[3.7] Tivis Tendies | pretty fast Lightning Tendrils/Orb of Storm Trickster | Uber Elder down

Whats the idea behind this build? I was playing this build https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2459778 but Divine Ire didnt really appeal to me and one day I thought that Lightning Tendrils should work great in this setup - combined with Orb of Storm, which should be clearing quite well. And hell yes, it turned out to be absolutely amazing.

Some words on the costs of the build: To get this build uber elder viable you should invest about 5-8ex I think. Although I think you can play this build on low budget too, I won't cover this in the guide tho.

PoB (check the notes): https://pastebin.com/SDEVY7px

+ great single target damage
+ amazing clear speed
+ easy to gear for
+ pretty tanky
+ all in all perfect balance of defense, offense and QoL/utility
+ the build just has everything: movement speed, cast speed, huge damage, huge aoe, decent
tankyness, everything without any sacrifices
+ all content viable
+ satisfying herald action
+ kind of off meta as we are using Lightning Tendrils
+ can run almost every map mod
+ permanent charges and Onslaught during boss fights

- bad life gain mechanics
- cannot run ele reflect
- mid range budet
- slightly inconsistant damage output as we don't have much crit chance (60-70%)

Please listen to this while reading the guide: https://youtu.be/v2AC41dglnM

UPDATED: CHECK THE COMMENTS FOR CHANGELOG (TLDR, the build got nerfed, but it should be still good)

Media (Uber Elder fight):

How does it work?
We use Lightning Tendrils as our sinle target skill. Orb of Storm provides us permanent Onslaught and Innervate while on the same time clearing multiple screens. The overall clear speed can easyly compete with Winter Orb.
The damage is coming from the non-chaos added as extra chaos damage/ ele-conversion mechanics provided by the trickster ascendancy. The Perfect Form body armour and Tricksters Ghost Shrouds provide us all the tankyness that is required.
In the following sections I will cover my mapping and single target set ups. The latter of which I am only using when facing Uber Elder, so there is NO constant gem/skill swapping! I will also show you the "normal" version which should be used until you have all your gear and gems maxed out and before you start running high tier maps brainlessly.

In-depth Offense expanation:
- Harness the Void (Trickster Ascendancy): Adds a bunch of non-chaos damage as extra chaos damage
- Call of the Brotherhood: With two of them we convert 80% of Lightnig damage to Cold, but why is that usefull? When it comes to "non-chaos damage added as extra chaos damage" the game counts the full amount of lightning damage before the conversion to cold and the converted cold damage. So 100% of lightning damage and 80% of this value will be added as extra chaos damage.

Example calculation:
Admit that your spell deals 100 lightning damage. 80% of it are converted to cold. You deal now 20 lightning damage and 80 cold damage.
Now 50% of your non-chaos damage is added as chaos damage:
100 lightning damage -> 50 chaos damage
80 cold damage -> 40 chaos damage
Result: 90 chaos damage + 20 lightnig damage + 80 cold damage = 190 damage.
This conversion chain can be done with physical damage as well: Phys -> Lightning -> Cold -> Fire -> Chaos
As we don't play with physical dmage it doesnt matter. We could convert some cold damage to fire damage with the Cold to Fire gem , but according to PoB it isnt as benfetial as using the bis gem.

- Duskdawn: Adds even more chaos damage based on our combined elemental damage and gives a lot of increased spell damage, crit multi as well as some crit chance
- Swift Killer (Trickster Ascendancy): 100% increased damage and easy access to 4 Power and Frenzy charges.
- Escape Artist (Trickster Ascendancy): 36% increased Cast Speed...
- Onslaught and Innervation provided by Orb of Storm, which deals also some damage
- Spell Damage, Cast Speed, Crit Chance and Multi nodes frome the skill tree
- Atziris Promise and Dimond Flaks
- Of course our Support Gems... ;)
- Herald of Ice and Lightning
- Zealotry
- Assassins Mark, if you decide to use it
- Arcane Surge

Damage modifier - most important to least important:
- non-chaos damage or elemental damage as extra chaos damage
- critical strike multiplier
- increased cast speed
- increased spell damage
- increased critical strike chance
- increased lightning damage
- increased cold damage

In-depth Defense explanation:
- Mind over Matter and Eldritch Battery (Skill Tree): Mind over Matter makes that 30% of damage is taken from mana before life, while Eldritch Battery makes our energy shield protect mana instead of life. This way we can make use of 1 Aura and 2 Heralds! And yeah, it also reduces damage taken by 30%... We could actually use 2 auras, Wrath would be the second one in this case, but it only adss a little bit damage. I rather keep the heralds.
- Ghost Dance (Trickster Ascandancy): 5% evade chance, 9% reduced damage taken and a ghost shroud per second up to maximum 3.
- Ghost Shrouds: they do not only reduce damage taken and increase our cast speed, but when you loose one (which you do when getting hit) you automatically get 5% of your evasion rating as energy shield back. That basicly means that you immediatly regen about 1000 ES on hit!!!
- next to Ghost Shrouds we use energy shield leech from the Energy Leech gem
- Escape Artist: converts evasion rating from our body armour to ES! That provides a solid amount of ES. Next to this you should try to get combined 250 ES from your gear, at least 150!

