[3.8] Laverd's Hybrid Wave of Conviction Trickster - Uber Elder capable

Wanted to do shitty saboteur WoC mines, did trickster self-cast.
Already did few builds in past leagues, but never posted them even if they were better than existing ones. Wanted to try posting current one even if it's late in league.
Actually works, oneshots doggie in lab and his owner phases (with average staff). Shaper is shaper, everyone disrespects him.
Works in uelder even with my shitty mechanics.
Can do any content as long as it isn't HoGM where chaos characters wrecks us.

Build doesn't change. Only leveling. They changed +1 gem recipe outcome, so you get flat damage now. You can still use essences from lvl 30 tho.
League gave us some new stuff that we can add — we can add Counterweight node in tree with oils. Good af.
I'm still not sure how efficient this build will be in Blight, since i'm not playing it for now.
Also Assassin is now quite insane, so it is possible to convert this build to gain a lot more damage
(in this league i won't be surprised if it will double it, just switching nodes gave me +2mil, elusive buff and there is also our awesome flask that gave us truly shitton of damage)
+ MS, however with price — 1k less ES + cost of movement skills would be back (it opens a way to get arcane surge with flame dash tho.), ah and mana issues. Mana Leech Support doesn't work anymore, so it is hard without trickster ascendancy now.

Pro's & Con's

+ Decent DPS (league ez 4,5-4,9mil ||| standard easily +2 mil \\ shaper DPS PoB).
+ Around 9,6k ehp on league (3,1k hp/6,5k ES) might go higher.
+ All content (excluding HoGM).
+ Pleasant to play.
+ Lightning warp (for me it's a pro).
+ No mana regen maps? Pfft. Lightning Warp throught that without any care.
+ Cheaper to start (workable below 1-2 ex).

- Not cheap to end
(for very satisfying stuff it's 10-14ex = 6-7 for staff + 4 for empower + a little for eq).
- Chaos might hurt.
- Not another Summoner build.
- Not immune to physical, nor elemental reflect.
- Not a vegan HC SSF gluten-free build.
- Trickster, lel
- Without skins looks like abomination, just like 90% of builds.



+ Watcher's Eye with Arcane Surge/Zealotry for a few c.
Watcher's eye with Arcane Surge/Zealotry is not that important tbh, but is a good upgrade for bosskilling.


+ Watcher's Eye with Zealotry/Arcane Surge and Clarity/%Mana->ES

The staff is my biggest upgrade — before it is just essenced with +2 to fire gems(4c) +spelldmg from bench(4c) and works well. I do craft the current one with:
6L -> altspam -> regal -> annul -> crafts from this trustable guy in spoiler:

▲You need citrine amulet to fix dex/str stats.
▲The helmet and gloves enchants I have are probably the best for this build, not sure about boots since there are other good options.
▲Belt is cheap, but can be cheaper if you buy good rolls and then use prophecy to upgrade it by yourself. Rest of the eq is rather cheap.
▲Also 5L armour with prophecy, cheaper.
About the QoL in armour, maybe Enduring Cry? You can search for other combos, it's up to you.
▲Empower from cards is cheaper


Recommended League:

Recommended Standard:

▲Almost every flask is BiS, especially Cinderswallow which keeps us alive in mob packs.
Sin's Rebirth imo is generally a lot better than good roll Taste of Hate, but it depends on your preferences and content you do. Also there is optional Bottled Faith, available only to std rich bois for now.

How to boost my setup even higher?
▲I did use in my build Skyforth, but it's a trade. You will get around 500 less energy shield (so you will be below 10k ehp) and less survival, but you can gain more damage and higher stun threshold.
Up to you.
▲[3.8]You can enchant your amulet with Counterweight node for half million free sDPS.
▲For example you can look for Shaper's Touch, especially with corrupt critical chance implicit(10c), they are overall better than es gloves. Ofc if you are able to manage your resists. Sockets are doable with vaals and bench.
▲Or just get more expensive gloves/boots/amulet with more ES.
▲If you're rich and on std, then you want to get this awesome flask for this build — Bottled Faith. It can take place of Sin's Rebirth.
▲And if you got hands on Bottled Faith and decided to give up on Sin's Rebirth consider putting a point into Zealot's Oath, so you will acquire some regen for ES after losing Ignite immunity to boost your survival.

