Scourge Arrow Skill Reveal

Looks really cool but can someone tell me why i should play this over lightning arrow or tornado shot? Both of thoose skills already 1shot t16 mobs offscreen
DJKiller666 wrote:
Looks great, but it feels that gameplay will be too slow without Less duration etc.
Then put it in and hush...>_>
Holy chris..
[Removed by Support]
OwO What's this?
could you post the gem details please?
changes to Poison passive skills, the changes to the Pathfinder Ascendancy, and the new support gem for Chaos-based attacks

^ This is the real news here, oooooooh yeaaaaah.
How is this not overly similar to the other new skill?
Both drop spores that explode in AoE after a delay. Just one starts as line and the other starts as an AoE like rain of arrows...

One is hit+hit and the other hit+dot I guess...

And I'm guessing that Withering Touch is going to apply a stacking -chaos %res debuff on hit with supported skills.
So a skill like this which can apply many hits at once is good with it.
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So like, chaos-damage tornado shot, eh? Might be worth looking deeper into.

I'll be interested in seeing the other poison/chaos changes they mentioned, and how they can work with this.
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thezensei wrote:
I'm assuming it will work with Cast While Channeling?

Absolutely should, this is one bow skill I will try for sure.
~ I miss handshakes, high-fives and hugs.
maybe if " % faster charging and actions" were a thing with charge or channeling skills on items and passive tree id do it but until then it's a bit too slow for me.

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