Scourge Arrow Skill Reveal

Oshirgami wrote:
How is this not overly similar to the other new skill?

3 words - Cast while Channeling
Now show it on a map with monsters having increased atk/cast/move speed and you having Temporal Chains. Also, on something more "lively" than a bunch of zombies.
Not to mention Delve is said to be "much harder than maps".
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Exile009 wrote:
nevalopo wrote:
Looks really cool but can someone tell me why i should play this over lightning arrow or tornado shot? Both of thoose skills already 1shot t16 mobs offscreen

Cos Cast while Channeling

But why cast when channeling? Just press 1 button and 2 screens away everything is dead with 1 click with ts/lightning arrow
I mean this with the utmost respect... But you guys still have other skills that need to be worked on (such as spectral shield throw) before you move on to another skill that ALSO just likes like it will need some sort of overhaul to be viable. Try to focus your energy on the "needs work" skills first. Other than that, keep up the overall great work!
Looks balanced.

Hopefullly since we will stick to the cart and (maybe) clear speed meta wont be as much of a big thing, a slower skill like this will have a chance
"Teamwork is OP"
-The one and only one Dark_Reaper115 at your service.
doesn't seem that great, but i could be wrong.
Looks like a shit tornado shot, but at least more effort than shield throw and phantasm on kill. :/
Wonder if new support chaos gem will be chaos conversion.
Might be able to do a true poison arrow build. But not sure why do we want that??? Slower then direct damage, not much more damage then direct damage and direct damage already one shot everything. If you want us to play DoT damage skill, you might need to put more heath in monster and more damage in the DoT.
This..probably won't work with Volley much the same way that Spectral Shield Throw can't. But it would be hilariously glorious if it did. Instant Itano Circus/Danmaku shenanigans. Although if it does I can see myself using it with CwC, Spell Cascade, Desecrate and a Volatile Dead totem for maximum projectile spam.

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