- Evade Chance: Some incr Evasion Rating from the Skill Tree, some evasion rating from our Chest and Helmet (due to Escape Artist) and Jade Flask result in a bit more than 60% Evade Chance!
- Escape Artist and The Perfect Form + Atziris Spep: 66% Spell Dodge Chance!
- Duskdawn: 30% chance to block attack Damage
- Infusion and Arctic Armour: 21% less Physical damage taken (while channeling only)
- chill and freeze!

- Life!, we can get more than 5000, which is enough if combined with MoM
- the biggest problem is how to get back life when hit, we use multiple ways to fix this, but none of them is perfect :(
- Consecrated Ground from Zealotry -> 6% incr life regen
- 2,3% incr life regen from the skill tree
- life leech from Atziris Promise , but only when its active!
- life leeched after killing an enemy (boots enchant), which prvides solid life leech while mapping, not during most boss fights tho...
- chaos damage leeched as life from amulet if you can get one, you don't have to get the boots enchant then
- be aware of the fact that stacking multiple sources of life leech doesnt make sense, 0.4% of damage Leeched is enough, higher numbers won't make you leech more. The only thing to look for is constant leech for all situations.
-> all of this combined we somehow manage to sustain our life pool, but it really doesnt feel that great, thats the best we can get tho!

Ascandancy/Skill Tree/Pantheon/Bandits:
Ascandancy Nodes:
1. Ghost Dance
2. Swift Killer
3. Escape Artist (swap to MoM+EB when you get it)
4. Harness the Void

Passive Trees (Level 94):
Normal: www.poeurl.com/coNU
Mapping (with Inspired Learning): www.poeurl.com/coNI
for Uber Elder: www.poeurl.com/coNV


Soul of Solaris and Soul of Tukohama, Soul of Garukhan for mapping

Bandits: Help Alira!

My current Gear - 3.6, might be outdated:

Duskdawn - Provides a bunch of damage and attack block chance. It's definitely the bis unique.
You can use a well rolled rare staff until you get a Duskdawn as it is quite expansive.
Sure, a pretty good staff is even better than a Duskdawn but this staff has to be absolutely amazing to be significantly better. Example:

*+2 of socketed Lightning Gems of course... mixed it up in PoB. This Staff would add about 400.000 DPS while being unreachable rare and expansive. Totaly not worth...

Staff vs Dual Wield vs shield :
I chose a staff as we can get all the needed colors on it much easier than on the body armour. Having 5 blue sockets on a high dex base is pretty cost heavy. The staff also grants attack block chance.
If you manage to get the requiered colors on your body armour you can decide if you want to go for rare shield/Light of Lunaris and a wand or just two wands. The latter would grant even more damage than the staff version with good wands (two of those are even more expansive than one Duskdawn), and the shield version would be a bit tankier and easier to gear for, with the weakest damage.

Body Armour:
The Perfect Form - Best option here, it provides all the defenses we need. Spell evade chance, energy shield and physical mitigation. The only downside is that its very difficult to get the correct colours, which is why I chose to use a (int based) staff.

Rare Helmet - Look for one with 2 of the following 3 gem mods: Hypothermia, Innervate or Incr Aoe support. Only one of them is ok for the beginning. These mods are mandatory. Next you should look for as much as possible ES (we get more evasion rating this way too). If you can get this Helmet plus a good life roll -> GREAT! If not, just take one with these mods and some resists. I wasnt able to find one with all I need and life. Instead I got one with +1 crit chance, which is amazing too. We will be using our Orb of Storm in this Helmet if you havent noticed yet.

Rare Gloves: life, resists, dexterity, energy shield

Atziri's Step: Almost mandatory as it gives us all we need but resists... Try to get the leech enchant on it, shouldn't be that expansive.

2x Call of the Brotherhood. Explained in the In-Depth Offense explanation. We get some resists here too.

Rare Amulet: life, resists, dexterity, energy shield, chaos damage leeched as life, non-chaos damage added as extra chaos damage, crit multi, cast speed, crit chance

Rare Belt:
1 socket, life, resists, energy shield

Look for increased/added life and energy shield
Additionally you should try to get: Crit Multi while wielding a staff / with elemental skills / with lightning skills
A big damage bonus is the Zealotry Watchers Eye that grants Arcane Surge, I highly recommend getting one!

Atziri's Promise: some nice damage and leech
Quicksilver Flask: high movement speed, get the 30% incr ms explicit
Jade Flsk: more evasion rating, I got mine with curse immunity
Diamond Flaks: more crit chance, mine with anti freeze
Divine life Flaks: with anti bleed and instant recovery

don't forget to quality up your flasks!!
Why aren't you using another unique flask like Bottled Faith? It would be a nice damage upgarde, sure, but it is simply not necessary, I rather take the additional evasion rating and curse immunity, that's much more defensive...
I recommend to swap the Quicksilver Flask for Bottled Faith when facing Uber Elder tho.


