only place ONE totem per cast now, just in case you are not following the news.

Estuary Map is Tier 15 - This means Frostferno will be rarer and not that accesible early which will make it more expensive. For Reference, in Harvest 3.11, Estuary was T14 and Frostferno costed 50c on Day 4.

For Early League Rushers, Refer to 10.3 Note for Early League Rushers and 10.4 Farming Tabula Rasa/Chaos Orbs in my guide on what is the alternative to do after leveling to 60 with Holy Flame Totem.

What's New

Now that we only put 1 totem per cast, some other ascendancies become possible options for this build. Here's a summary with some info for you to see what are the possible choices:


Ascendancy Chosen, where's the POB?

(18th Jan 2021) Malachai's Artifice + Summon Lightning Golem setup has been removed from all POB

Ascendant(Chieftain/Raider)(Defensive Focused/For Starting/leveling): https://pastebin.com/9MNdkk2u(Updated added Sniper's Mark)

Ascendant(Chieftain/Raider)(Offensive Focused/For switching to later): https://pastebin.com/yAnRPQXp(Updated added Sniper's Mark)

Raider: https://pastebin.com/dxGw0Ta0

Chieftain: https://pastebin.com/nHNrtHG9

Hiero(With almost same setup/settings as above for comparison): https://pastebin.com/9cDJvvkr

*Note 1: Have ran through the Gem positions in the POB but might not be the most optimized positions
*Note 2: Other than Hiero, and Offensive Ascendant POB, the build uses Enduring Cry Gem. To use it, bind the skill to your left mouse button so it will auto cast as you walk around as long you have Call to Arms Keystone
*Note 3: Enduring Cry, if on the Bow, shouldn't be linked to the other 5 gems because Increased Duration will increase Enduring Cry's Cooldown

Ascendant POB
A bit of detail on Ascendant's POB, the Defensive one is the one to follow when leveling, after which you have 3 options:

A. When you have about 6.5k HP, switch out Kaom's Heart for other Body Armour like Hyrre Ire, Kintsugi, Replica Shroud of the Lightless(If you can get 6 nice Abyss Jewels) or if you have some Favourite Armour you like.
B. Before reaching 6.5k HP, along the way, slowly respec into the Offensive Focused one.
C. Stay with 6.5k HP no change

Raider POB
There are 2 Options under Gloves, one is based on Clarity + Vitality(Enabled), the other is base on Grace(Disabled).

Chieftain/Hiero POB
Nothing to Note

What is the priority for the Ascendancy Notable?

The following is my recommendations:

1) Tukohama, War's Herald
2) Ramako, Sun's Light
3) Hinekora, Death's Fury
4) Arohongui, Moon's Presence

1) Rapid Assault
2) Quartz Infusion
3) Avatar of the Veil
4) Avatar of the Chase

Ascendant(Ascendancy Choice)
1) Chieftain
2) Whichever you selected as 2nd Ascendancy Choice

Where's the leveling guide?

For Scion/Ranger/Maurader here you go:


For Hiero, please refer to the main guide's "09. Leveling Guide(Level 1 to 60)"

Note that my leveling guides are meant more for Casuals not are not suitable for rushing to Maps.

Alternatively, if you are leveling a Ranger and didn't like Holy Flame Totems or want an alternative, definitely check out crimsonraziel9's post on leveling the Ranger for this build with Toxic Rain(Ballista Linked) + Caustic Arrow.


Mana Issues

We will encounter this issue at some point, for Hiero, generally it's after using Lethal Pride, for others, it will be before using Lethal Pride. To resolve this issue, our goal is to get TWO sources of "Non-Channelling Skills have -9 to Total Mana Cost"

Possible Sources for this Affix
- Crafting the Mod on Rare Rings/Amulet(Note: We use Unique Amulet)
- Natural Roll on Incursion Rings (Ranges from -8 to -6)
- Replica Conquerer's Efficiency
- Using Clarity and Watcher's Eye with Clarity's mod(Up to -10)
- *Praxis Unique Paua Ring (-8 to -4) to Total Mana Cost of Skills (Special Thanks to Abelun for suggesting this!)