Passive Tree
Latest correction: 21:46 CET - 04.09.2019
PoB lvl is 91.
PoB: https://pastebin.com/nqHSn71Z

What after 91?


▲I'll recommend taking Zealot's Oath node. It is a must with a Bottled Faith.
▲You can run for nearbly DPS nodes.
▲You can get jewel sockets and socket something similiar to these: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Legion/er2LkYhL
It's probably not worth difference and if it is, it will be pricy.
▲Try your own way to upgrade build and share it with us!

Install PoB you lazy people.


Harness the Void -> Ghost Dance -> Escape Artist -> Weave the Arcane

Help Alira:
▲Crit multi (more dmg),
▲Mana regen (useful for us),
▲Resists (overcapping res is good for maps with elemental weakness)

Major God:
Brine king for mapping (stunlocks+chills aren't funny)
Solaris for uberlab/harder bosses (%elemental, %physical reductions)

Minor God:
Upgraded Shakari (Poison immunity = less chaos to worry about)
Upgraded Yugul (Only for Uber Elder tbh)


▲Before you get WoC skill you can lvl up with any gem. It's just for a few levels anyway.
▲We can use our mainskill at lvl 16 and get it as quest reward after "The Root of the Problem" in Act 2 from Yeena.
▲First link would be WoC-Added Fire and put that to result of your vendor recipe: magic rarity 'wand' sold to vendor with ruby ring. It will give us wand with some flat damage (better than nothing, heh).
▲Rest of the gems we can catch during quests, buy from other people or NPC at the end of Act 3 in Library and start of Act 6 Lilly Roth after clearing beach.
▲At level 18 remember to get Concentrated Effect, because it gives us huge damage without any harm to our skill.
▲If you can't afford tabula rasa, at lvl 28 there is this staff "Xigil's Crank" at pathofexile.com/trade worth whole 1alch — which was good for the rest of the leveling.
▲By now you noticed you were strong early game, but you get oneshotted later in Acts. Don't be scared — after upgrade with The Vertex + Atziri's Splendour it changes. So basically, you will be wrecked at Blood Aqueduct and after 75 you will turn the tables and wreck everything else.
This build won't be that squishy, trust me.
▲At Act 9 farm Blood Aqueduct to get near 68-70 lvl, by the time you reach that you will get enough Chaos from recipe for at least helmet and later at lvl 75 armour, which are huge survival boosts.
▲Your next huge buff will be 6L staff either from cards or just from pathofexile.com/trade.
▲Slowly gain power, while gaining more stuff to complete your build
▲Abuse chaos recipe a lot. Learn how to run Uber Lab for huge profits.


During mapping just spam Cinderswallow before every pack, it fills quickly as we ignite enemies. Use the rest of the flasks for the boss.

For bosses use brand to curse on enemy (it gives a lot of dps!). Also use Lightning Warp before bursts to get maximum DPS.

General tips for bosses

▲Any other breachstone is ez, but this one is a bit special — she deals chaos damage. If you don't have sufficient DPS yet or are you in a party with more people you have to manage your hp flask well otherwise you will die. By well I mean not to use it on full hp. If you don't feel confident in that, bring more hp flasks.

Uber Atziri:
▲It's DPS check boss, don't try it too early.
▲Don't tank whole packs of chaos mobs, you can't.
▲First boss is a piece of cake, just burst them
▲At the trio, second bosses - you shuld go close to the wall and get the chaos grill from behind as your first prey ;).
▲Third boss, Atziri: When she has 4 copies, stay in the middle and burst any of the 3 that doesn't hold mirror. When she's in the middle you can't facetank, so try to move a bit.