Six-linked staff:
Lightning Tendrils (21/20) - Infused Channeling (20/20) - Energy Leech (20/20) - Controlled Destruction (20/20) - Hypothermia (20/20) - Increased Area of Effect (20/20) (Swap for Concentrated Effect (20/20) for major bosses, otherwhise it isnt that necessary)

Helmet (depends on what two gems you have as mods on your helmet):

Orb of Storm (21/20) - Onslaught (20/20) - Energy Leech (20/20) - Innervate (21/0) - Increased Area of Effect (20/20) - Hypothermia (20/20) (two of the last 3 gems should be mods on your helmet)
You can swap Energy Leech (20/20) for Faster Casting (20/20) if you think it feels better, I am doing so for clearing maps quickly

any 4-link:

Cant when damage Taken (1/0) - Immortal Call (3/0) / Faster Casting (20/20) - Flame Dash (20/20)

any 4-link:
Increased Duration (20/20) - Vaal Righteous Fire (20/20) - Phase Run (20/20) - Assassins Mark (20/0)

remaining sockets:
Arctic Armour (20/0) - Summon Lightning Golem (20/20) - Herald of Ice (20/20) - Herald of Thunder (20/20) - Zealotry (20/0)

As already mentioned I initially started this char as a Divine Ire Trickster and swaped to Lightning Tendrils when I was level 93. Therefore I cannot provide any first-hand Lightning Tendrils leveling information. Still I think that leveling with the endgame set up (LT and OoS) should be pretty easy and effortless. In this section I will just give you some generell leveling advice, you can skip this if you are a advanced player as you can basicly level with whatever spell you want.

Gest started with:

Tabula Rasa
Wanderlust/Seven League Step if you are wealthy
Get two Quicksilver Flasks at Level 4
Lifespring Wand
Gems: Lightning Tendrils - Arcane Surge Support (put it in your Wand)
Fill the rest slots with rare gear that provieds life, resists, energy shield and if needed attributes as you progress through the acts

Swap to two Axiom Perpetuum Sceptres at level 10.

If you have any ,ana problems use a Praxis Ring.

Go for the following Gem links:
Lightning tendrils - Increased Critical Strikes - Concentrated Effects - Arcane Surge - Controlled Destruction - Energy Leech

Use this set up until you reach Act 6, take Lillys Quest - clear the Twillight Strand.
Now got to the trade site of your choice and buy better gear. Get your resists to 75%, get some life and energy shield.
Now check PoB for the best Lightning Tendril support gems.
You can now also buy all other gems that you want to use (cwdt+immortal call for example).
Use this set up until you finish the acts. don't forget to gt your Ascandancy Points as soon as you reach the recommended level.
Do maps until level 70, again, buy some gear. Depending on your budget you can already buy the bis items now.
As soon as you complete the 3. Lab you can swap to MoM and EB.

I know that "guide" is pretty rough, but atm I cannot give better advice. If you somehow struggle and don't knwo what to do just look for any caster leveling guide, they easily apply to this build as well.

Other Guides:

[3.7] Zens Holy Chief | Purifying Flame - Totem Chieftain | alll content viable: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2499840
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The guide is done now. I hope you will enjoy it. If it is still lacking any information or if you encounter any logical issues please let me know.
I will post the change log in this comment if there are any changes.

3.7 Update:


Whats new/gone in 3.7?:
- Trickster got nerfed: 10% less spell evasion, 18% cast speed instead of 36% and we ggenerate shroud charges slower.
- a bit less energy shield
- the staff wheel moved, takes the same amount of skill points tho
- when it comes to uber elder the buid has been nerfed quite a lot as we cant utilize Warlords Mark anymore. This curse enabled the build to be Uber Elder viable. With good gear I think it still is, but not that easy.

Changes to the Guide:

- Trees and PoB have been updated
- Warlords Mark section has been updated
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Can you do well with 5L?
Reserved, just in Case ...

~Dein zweeter AkniEU
Tecken1407 wrote:
Can you do well with 5L?

Sure, you can. For Uber Elder it would be nice to have a 6th link but for all other content you can go with a 5 link.
Hey, just wanted to say! Fun build so far. It /does/ seem to work on a budget, but I'm not super far into endgame. Thanks for putting it up!
wouldnt storm burst be better than tendrils?
wouldnt storm burst be better than tendrils?

It might be that you can achieve higher dps with storm burst but:
1. you have to scale phyisical damage too
2. you have to convert phys to ele
3. orb of storm doesnt benefit of 1. and 2.
4. Lightning Tendrils feels better (damage is applied faster)
5. Using storm burst would just be another tripple-conversion-chain-and-as extra-chaos=huge-dps-build, just like divine ire.

choose whatever playstyle you like better. But be aware of the fact that this guide isnt made for storm burst.
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how do u place multipul orbs like in top gif i am knew an i can only place one
Pineapplecow wrote:
how do u place multipul orbs like in top gif i am knew an i can only place one

you cant cast oos twice, what you see in the gif is most likely just something else

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