*Praxis is actually a great buy(One with -8 mana) early because we can use it for Holy Flame Totem leveling too. We might not be able to use 2 due to requiring Resist on Rare Rings, but using 1 is definitely highly recommended until there are better solutions.

Before having the two sources of "Non-Channelling Skills have -9 to Total Mana Cost"

If you have problem, as long you have already took the "Totem Leech Life to you Ascendancy Notable", just spec into Blood Magic(No more Auras) Keystone and Mortal Conviction(Choose 1 Aura, since Skitterbot doesn't work with this Keystone, we will use Grace) Keystone until you get the 2 x "Non-Channelling Skills have -9 to Total Mana Cost", then use back Skitterbot.

kikuey gave a nice tip saying if not using Skitterbot, Vaal Lightning Trap could be used(If one doesn't mind an additional button) to boost Ele Hit's Damage(EH gets 10% more damage per ailment) and also for the 15% increased damage from the Shock itself, especially useful for those who want to squeeze out more DPS during boss fights!

Please refer to these 2 post on my idea on how to go about it(Includes HP Regen) It's might not be the best but it's a start and we can improve from there:

Post 1: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3005581/page/16#p23754336
Post 2: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3005581/page/16#p23754694

For these 2 class I would highly suggest using 2-3 Life Flask and remember to drink more!

Please be careful when using Blood Rage Gem/Forbidden Taste Unique Flask especially if your Chaos Resist is at -40%! Recommended at least be at positive with Chaos Resist.

Tips on getting the "Non-Channelling Skills have -9 to Total Mana Cost" bench craft
1. Buy a Kalandra's Craft prophecy. Before choosing the options(Interrogate, Kill, Bargain, etc) of Elreon when you encounter him, use the Kalandra's Craft Prophecy then select your option. There's a chance the prophecy will proc and Elreon might drop 4 of his Jewellery. If the prophecy doesn't proc, go back to hideout to seal the prophecy so it don't get wasted on other Syndicate Members or Monsters.

2. Look for someone to help craft it, not from people advertising in the in game trade chat(That's too risky) but in the community forums, the ones with good reputations, with lots of vouches in their Thread.


Alternatively, if you use discord, you can also join the Forbidden Trove Discord to look for Reputable people that are selling Benchcrafting services.


Note that for the above 2, when you are at the crafter's hideout, Pay Attention to the name that you are trading your item to and make sure it's the crafter's. Sometimes there are some bad guys that stay in the crafter's hideout and trade unknowing people into passing their item to them.

3. This one requires you to have Aisling in Research

If you happen to have an Elreon's Ring/Amulet with the Elreon affix(Not the incursion Xopec Affix)

Wrong One - This is incursion Affix

Correct One

It also has to have 3 suffix already, if not it's a 50/50 chance. and note that the affix must be gotten through unveiling.

Use the bench to remove the crafted "Non-Channelling Skills have -* to Total Mana" then use Aisling Research Bench Craft on the item which will create an unveiled mod on it and this guaranteed to be a prefix one since the item already has 3 suffixes.

When you try to unveil the item again, it should have "Non-Channelling Skills have -* to Total Mana" as one of the options for unveil. I haven't personally try this but I saw this tip from 2 popular twitch streamer/youtuber so I believe it works.

Alternatively, a Mana Flask with the Enduring prefix will also help if you prefer this option.

Note that if you are going for the Tabula Rasa Setup(i.e. Early League Rushers), that will make the totems cost 34 Mana per cast compared to 27 on Frostferno. Enduring Mana Flask is probably the way to go for solving the Mana Cost issues in this case.

Other things to note

Please try to avoid maps with these mods:

- Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield
- Players have 20%/40%/60% less Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield(For Raider/Deadeye)

They are not good for our builds.

Thanks for reading and I wish you lots of fun and good luck in Ritual!

3.13 Patch Notes (13th Jan 2021)
Ballista Totem Support
Now causes supported skills do deal 32% less damage at gem level 1 (from 42%), up to 20% less damage at gem level 20 (from 33%).