Uber Lab:
▲He's unable to oneshot you and if you aim for the waited out key you can Lighting warp around.
▲Easily farmable after 75.
▲Without 75 it is doable, but you have to warp around.
▲If you reach above 800k DPS ingame skill without buffs you should be able to burst him instant back to his elevator.
▲Just be careful with Lieutenants and reflect aura from one of them.

▲Depending on mods you should be able to melt them pretty fast. Facetanking them is 50%/50%. Safest and 100% deathless try is to jump from their first attack and hit few times. With tanky mods repeat few times.
▲Chimera requires your immunity to poison pantheon and is worst for us.
▲Minotaur is easiest, after he dives just lightning warp at position he was in before and burst him.
▲Hydra is a bit harder, but easier than Chimera. I've met only tanky ones, so try to be behind her all times while avoiding "boss room water balls"
▲Phoenix is close to Minotaur in easiness. Simple burst, but you have to escape to the other side of arena in case he starts to charge his explosion attack

▲Actually run around him and poke.
▲Wait with flasks for the right moment to burst, so you don't waste them at the start of any phase
▲During beams you can Lightning warp behind him and do "nothing personal kiddo" — god, it's cringy
▲Lightning warp away sec after he disappears to smash you.

Uber Elder:
▲Remember to switch pantheons
▲Try to use your 20% quality antifreeze flask to the fullest. Most of the deaths will be from elder slow/freezes.
▲You can't waste time on warping around. If you focus on melting bosses you will have less situations in which you will lose your precious portals.
▲Everyone sucks at doing this boss if they didn't try it a lot of times before, so if it's your first try, then watch any vid and fail miserable a few times
▲Also see that octopus in vid? You don't like them. They do this degen ground.

Additional info

Vaal Discipline is your awesome flask for ES.

Flame golem from PoB is worse than Lightning golem, but with that damage I don't mind that little dmg more or less. I just don't like lightning golems.


Uber Elder(2 deaths, cuz i'm shit and kaom's roots aren't for this build :') )


Still upgrading, if you have any question or advices tell me :v.
There are some ideas i've to try.
Stay sane exile.
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good guide
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NICE BUILD M8 !!11!11!
Good build i'll try do this on next league! Praise the Voktalz
So, I've been trying this on the Flashback event and it's definitely a bit of a glass cannon build but the damage is very impressive for the small investment I've put in. Around 1 mil DPS (on a 5 link) with not even 1ex investment.

Only issue is random 1 shots and stuff. I've got around 2k life and 4k ES at the moment at level 77 and should have around 5k ES when I'm done with my tree which is a little low for my tastes but as I said the damage and clearing is very nice.

I made a few passive tree/gear changes from the base guide, you can see them by having a look at my character profile if you want. Character name is "Conviction_Boi".
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So, I've been trying this on the Flashback event and it's definitely a bit of a glass cannon build but the damage is very impressive for the small investment I've put in. Around 1 mil DPS (on a 5 link) with not even 1ex investment.

Only issue is random 1 shots and stuff. I've got around 2k life and 4k ES at the moment at level 77 and should have around 5k ES when I'm done with my tree which is a little low for my tastes but as I said the damage and clearing is very nice.

I made a few passive tree/gear changes from the base guide, you can see them by having a look at my character profile if you want. Character name is "Conviction_Boi".

Thank you for sharing!
These are some 'few' huge changes tbh xd. However your version gave me some ideas i'll try later in PoB, when i'll come back from the trip.
Sadly i can't test it rn.

Edit: After my arrival to home, you've changed builds, but still your link from previous set gave me idea to fix mana problem in 3.7. <3
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Are you going to do an upgrade for 3.7?
Yeah, it is updated for now. Not so OP as before, but still viable.
Next update will be during league!

Edit: Playing this build again, it is gut.
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PoB link doesn't work
Are you sure you're doing that correctly xd?
You're supposed to copy that pastebin( https://pastebin.com/nqHSn71Z ) and go into [Import/Export Build] -> click [Import from Pastebin...] -> CTRL + V -> click [Import].

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