Scourge Arrow Skill Reveal

Another endgame useless skill ...
Until i'm shown (final) bosses kills with this skill i guess you need to pair a second skill ... which means more hassle while building, gearing etc ...
Why should i do that when more effective skills are already available ?...
GGG pls stop introducing new (useless/redunadant) skill and focus on balancing/revamping the (many) already available, thanks.
i LOVE hit-and-run skills like this, old EQ and pizzablast so im realy happy now. Can u add Vessel of the Vaal's laser and Solar Guard's beam spells too pls :)
Overall looks like a great addition. I'm sure it will need fine tuning, like all skills...but I like the fact it doesn't look like an "end all meta." I understand wanting to make sure casuals can kill 95% of the bosses, and do 95% of the maps....but the extreme "Metas" that have been put in the last few leagues have really ruined the leagues in some aspects as well.

Watching over 65% of the player base, use the same 2-3 skills and 2-3 weapons was and is getting old. I'm hoping with adding quite a few new skills/gems at once, added with the others, that we have 10+ popular things going at once...

I'll check it out at least...
A bow channeling skill?


Oh, wait, it is not a minigun-style arrow shooting?


The OP actually says you need Pathfinder ascendancy and some reworked Poison supports for this to make a difference.
It is too slow anyway.
In this PoE world where success = speed, it will not work.

Please make a bow channeling skill pure physical. Firing arrows insanely fast. So they won't be arrows, but bullets. Bullrows!

I'd name my character Human Casualties OO for that.
great another skill that won't be used for endgame ... Bow gameplay is hit and run and not stand there and channel shit .. since u GGG guys won't give bow users a way to use Fortify no one will use that shit beyond running through story ...

You can use champion to get permanent fortify.

The skill looks interesting.
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Seems like a pretty good addition to the already existing skills,a new channeling bow skill
the first one of its kind!Cool :D

But how about instead of adding new skills that work as main skills for clearing and/or killing bosses,that there is already and(almost)endless possibility of skills and combinations of skills that have/havent been used in every possible way by the community as a whole.
But to the normal player there just isnt enough time to try every possible skill and combination since they are constantly getting nerfed and buffed,reworked and left to rot,forgotten and retried.
So how about adding soem new Utility skills because in that category just isnt enough room for change and improvements.
For every build there is a certain aura that dwarves the others in terms of benefit,a certain curse that is way more effective than others,a certain totem that gives a pretty nice bbenefit whilst the rest dont give but a slight buff,a warcry that is allways being used and the others are forgotten...
Adding some new utility skills(auras,totems,warcries,curses,buffing skills like phase rin and molten shell),In my opinion this will offer a lot more diversity to the common player and(in some way or another)bridge the gap between meta builds and non-meta builds just a little bit,and make already existing skills that are just too clunky to be used as others(blight/mirror arrow/cremation),or have too little damage(cleave/dark pact/discharge),much more enjoyable.
I have a couple of suggestions and ideas of mine that,i think,might make this game better:

-Weapon Masteries
-Can Be Used As Both Auras(That Reserve 25% or 35% mana,Gives 5%-15% More Damage With Theire Respective Weapon,Aswell As Giving The Player Certain Benefits,Based On The Respective Mastery)Or As A Buff(The Same Effects Except The Certain Benefits Are Slightly Augmented.Only Works As A Buffing Skill If Its Supported By Triggering Supports like CWDT And CWC And/Or Triggering Weapons Like Poets Pen Or Mjolner)
-Only Sold By Masters At Or After LVL 6(A 5%-10% Chance of appearing for sale should be enough.Cannot Be Dropped By Any Monster Or Boss,Nor By Vagan After Being Defeated)
-Those Will Be:
*Sword/Axe/Mace Mastery:
-Sold By Vagan And Leo For 5-10c
-Gives 5%-15% More Damage With Swords/Axes/Maces(Depending On Mastery Tipe),5% At Gem Lvl 1 And 15% At Gem Lvl 20
-Gives 5% Chance To Deal Double Damage(If Used As An Aura.Sword Mastery)
-Gives 10% Chance To Deal Double Damage(If Used As A Buffing Skill.Sword Mastery)
-Gives 20% Chance To Cause Bleeding(If Used As An Aura.Axe Mastery)
-Gives 25% Chance To Cause Bledding And Adds 10-20 Physical Damage To Attack Against Bleeding Enemies(If Used As A Buffing Skill.Axe Mastery
-Gives 15% Enemy Stun Threshold Reduction And 5% Physical Mitigation Reduction Against Enemies(If Used As An Aura.Mace Mastery.Physical Mitigation Reduction Against Enemies Worsk Like Normal Elemental Penetration But For Physical Damage)
- Gives 25% Enemy Stun Threshold Reduction And 15% Physical Mitigation Reduction Against Enemies(If Used As A Buffing Skill.Mace Matery.Physical Mitigation Reduction Against Enemies Worsk Like Normal Elemental Penetration But For Physical Damage)
-(If Used As A Buffing Skill)Has A Base Duration Of 4 Seconds And A Cooldown Of 8 Seconds At Gem Level 1 And 4 Seconds At Gem Lvl 20,And Shares The Same Cooldow With Other Masteries(This Way It Wont Be OP With CWDT Lvl 1 And Not Too Bad With CWDT Lvl 20)
-Available From Lvl 16
*Bow Mastery
-Sold By Tora For 5-10c
-Gives 5%-15% More Damage With Bows,5% At Gem Lvl 1 And 15% At Gem Lvl 20
-Gives 10% Movement Speed(If Used As And Aura)
-Gives 15% Movement Speed And 5% Chance For Arrows To Chain Once,Can Apply To Arrows That Have Already Chained,Pierced Or Forked(If Used As A Buffing Skill)
*Claw/Dagger Mastery
-Sold By Vorici For 5-10c
-Gives 5%-15% More Damage With Claws/Daggers,5% At Gem Lvl 1 And 15% At Gem Lvl 20
-Gives 10% Chance To Poison(If Used As And Aura.Claw Mastery)
-Gives 15% Chance To Poison And 5% Chance To Deal Triple Damage(If Used As A Buffing Skill.Claw Mastery)
-Gives 0.5% Extra Base Crit Chance(If Used As And Aura)
-Gives 1% Extra Base Crit Chance(If Used As A Buffing Skill)
*Armour Mastery
-Gives 5%-15% More Base Defences,5% At Gem Lvl 1 And 15% At Gem Lvl 20
-Gives 6% Block Chance(If Used As And Aura)
-Gives 8% Block Chance And 10%-20% Of Block Chance Applied To Spells,10% At Gem Lvl 1 And 20% At Gem Lvl 20(If Used As A Buffing Skill)

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After completing the service,please vouch my thread,vouches are greatly appreciated!
^Too much info, wrong place for it

(put it in suggestions or you wont get an answer for sure)

the more I read the replies, the more everyone seems to agree this skill is not a good fit for bow.
I think GGG overthought the crap out of this and should've just reworked barrage to be a channel skill.
IMO, channel + DoT has already killed this skill. Making it a bow skill is overkill.
The only defense these type of chars have is killing mobs first, lets remove it!

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