This is a big buff to Ballista Totem and it's roughly around a 17% increase to our DPS! To put that into perspective if we have 1 more max totem its like around 14% more DPS so it's like we got 1+ totem for "free" but we don't need to place it down to gain it effect which is nice considering that 2 become 1 nerf :)

Estuary Map at T15

Frostferno is going to be rarer and more expensive this league. Unless you are playing the league much later, will have to farm that Tabula Rasa and use the 6L setup until getting access to Frostferno. More info at "10.3 Note for Early League Rushers" and "10.4 Farming Tabula Rasa/Chaos Orbs"

For references, when Estuary was at T14 in Harvest, it costed 50c at Day 4.

Hiero Ascendancy Changes

I have already commented on this further below, refer to the "3.13 Live Reveal + Announcement Page (8th Jan 2021)" Spoiler comments

There was also some very negligible nerf(To us) to some aura gems quality(Divergent Clarity/Divergent Precision) that we might use which I think is not worth mentioning.

Easiest Patch Note evaluation for me. :P

3.13 Ascendancy Classes (12th Jan 2021)

For those who are not aware, GGG has revealed the updated Ascendancy Classes for all 19 in the game https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3008762

After going through it, I think the possible classes for consideration for this build is as follows(Not in any Order of preference)

Ascendancy Choices

Hierophant - If you want highest total DPS(Because 7 Max Totem) + Life/Mana/Placement Speed Quality of Life

Ascendant(Chieftain/Hiero)*** - If you want 2nd highest total DPS(Because 7 Max Totem) + Life Leech and with customization options(In terms of Gear/Ascendancy "shuffling")

Ascendant(Chieftain/Raider) - If you want Good Defense + with Life Leech and with customization options(In terms of Gear/Ascendancy "shuffling")

Chieftain - If you want Good Defense and/or Offense + with Life Leech and not looking to invest so much like Ascendant

Raider - If you like Max 95 Evade/75 Dodge/75 Spell Dodge but don't mind pressing and carrying 2-3 Life Flask

Deadeye - If you like seeing Tons of Projectiles Flying All Around the screen and don't mind pressing and carrying 2-3 Life Flask and getting hit more

***This combination has a bad interaction which is the Ascendant's Hiero option has the "Divine Guidance Mind over Matter effect" which means if we stand on those damage over time piles of fire/poison say in delve, our mana will be sucked dry and unable to cast totems(Have to stay out of those piles).

After going through it, I think there are 4 possible classes for consideration for switching this build to as follows(Not in any Order of preference)

- Chieftain
- Raider
- Deadeye
- Ascendant(Chieftain/Raider)

Note on Pathfinder, I am not a Piano Flask person so I am not sure how effective that Class will be so I'm giving it a pass for now.

I'll just give a general guide since I personally only played Ascendant(Chieftain/Raider) before.

Chieftain - Defensively I think Chieftain is probably the strongest with Totem Leech Life to the Player plus some great defensive Ascendancy Notable. Though Chief also has the option to spec a bit offensively if one wishes. Historically it's also the other "official" Totem Class besides Hiero. Very solid can't go wrong option.

Raider - With the buffed Ascendancy letting us obtain Max 75/75 Dodge/Spell Dodge and 95% Evasion, it's defense very strong. That said, Raider doesn't leech or have life regen so we will be reliant on Life Flasks. Maybe a Vitality Gem might be needed for fights with no minions. It's inevitable we will get hit at some point. I am aware these days are about "Less" Damage, if that is necessary, we can implement the 40+ Sec Fortify Buff method to compliment it's defense.

Deadeye - If you like lots of projectiles flying everywhere! However, I am not sure if Tailwind interacts with Totems, I'll quote what I saw about Tailwind

Tailwind - Base on the info I saw when I looked around(As best as I can). Might be wrong so if anyone knows better, feel free to correct it.

- Totems doesn't activate the Tailwind buff when it shoots
- Totems doesn't get the Tailwind buff through Gathering Winds Ascendancy(even though Totems are considered Allies)
- Totems also doesn't inherit our Action Speed
- Tailwind does helps in our Totem Placement Speed


So if it doesn't interact with Totems, then the benefit of Tailwind will be mainly for the Gale Force buff. Also, most of the points I mentioned above for Raider also apply for Deadeye.

