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[3.6] Kitava's Thirst Builds - Flame Surge - Life or ES - Uber Elder/T16 Farm

I've been maintaining this guide since 3.0, with several different versions over time.
It's a Cast on Cast Flame Surge, triggering spells in helmet to ignite and provide further support for Flame Surge. I've been farming endgame content every league.
There's also a Blade Vortex Variant.
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[3.6] The Bane Point&Click - QuadriCurse - All mods - Uber Farmer Viable

My league starter using Bane as main skill, having great DPS while keeping really great defences.
This is a ball lightning build that utilizes a lot of different uniques to maximize damage output of the Shimmeron wands. This is my first guide and will be adding more content to this.
Ethereal Knives Trickster, Physical/Chaos Damage Fast Mapper.

please check my build, and if you have some suggestion, how to make it better, PM me.

Best Regards
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Lol, there is a ton of tricksters, who uses Winter Orb and have up to 5 mil Shaper DPS ... per projectile! So, 20-25 mil total.
And no any guide about this

GGG, such a shame on making such stupid OP, as Eternity Shroud
I'm Russian and I love it.
Auctioneer House - just MUST be here! Most of sellers do not reply, not even talking about AFKers and offliners!
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Ignite based lightning Divine Ire Trickster.

Used this build as second character and using atm. Killed uber elder yesterday, damage is very solid (near 1M after last changes) mostly for pure ignite build. Will add videos when ill back to home next week.
I read your the post about naming guides so made some little changes:

[3.6] Tivis Tendies | pretty fast Lightning Tendrils/Orb of Storm Trickster | Uber Elder down

[3.6] Lightning Tendrils/Orb of Storm Trickster | perfectly viable for all content

its a pretty well-rounded build, capable of everything and very fun.
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Ice Trap Saboteur with Elemental Equilibrium (EE):

Uber Elder downed, League starter, SSF viable and works on budget gears.

The build is life based instead of mind over matter (MoM).
Please have a look into my build and any suggestion to improve it is welcome. I'm uploading more contents from time to time whenever I have a chance to record the gameplays.

Feel free to drop by my YouTube channel for the most recent builds that I have played.
Wave of Conviction, Trickster.
Self-cast, life/es build.
Uber elder down, almost all content.
Corrected and still updating.
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This is my 3.6 Trickster Vortex + Cold Snap CI build.

It's a very well-rounded "do it all in one character" kind of deal.

Can do all content on medium to low budget and scales incredibly well with more investment.

Very Defensive and good dps. The character generally just feels good.

Thanks for looking!

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