And to add another point for both Deadeye and Raider, it's unknown whether there's any Normal Mob spawn during the 10 boss fights, if not gaining Flask Charges might be an issue.

Ascendant(Chieftain + ?) - is kind of a hybrid that is very very flexible and its up to how one wants to approach it, like maybe you can combine it with hiero ascendancy for the + 1 Totems if you want or maybe go Pathfinder for the Piano Flask. She also has lots more Points in the Passive Tree so you can go for some Cluster Jewel setup if you have some Cluster Jewel Notables you like (e.g. Cremator).

Potentially she can reach 7k+ Life with Kaom's Heart after doing the 2x Might of the Meek + Unnatural Instinct combo in her starting area and taking all the nodes in the Constitution Area which lets us switch out Kaom's Heart for another Armour.I can see that she could be the strongest(as in most steady) for the 10 boss fights since she has leech plus at the same time being able to invest in dodge/spell dodge.

Her equipment will much cost more due to Unnatural Instinct and maybe other customizations.

3.13 Live Reveal + Announcement Page (8th Jan 2021)

TLDR at the end

I think most will have already know the news by now but for the benefit for those who are not aware, GGG mentioned that they rebalanced every Ascendancy Classes for 3.13. Although Hierophant's Ascendancy was not shown in the Live Reveal, we are able to see a preview in the Announcement Page

3.13 Hierophant Ascendancy

Removal of "Skills that would Summon a Totem Summon two Totems instead"

The biggest one here is definitely the missing "Skills that would Summon a Totem Summon two Totems instead" from Ritual of Awakening.

The overall reaction including my own to it is definitely not good. However I would like say that the build is not dead, but rather it's less smooth and the clear speed will be slower compared to the past, especially to people who are used to Hierophant's "2 Totem per cast", since the deployment of the totems will be much slower.

The other thing will be the double amount of mana required to place the totems which will make the "Non-Channelling Skills have (-9–-8) to Total Mana Cost Bench Craft" or an Enduring Mana Flask necessary for more players.


DPS wise, I did some number crunching base on the following differences(Between the New and Old)

- No more 6% increased Damage per Enemy Killed by you or your Totems Recently(Pursuit of Faith)
- No more 10% increased Attack and Cast Speed while you have a Totem(Pursuit of Faith)
- No more Damage Penetrates 5% Elemental Resistances while you have a Power Charge(Conviction of Power)

- We gained 2% more Damage per Summoned Totem(Ritual of Awakening) (So 14% more wth 7 totems up)
- We gained 1 more Power Charge(Conviction of Power)

With the above changes applied to 3 Scenarios:

1. Against Normal Monsters

Although we lose the Pursuit of Faith's "6% increased Damage per Enemy Killed by you or your Totems Recently" but considering normal monster die pretty fast generally, the less damage isn't as big an impact in this scenario for many situations(Except on harder maps(like 100% delirium) and deeper delves where we want as much as DPS we can get)

2. Against Boss that has/generate some Normal Monster during the fight

Depending on how many Normal Monsters that the fight have access to, I would say on average its roughly around the same/slight bit lower in terms of DPS.

3. Against Boss without any Normal Minions during the fight

This is actually a DPS increase.

Overall, I think it averages out.

Conviction of Power

With regards to Conviction of Power changes, we now have permanent 4 Endurance and Power Charges!

I did a test just to confirm, took a +1 Minimum Endurance Charge notable(Disciple of the Unyielding) and it seems like after I generate the one Endurance Charge, it does carry across different instances, including my hideout!

This means before we set off to do anything for the day, just go to a random area to get the 4 minimum Endurance Charge(With an Enduring Cry Gem) and 4 minimum Power Charge(With Power Charge on Critical Gem) and we will permanently have those for the whole session.

Though the bad thing about the Conviction of Power change is the endurance charges no longer interact with Immortal Call, i.e. Immortal Call doesn't consume the Endurance Charge to buff itself so the CWDT + IC setup might not be that good now and we might want to switch to another alternative say CWDT + Steelskin. Will have to test and see.


There have been speculation/mentions(Note: 100% talk, 0% fact!) that the "Skills that would Summon a Totem Summon two Totems instead" might be moved to a Keystone on the Passive Tree, I am not betting on it but I think that will be nice and allow more Ascendancy as viable options for Totem builds.

And I think it's good that at least we got to know about these Hiero changes earlier, and players have time to able to react to it, adjust to this change or change build etc. Imagine if we only got this information on Patch Notes Day(12th Jan), that will be so terrible!


Build is not dead, DPS wise it averages out to be about the same, people who are used to playing the Totem build with Hiero will definitely feel bad being unable to place 2 Totem per Cast and feel the much slower Totem Setup speed thus clear speed, plus probably need to make some adjustments to support the mana required for additional Totem Cast.

Considering that all class/ascendancy is now equal in terms of being only able to put 1 totem per cast, I would see this as an opportunity to explore ascendancies outside of Hiero for this build.



** Archives **

3.12 Initial Thoughts/Comments

21st Sept 2020 - Alternate Quality(Inc Range) Ballista Totem Test

So we wanted to find out if the "Increased Range" of the new alternate quality Ballista Totem(Called Divergent Ballista Totem by the way) is referring to the Max Range that the totem can "see" for the purposes of targeting enemies with attacks.

To test this out I looked for an Enemy Totem since Totems can't move, which is perfect for the Test and tested the Maximum Range of both Ballista Totem.

Here's a picture showing a 14% Quality(which means 14% increased range) Divergent Ballista Totem shooting at the Enemy Totem

And Here's a picture showing the Original Totem shooting at the Enemy Totem with added notes/drawings highlighting the Maximum Range of each totem

Base on the Test Results, it shows that indeed, the "Increased Range" is referring to the Max Range that the totem can "see" for the purposes of targeting enemies with attacks which means this alternate quality is the best Ballista Totem option for us.

Lastly here's a link to the Divergent Ballista Totem Gem for those want to take a look

17th Sept 2020 - Alternate Quality Gems Comments(Last Update: 21st Sept)

These are the few that we will go for(For Ballista Totem, assuming it is as what I expect it to be)

- Frenzy - Alternate Quality 1: Fires an additional Projectile

We can then remove GMP and free up a Gem Slot.

(Update: 21st Sept 2020) - Name of Gem is Anomalous Frenzy

- Cast When Damage Taken - Alternate Quality 1: Supported Skills have 20% increased Skill Effect Duration

Longer Immortal Call, fantastic!

(Update: 21st Sept 2020) - Name of Gem is Anomalous Cast when Damage Taken Support

- Combustion - Alternate Quality 2: Supported Skills deal 20% increased Fire Damage, Ignites from Supported Skills deal Damage 10% slower

We don't deal much ignite damage so a slower ignite in exchange for 10% Increased Fire Damage is a great deal.

(Update: 21st Sept 2020) - Name of Gem is Divergent Combustion Support

- Ballista Totem: Alternate Quality 2: 20% increased Totem Range

This is different wording compared to the Ancestral Reach Notable which says "25% increased Totem Placement range" which by the way I tested it before it doesn't increase the range that we can place our Ballista Totem. If this quality refers to the aggro range which determines how far they can "see" for the purposes of targeting enemies with attacks, then this is awesome!

(Update: 21st Sept 2020) - Name of Gem is Divergent Ballista Totem and it's confirmed that it increases the "Aggro Range"

16th Sept 2020 - Patch Notes Comments(Last Update: 20th Sept)

Overall not too much changes to this build, main ones are the changes to curses and maybe a new skill implementation to our build.

New Skill

Flame Wall looks like it could work well with our build, will wait for Gem Info on the 17th to evaluate again.

(Update: 17th Sept 2020) - Tested the numbers with a 20/20 Flame Wall Gem, doesn't provide a big DPS increase, might be better if the Gem is linked to some Support Gems, but we might not have gem slot for that. Not implementing it for now.

Curses Outlook


Single Curse Setup
Considering we don't really need to Curse normal/magic mobs as they die pretty fast, this mean Curse for us are usually used versus Bosses or sometimes rares when they take a while to be killed. In this case we would like to maximize the effect a Curse provides for us which means going for Marks as they have 100% effect compared to 66%/33% effect Hex have on Bosses/Shaper respectively.

As for Mark choices, we have 2, Sniper's Mark and Assassin's Mark. Sniper's Mark looks to be a clear winner since Cursed enemies take 35% increased damage from projectile hits at gem level 20 taken is HUGE since it's multiplicative damage. Nevertheless I'll verify with POB in case I miss something.

Going for Mark also means we no longer need Curse on Hit gem as that doesn't work with Marks so we free up a Gem Slot for us to use.

(Update: 20th Sept 2020) Path of Building was updated with the latest Gem Info and it seems like Flammability Hex is still stronger than both Sniper's Mark and Assasin's Mark even with the 100% effect on Bosses/Shaper. We will stick to using Flammability Hex.
Refer to Announcement dated 25th Sept

Double Curse Setup
This will mean using 1 Mark(Sniper) + 1 Hex(Flammability) and that means an additional Gem Slot required. I'll have to play around to see if it's worth the Gem Slot cost.

(Update: 17th Sept 2020) This is worth going for.

(Update: 20th Sept 2020) We will be using either
- Flammability Hex + Elemental Weakness Hex or
- Flammability Hex + Sniper's Mark

Other Curse Related Info
There are some new "areas" in the Passive Tree for Curses, specifically

- Marked for Death(southeast of the Duelist)
- Mark the Weak(southeast of the Ranger)

Mark the Weak seems to be very strong as Marked enemies have reduced accuracy, take increased damage and cause hits against Marked Enemies to have increased Critical Strike Chance.

Mark for Death provides increased Effect of our Curses, Culling Strike against Marked enemies, and increased damage with Hits and Ailments against Enemies Marked us.

Both look very strong and definitely something I will look further into.
(Update: 17th Sept 2020) - Both not good enough to be worth pathing to.

Other Changes

Precision Gem
With these considered

- Nerfs to Crit Multiplier Precision mod on Watcher's Eye
- We are using Precision mainly for mods on the Watcher's Eye Jewel
- We don't have any spare Jewel Socket in our current Passive Tree for Watcher's Eye(Nearest costs 3 Passive Points)

My current plan is to drop it and replace it with Vaal Haste(Just for the Vaal Part) assuming there is no better options for the Gem Socket.

We currently have Berserk and when we use it, its also usually the time we will want to use Vaal Haste. Berserk multiplies the Speed provided by Vaal Haste so I think they synergizes very well with each other when both are used together.

On the other hand, if you manage to lay your hands on a Double/Triple Precision Watcher Eye, it's definitely still worth using a Precision Gem for it. We just don't use it by default.

(Update: 17th Sept 2020)I will be dropping Precision for Vaal Haste but will put a note to swap Vaal Haste for Precision for those who are using a Precision Watcher's Eye or just prefer 1 less button to press.

Glancing Blow Keystone Nerf

For those who are interested in the Iron Reflex Version of this build which uses this Keystone, I am not sure how good Glancing Blow will be after the nerf so I will label the Iron Reflex version as "Experimental" for now for those who are still interested in exploring it.

Ultimately we are not a tank build and the default build is still the Dodge version so this nerf doesn't affect us as much.

10th Sept 2020 - Replica Shroud of the Lightless

So GGG released this armour preview a few days back. This armour is very interesting because we don't use any Gems on our Body Armour slot so we can replace Kaom's Heart with this Armour easily.

My first impression is, it definitely will do a lot more Damage(With decent Abyssal Jewels) compared to Kaom's, but by how much? Since it will not be easy to get 6 decent Abyssal Jewels. I did a comparison to see and here goes...

The below comparison is using the Default 7 Totems EV Pastebin(Pre 3.12 Patch Notes) with some slight modifications(To get the 6 Jewel Sockets for the Abyss Jewels)

I will be comparing between:

A. Kaom's Heart with 40% Fire Damage

B. Kaom's Heart with 40% Fire Damage and 50% Increased Damage Corrupted Implicit

C. Shroud of the Lightless with 6 "Reasonable" Searching/Murderous Eye Jewel

Jewel stats as follows:
- +30 to maximum Life
- +10% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
- +5% increased Attack Speed

This should be a Reasonably Obtainable Jewel that we can get 6 of in Heist(Assuming Trade Leagues)

D. Shroud of the Lightless with 6 Perfect Searching Eye Jewel

Jewel stats as follows:
- +40 to maximum Life
- Adds 18 to 32 Fire Damage to Bow Attacks
- +12% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
- +5% increased Attack Speed

Just to see how the best case scenario looks like cos why not. This actually is definitely possible with Harvest League but unfortunately not quite with Heist(At least not 6 of)

Shaper DPS(Per Totem without Berserk active)
A. Kaom's Heart (40% Fire Damage) - 513k
B. Kaom's Heart (40% Fire Damage) with 50% Increased Damage Implicit - 541k
C. Shroud with 6 "Reasonable" Abyss Jewel - 630k
D. Shroud with 6 Perfect Abyss Jewel - 682k

A/B. Kaom's Heart - 500(1300 with *160% Inc Life)
C. Shroud with 6 x 30 Life Jewel - 210(468 with *160% Inc Life)
D. Shroud with 6 x 40 Life Jewel - 240(624 with *160% Inc Life)

*From Passive Tree

Definitely quite a big increase in DPS with Shroud if you can get 6 decent Abyss Jewels but also quite a big tradeoff with the 832(1300 minus 468) less life. Obviously we can get even more DPS from a corrupted Shroud with **% Increased Damage Implicit like the Kaom's.

Overall I think it's definitely something to go for if one wishes to min max their DPS and don't mind the much lesser life.

My 3.12 take/update to Lunasicc187's OneShotKill Elemental Hit Hierophant Guide

Last edited by Vei on Jan 19, 2021, 8:00:21 AM
That's some sweet forum guide right here, good job man. I'll give it a try in 3.13, hoping that the patchnotes are mild to the build.
kljimby wrote:
That's some sweet forum guide right here, good job man. I'll give it a try in 3.13, hoping that the patchnotes are mild to the build.

Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it and I hope the build will serve you well when you try it :)
My 3.12 take/update to Lunasicc187's OneShotKill Elemental Hit Hierophant Guide

Awesome Vei! It is nice to see you started your own thread... This build is sick... Easy to level... Can kill anything...

Sometimes you even get lucky twice.

I am not Anti-Social, I am just selective on whom I wish to be social with.
Ahewaz wrote:
Awesome Vei! It is nice to see you started your own thread... This build is sick... Easy to level... Can kill anything...

Hey there Ahewaz!

It's great to see you here man! Welcome welcome :D

Yeah finally decided to go with a new thread since both Part 1 and 2 of the old post is exploding at the word cap of 50,000/post and I figured not much point creating a Part 3(In the middle of "nowwhere") lol.

Ahewaz wrote:

Sometimes you even get lucky twice.


Wow Congrats!

Hope it will be 4 Times the luck for you next league! ^_^

My 3.12 take/update to Lunasicc187's OneShotKill Elemental Hit Hierophant Guide

I created some videos in honour of your new thread. You are welcome to use them if you want.

All are 3.12 Heist League.

Added 2 more videos - Simulacrum - Chayula

1 stupid death - My fault.
Simulacrum - https://youtu.be/DMyR7ioALB8
Chayula - https://youtu.be/QX2PbStIqk8

Edit 2:
T16 Tropical Island - Nemesis / Single Beyond / 100% Delirium - Yes, I died a few times but, it was a lot of fun. If you ever get a chance, try it.

Edit 3:
5 Way Emblem with

Edit 4:
Mastermind's Lair - Catrina 83

Grand Architect's Temple

Arch Lich's Tomb

Edit 5:
Einhar's Beasts

I am not Anti-Social, I am just selective on whom I wish to be social with.
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